Hey Millenials, ever wonder why the liberal “mainstream” media never have anything nice to say about Trump? Because they are radical feminists and homosexuals – narcissists all! – installed to push the LGBTQ agenda. That’s why you’ll never hear about the black-on-black genocide going on in Chicago, because it’s Hope and Change country, ruled by Democrats, who also blame the Republicans for the carnage.

It goes on and on, the bashing of Trump and the Republicans by CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the other meanspirited, shaming media on the daily internet news feeds.

All the while the brainless ones feeding us swill dressed as news prop up boyish, homosexual mayor Pete Buttigieg – who wants to lead the free world after turning an empty Studebaker plant in South Bend into a small tech-center and coffee shop — while dutifully reporting his own Trump bashing for moral ineptitude while standing on stage with his “husband,” as if that’s what we want in the next leader of the Free World.

Mayor Pete hopes “you’ll join me in making sure that the next era is better than any that we’ve had so far,” without going into any detail, kind of like his mentor Barack Obama did with “Hope and Change” before trying to drive the country into the ground and flood the borders with masses of terrified refugees.

Because that’s what this media has become: a continuation of Barack’s Hope and Change, which means a hatred of Republicans, who are the wealthy and the capitalists, and a promotion of his socialist “change,” which means bashing a capitalist president who has created the strongest economy in a couple of generations by demonizing his personality, as well as trying to seal the boarders from the masses of hungry, terrified, uneducated and unskilled who are not being brought build to supply workers, but go on government subsistence to help bring down capitalism in a highly technical society of workers.

Barack was able in his eight years to not only lead the advancement of the homosexual and feminist agenda from the Oval Office, he was able to help install hundreds into the media, bringing us our news through CNN, the NYTimes, Washington Post and the drones in the relentless, moronic internet media which feeds us daily doses of Trump fear and hatred.

As Barack well knows, it is easier to install his beloved socialism by dumbing down the populace by demonizing the Trumpster and Republicans and creating fear than it is to inform and educate through the news, so people can make informed decisions about their leaders. But that’s democracy – too complicated and relies on intelligence, not stupidity.

Now that Hillary is getting closer to indictment for use of a private email server and helping Bill build the family fortune through the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state, including helping the Russians gain access to American uranium, the Obama media must go after Trump, day after day, making him into the Evil One who is leading us to moral oblivion, while in truth it is the media in its distain for the truth is leading us to greater stupidity and ignorance.

The amusing thing about the media and Trump – if it weren’t so potentially terrifying – is that Trump seems to actually love this country, at least the middle class which is the recipient of the wealth that capitalism produced, while Barack and his dupes in the media are pushing a socialist, borderless agenda which is designed to reduce everyone, except maybe him and George Soros, to poverty, while pretending to be acting in the best interests of the poor and dark skinned.

But look past the crocodile concern, especially in a place like Chicago, Barack’s adopted home town that he won’t leave his $8 million mansion to set foot in, largely because the city, as it was before, is a war zone of black-on-black murder, shootings, rape and sexual assault, robbery and massive poverty, a city that is getting closer and closer to a financial cliff, in a city and state where the white middle class is fleeing in droves, if they can, and there is no end in sight to the misery on the black South and West Sides.

But the suffering black people are on the course that Barack wants them. As his mentor, community organizer Saul Alinsky said: “the despair is there. Now we have to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, organize them for radical social change.” So all Barack is waiting for is for black people to rise up and overthrow the “system of white supremacy” that he and Bill Ayers tell them are keeping them down, and overthrow the white capitalist pigs, like Lenin and the Bolsheviks did a hundred years ago in Czarist Russia. Laugh, but that’s what goes on inside the narcissistic brains of Ayers and Obama and Soros as they work to take down capitalism and hopefully put themselves in charge, though poor George at 89 is running out of time.

The media that Barack installed before he left the Oval Office is largely led by homosexuals and radical feminists leading the charge. As radical feminists – which includes homosexuals and lesbians – state, they want to get rid of all heterosexual males in power (the Donald is the poster boy) and install themselves at the highest levels, both in government and the corporate world. This is not to make the world a better place, but just gain control, and make men work for them as their slaves.

And don’t laugh again. The radical feminists and LGBTQs are deep, deep narcissists, who not only don’t care about the rest of us, they are incapable of caring for anyone other than themselves.

So take this with you as you listen to all the bashing of the Donald and Republicans that will go on and on and on, because as Saul Alinsky also said, “once you get power, don’t give it up.” Barack had to give it up because of a democratic election that put him and Hillary out of office. But the media doesn’t have to. We always relied on them to be fair and impartial, to protect us and democracy from tyranny.

Unfortunately, we can’t elect the newsreaders and certain reporters who inform us to make our judgements and decisions about our leaders. They’ve already made those judgements and decisions for us.

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