Was Bill “I hate white America” Ayers – the son of privilege and Barack Obama’s socialist mentor and spiritual guide — behind the 500 black teenagers who roamed Chicago’s Loop Easter week terrorizing white people? Because it was just like his “Days of Rage” temper tantrum fifty years ago, and fits with his MO of stirring black anger and despair to take down the “system of white supremacy.”

On Wednesday evening of Easter week, scores of young, black teenagers began emerging in groups from the State Street subway in Chicago’s Loop, just as the downtown office workers were clearing out to go home or to restaurants or shopping before the holiday weekend.

By nine o’clock, the number of black teens had grown to an estimated 500, roaming up and down State Street, blocking cars, starting fistfights with white pedestrians, stealing people’s cell phones, and then went on up the “Magnificent Mile” shopping district along North Michigan Avenue while others in large groups flowed into Millennial Park in Grant Park, taunting and intimidating whites they encountered, while police moved in to disperse some and arrest others.

Within the next hour, police arrested a total of thirty 15 to 17-year-old black teenagers for fighting and disorderly conduct, all of whom would later be released without charges.

It was a scene that was captured just in time for the nightly news at 10 p.m., and broadcast into hundreds of thousands of living rooms and bars all across the Chicago metropolitan area, creating shock and fear in households and anger in taverns, and with stories in newspapers the next day and on the Internet.

While the papers would not say what race the teenagers were, it was clear from the television news footage that they were all young and black and the aggressors in the mayhem.

That’s because in Chicago, like much of the rest of the nation, the media has removed the color from describing perpetrators of crime, though in Chicago, everyone, especially white people, know what race the perpetrators of crime likely are, because 80 to 90 percent of the time, especially with violent crime, they are most likely young, and black.

This past week was unusual because the mob of black teens had come into the city’s main business and shopping district for what appeared to be the specific purpose of creating mayhem and targeting and intimidating anyone white.

They were also well organized to arrive at a certain time and go to specific areas popular to the tourists and business people after work, and just in time to get on the 10 o’clock news. Such “flash mobs” of black teens have appeared before in Chicago, along the high end “Magnificent Mile” shopping district and in Millennial Park, both popular tourist attractions.

It’s a phenomenon that has happened in other cities, like Philadelphia for one, with large black populations, with black teens coming from their ghettos and into shopping districts to intimidate white people, broadcast on the nightly news. They are terrorist attacks of a sort, having the same effect as would a detonated bomb, stirring racial hostility and fear among those witnessing the attacks on the street or on television in their living rooms or in taverns.

And you’ll never guess who is behind these terrorist attacks in Chicago, if not directly involved in the planning, then in spirit and by offering tactical advice. Why, none other than Bill “I hate America” Ayers, the bomb making radical from the 1960s, who has been living in safe, intellectual Hyde Park near the University of Chicago six miles south of the Loop along Lake Michigan with his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, another 60s radical and founding member of the Weather Underground, which set bombs at the Pentagon and police station to protest the Vietnam War and the white, conservative establishment that started the war.

Bernadine herself had landed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitive’s list for her Weather Underground disruptions, including the “Day’s of Rage” protests in 1969, when gangs of mostly long-haired, upper middle class white college kids breaking windows along Michigan Avenue to protest their unhappiness with the capitalist, Causasian establishment that was sending American boys off to war, in addition to having paid for Bill and Bernadine’s elite college educations.

The two radical upper middle class communist revolutionaries had together written a manifesto called “Our Class Struggle” which declared “we are building a communist organization to be part of the forces which build a revolutionary communist party to lead the working class to seize power and build socialism.”

In addition, Bernadine had stated that African Americans were a “black colony” within the U.S. government, and that her and Bill’s (white) Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) must step in to help black people in their struggle.

“The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the Black Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is build a fucking white revolutionary movement,” Bernadine had declared, letting the world know she was no shrinking violet.

The whole spoiled rich kid communist ideology concocted by Ayers and Dorhn would likely have died with the rest of the 1960s mayhem had they refused to give up the dream of socialism, and had they not in the 1980s discovered a young, lost mix-race man-child from Hawaii in search of his abandoning father, who would master the teleprompter like no one else and spellbind white America like the second coming of Martin Luther King to lead the country to racial peace.

The Ayers/Dorhn’s taught the young, idealistic but paternally angry Barack their beloved socialism, arranged to get him on some foundation boards to build his resume, introduced him to some Chicago political insiders, and launched his soon to be national career from their Hyde Park living room.

Because of this impossible story of an unknown and completely unqualified person of mixed race into the White House, Ayers would eventually become, while remaining largely anonymous in his Hyde Park spider hole, one of the most influential people shaping the race debate and stirring racial hatreds in Chicago, even the nation.

Because Ayers in his heart of angry hearts still believes that all the suffering and violence and poverty that plagues African Americans in Chicago and elsewhere is not the result of the breakdown of the black family and neighborhoods due to the socialist welfare state introduced by Johnson’s Great Society, producing hundreds of thousands of angry, heavily-armed fatherless and unemployed black teens and young men out of broken homes and turn black Chicago into a war zone.

To Ayers, it is not because of the destruction of the black urban family and drug-devastated neighborhoods from government policy, as well as segregation and poverty, it is due to the “system of white supremacy,” which in communist terms would be capitalism and the white middle class, which must be destroyed.

Ayers, like Barack, is a devotee of Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky who believed in attacking white institutions through intimidation (he got his start studying Al Capone’s gang) and liked to go after Boss Richard J. Daley with angry protestors to strike fear in the machine and gain negotiating advantage for poor black neighborhoods. Unfortunately, Ayers uses Alinsky methods to try and bring down the system of white supremacy, communist style.

Ayers told a reporter for a leftist Chicago paper after the Trump election that he still hopes to “dismantle” white supremacy as much as he can before he dies, and that radicalism is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Ayers was there at the creation of Black Lives Matter – funded by his and Barack’s socialist/globalist billionaire megalomaniac  friend George Soros – which is an Alinsky attack group that makes no sense to white people because of course black lives matter. It is there to intimidate and create fear among whites.

Ayers was also behind the scenes, but at the forefront during the Obama years, of demonizing white cops as the reason black teens are being killed, while no mention that the more than 35,000 mostly young black murders in Chicago since the death of Dr. King – YES, MORE THAN 35,000!!!, VIETNAM NUMBERS!!! – along with the more than 100,000 to 200,000 or more shootings in the same time cause by black men pulling the triggers and mostly young black men and teens doing the dying.

But not to Bill, it was the system of white supremacy causing all the mayhem and murder, as well as, presumably, all the drug addiction and epidemic sexual assault and child abuse, along with the poverty.

Ayers was also behind the curtain when the Obama Justice Department worked with Chicago authorities to designate the Chicago police a racist organization, an entirely new theory in criminal justice. He and George Soros supported the election of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, famous for dropping the felony charges against Jussie Smollett, whose new system of “reform” as the lead law enforcement officer of the county is to let more people out of jail and dismiss non-felony charges and requirements for bail.

When outgoing mayor Rahm Emanuel noted after one particularly bloody summer weekend – with 70 shootings and 12 murders, making national news – that maybe the black family and community leaders and churches should step up to address the black-on-black violence terrorizing the black communities on the South and West Sides, he was immediately condemned loudly in the press, mostly by people from Bill’s and Bernadine’s safe, intellectual Hyde Park neighborhood, for “victim shaming,” meaning Rahm was shaming the black teenage shooters who were killing other teenage black kids, not murderers, but victims of a white, racist society.

Twisted, but that’s Bill Ayer’s mind, and unfortunately, he’s got many in the black community believing it.

So Easter Week, for optimum television effect, 500 teens were send from their poor, violent neighborhoods, organized in Alinsky attack and intimidation style, to go after whites and stir fear and racial hatreds on the nightly news.

As Saul Alinsky said about Chicago blacks: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent and organize them for radical social change.”

And it was Mark Twain that said about African Americans in the late 1800s that despite what we think of his looks and color, “we forget to notice that his heart is often a damned sight better than ours.”

Not if Bill Ayers can help it.


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