Guess who helped elect State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who dropped the 16 felony charges against Jussie Smollett? None other than billionaire megalomaniac George Soros, Barack’s godfather, who is also helping to send the caravans of refugees to the border, just as he did in Europe, while trying to take down capitalism and western democracies so he can rule a brave, new socialist world. No wonder Kim dropped the charges.

With all the media fire and fury over Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropping 16 felony charges against Jussie Smollett, it all makes perfect sense when you peek behind the curtain and see who helped get Kim elected in the first place.

Why, it was none other than 88-year-old multi-billionaire George Soros, Barack Obama’s benefactor and godfather, the famed megalomaniac who is chairman of the $11 billion Open Society Foundation, which works to disrupt countries and democracies, take down capitalism and stir anarchy, so he can create a new socialist world order with open borders where he is the sole ruler and messiah. All with the help of his first lieutenant Barack, who will probably get a cabinet post in George’s brave new world.

Isn’t this a wonderful country, when a person can live here in splendor in upstate New York, and have an ex-president of the United States work with him from his own mansion in Georgetown, working together to bring down a culture and create their new world order.

Back two years ago, when Kim Foxx was running for State’s Attorney, George donated $408,000 through his Open Society Foundation to a political action committee to help elect the inexperienced Kim to the second largest prosecution office in the country, which includes Chicago.

The donation was part of George’s efforts in several states across the country to elect states attorneys who would be more lenient on criminals, namely not prosecute certain low-level offenses, and let more people out of jail.

Now for those of you folks who might not know George, he’s the guy who made his first multi-billions by shorting $10 billion in British pounds back in 1992, forcing the European Exchange Rate Mechanism to devalue the pound, and gaining the title of “the man who broke the Bank of England,” a person who economist Paul Krugman said seemed to enjoy bringing down currencies or fun and profit. He also played a large role in triggering the Asian financial crisis in 1997. The French later convicted him for insider trading for currency manipulation.

George took the billions he made from the currency trades to fund the (now) $11 billion Open Society Foundations, which declares that it is about “supporting civil society groups around the world,” but is really about disrupting and destabilizing governments and societies with the long term goal of establishing a globalist world socialist order, with George as leader and head, of course.

George once said that as he was growing up a non-practicing Jew in Hungary – who helped the Nazis as a nine-year-old, pretending to be gentile, round up Jews – and later at the London School of Economics, “I fancied myself as some kid of god or an economic reformer like Keynes, or even better, a scientist like Einstein,” and expanding on that theme later, saying he often thought of himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything.” In his book Underwriting Democracy, he wrote “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me since childhood,” comparing himself to the God of the Old Testament.

From the point of view of the Western, Judeo Christian, democratic, capitalist world, Soros was a socialist, a globalist, someone who wanted to bring down capitalism and democracy, and install himself as a god, or emperor, or grand poohbah, while the rest of the world wallowed in poverty and despair. To those who believed in democracy and free markets, he was a scumbag.

He was Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor and became one of Barack’s. But he became more to Barack when our 44th president got into office (as he likely wanted good friend Hillary to be). During the Obama years, U.S. Government agencies were directed to work with and fund Open Society Foundation projects around the world, helping to disrupt democracies and install socialist oversight, to attack capitalism, and to help terrified refugees from Syria and Central America cross borders and into Europe and America.

Yes, folks, Barack Administration helped funnel U.S. money from Switzerland to supply boats for refugees, and George helped create the unlivable, violent conditions in Central America that sent refugees streaming north, as well as organizing the caravans with a Soros-funded organization called People without Borders. Barack’s former Director of Political Affairs in the White House is now President of OSF.

Now Barack and George are back in Chicago, among other places, helping people like Kim Foxx get elected and be more lenient on crime as the chief law enforcement officer of Cook County, letting people out of jails instead of putting them in, and thus overlooking crime and creating more anxiety in communities.

So it’s no surprise that Kim dropped the 16 felony charges against Jussie, creating anger and chaos in Chicago’s legal community and among fair minded residents, and stirring racial animosities. Legal associations are calling for Foxx’s ouster, while Soros funded groups, like Black Lives Matter, are saying that calls to fire Foxx are racist. A black columnist in the Chicago Tribune wrote a column headed: “If black people have to play the race card to save Kim Foxx, let the games begin,” claiming what she did with Smollett was part of her “reform” platform to supposedly help black people in a city with the worst black on black crime in the country.

George (and Barack) must be in their respective spider holes smiling and chuckling watching the chaos in Chicago unfold.

George (and Barack) are also somewhere behind the organizations Reclaim Chicago and Think Big Illinois, which in the case of Reclaim helped elect the five Democratic Socialist aldermen to the Chicago City Council, including Andre Vasquez, a former “battle rapper,” who should be well equipped to stir chaos in the chamber. Think Big is trying to help Barack’s long-time pal, newly elected billionaire Governor JB Pritzker get taxes raised against the rich (and middle class) and corporations, as well as promote the LGBTQ agenda in the schools; support illegal immigrants (who now number a some 2 million in the sanctuary state); promote on demand abortions, and legalize gambling and marijuana, all Barack and George socialist pet socialist projects.

Which should all help to accelerate the mass exodus of businesses and people from Chicago and Illinois, which has totaled about 40,000 to 50,000 per year for the last 10 years, most of them educated people who take with them roughly $1.5 billion in taxable revenue.

But Barack and George aren’t interested in building the Chicago and Illinois economies. They want world domination and control, and live out their narcissistic dreams.  The heck with mere mortals.

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