Hey Donald, back off your Justice Department from looking at Jussie Smollett and Chicago. We can take care of our own. You don’t understand, it’s election season. And this year, we have Barack Obama’s African American lesbian socialist on the ticket, with no experience running a big city, about to take over the Mayor’s office.

One small detail that hasn’t been mentioned in the Jussie Smollett hysteria and stupidity.

It’s election season in Chicago, and the mayor’s office is the prized jewel. So put all the Jussie noise into context.

He was attacked a week before the Mayoral primary, the most important and holy day on the Chicago and Cook County calendar. It is the day that voters decide who will spend the next four years sitting in the fifth-floor office at City Hall, where Richard J. Daley ruled with an iron fist for 20 years before being forced from office by the Almighty by dropping dead. It’s where his son Richard M. the Younger ruled for another 20 years beginning in 1989 to 2011, when he was essentially forced to not run anymore because the city was about to go over a financial cliff.

This year we had Richard M.’s smarter brother William M. Daley – call him William the Bald – wanting to return the always Democratic sancta sanctorum 5th office floor office to its rightful place under a Daley name, after Rahm Emmanuel abruptly quit with a $12 million war chest to spend more time with his family, always a curious signal from someone raring to go that he got a call telling him he was about to retire.

Daley was the leading white candidate in the primary field of seven. So, a week before the primary, out of the blue, here’s gay Jussie Smollett staging a white supremacist hate crime, with it demonizing white politicians in a racially charged city, going on national television as a victim of a hate crime where his assailants told him: “This is MAGA Country!” then putting a noose around his neck and splashing a skin lightening liquid on his face.

To those who cynically say this was not a politically motivated attack, look back at when young, unknown state senator Barack Obama was running for U.S. Senate and way behind in the polls. His campaign manager and ex-Tribune reporter David Axelrod press his former employee to launch a campaign to have the divorce papers unsealed for Barack’s main Democratic rival. When the rival relented, the Tribune headlines screamed that the candidates wife had issued a restraining order against him. His campaign fell off the Sears Tower and Barack glided to victory.

The same character assassination strategy was employed a few months later with Barack’s Republican challenger, whose divorce papers revealed he had taken his then wife to a sex club. This election strategy was likely the birth of the me-too movement for disposing of elected officials.

William Daley came in third in the recent March mayoral primary, which forced a runoff between two African American females, Toni Preckwinkle, the chairman of the Cook County Board and backed by the unions, and Lori Lightfoot, an openly lesbian lawyer, who, like Barack Obama and his Senior Advisor and right brain Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, is from Hyde Park, the epicenter of the Chicago Progressive Socialists.

Other noted Hyde Park Progressives are ex-college professor and former radical bomb makers Bill Ayers, and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who was once on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, and who taught Barack the finer points of their beloved socialism before and after launching Barack’s political career from the Ayers/Dohrn living room.
The Hyde Park Progressives are all disciples of Saul Alinsky, and if nothing the Jussie Smollett fake white supremacist attack was an Alinsky designed to stir chaos and fear and ignite racial and homophonic hatreds.

So three days after the fake white supremacist Smollett attack, Michelle’s former chief of staff Tina Tchen (herself a leading LGBTQ radical feminist from Michelle’s large White House staff) contacted State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, saying she was a friend of the Smollett family, and told Foxx the family was concerned about Chicago police leaks coming out of the investigation, and that maybe the FBI should get involved. So Foxx recused herself after getting an email from the Smolletts, which she claimed created a potential conflict.

Then the shit hit the fan, after Chicago police spent $130,000 in man hours investigating and taken away from the nation’s most violent city, with a grand jury returning 16 felony indictments that Smollett attack was a hoax carried out by two Nigerian brothers Smollett had paid – not white guys wearing MAGA hats.  While Smollett still claiming his innocence, the State’s Attorney’s office dropped all 16 felony charges against him, sealing the indictments, so Smollett went scot free with no record.  Foxx’s office did not give much explanation for the sudden dropping of charges.

Outgoing Mayor Rahm went before the cameras, calling it a “whitewash of justice.” Though when the Donald jumped in, tweeting “FBI & DOJ to review the outrageous Jussie Smollett case in Chicago, It is an embarrassment to our Nation!”, Rahm backed off his outrage, explaining that Chicago was a “Trump free city” and urged the Donald to “sit this one out.”

Then, apparently realizing that when the Justice Department starts looking at Chicago politics, people often start going to jail, Emanuel ratcheted up his rhetoric: “”The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is for the environment, the toxic environment that Donald Trump created,” Rahm angrily pointed to the television cameras.

Then, to confuse things even further, State’s Attorney Foxx’s office issued a statement that their leader had used the term “recuse” in a “colloquial” sense rather than a legal sense, so her recusal was not really a recusal. In subsequent statements to the press, the leading prosecutor in Cook County said that (1) if the case had gone to trial, and (2) some of the evidence in the case was questionable, but we’ll never know what evidence, because the case is sealed.

If it wasn’t so arrogant and stupid, it would be funny, which it is to the rest of the nation who don’t have to suffer under the moronic politicians of Illinois. But they’ve been pulling this kind of bullying corruption on voters in Chicago for a century, especially at election time, and people have become so numb to it, like the shitty weather, as an uncontrollable, cruel force of nature.

(Only 30 percent of registered voters in Cook County voted in the primary, and likely less in the runoff, especially in black areas of the South and West Sides, where going to the polls risks dodging gunfire.)

Unfortunately, the FBI won’t be able to return any kind of findings until well after the runoff election, set for Wednesday. Lightfoot, the Obama’s candidate, though he has not openly endorsed her, seems now the likely winner, partly because of the furor over States Attorney Foxx’s stupidity, as Foxx once worked for Preckwinkle.

But the media damage cannot be explained or undone in time, just as it could not be undone when Smollett staged his fake MAGA attack a week before the first primary, or when Barack had the divorce papers on his opponents unsealed just before his.

Now the LGBTQ/radical feminists from intellectual Hyde Park will take control of City Hall, and lesbian socialists will replace the cigar chompers throughout the building Richard J. Daley once ruled. Chicago will still have no reform of its hundred-year-old systemic corruption, the city will get closer to a financial cliff with $60 billion in public pension obligations; businesses will leave; taxes will go up, and young black teenagers will continue to shoot and kill each other by the hundreds and thousands.

But Barack will have his LGBTQ in the mayors office, and people will continue to flee the state in droves.

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