Is Barack Obama behind the new female attack dogs in Congress – Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Why yes, because they are using Alinsky tactics of disruption and chaos to attack and bring down the white establishment from within. But would Barack ever come out from his mansion and tell us? No, because integrity is nowhere in the Alinsky Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer.

The two new female attack creatures stirring up chaos in Washington and throughout the Internet media – Ilhan Omar from Minnesota and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York – have in just two short months become the biggest Internet news sensations, taking the already vast stupidity on the internet and in D.C. to an entirely new moronic level.

Alexandria lobbed the first massive stupid bomb with her Green New Deal plan to save the planet, which she had apparently been carrying around up to her swearing in. Though it short on detail, everyone on both sides of the aisle agreed the Plan would easily collapse the American economy, which kept that dazzling smile on Alexandria’s attractive young face.

Then Omar, a Muslim never without her hajib, tweeted a series of tweets in her own terrorist attack on Israel and Jews, saying supporters of Israel only did so because rich Jews paid them off, as they always had.

In between their time on the camera and twitter for their media attacks on the establishment, the two attractive, mean-spirited congresswomen lashed out at Republicans, with AOC grilling Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as to why census bureau workers need to ask respondents whether they were citizens, which was an apparent attempt to get more illegal immigrants on Democratic voting rolls, and with Omar asking neo-conservative Elliott Abrams at a hearing why anyone should believe him when he lied about American imperialism in Central America and the Middle East, which seemed to befuddled Abrams because it made no sense.

Then there was AOC threatening to put her moderate Democratic colleagues on a primary “Hit List” if they broke with their party and supported Republican-sponsored bills, as they did on a GOP amendment to a gun control bill that required gun retailers to report illegal immigrants who attempt to buy a gun.

But while these two new female attack creatures in Congress, with less than four months national legislative experience between them can get all the media attention with moronic anti-Semitism and fearmongering, while other legislators go about the quiet, boring monotony of lawmaking, no one seems to ask why Alexandria and Ilhan are grabbing all the headlines and drama.

Well, look no further than our recently retired 44th president and former Leader of the Free World Barack H. Obama, who told us he was going back to community organizing, but failed to mention it was organizing under his old mentor Saul Alinsky, the master of attack and confusion, who wrote Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated to Lucifer, “the first radical” and the master at stirring chaos and doubt and fear.

Barack is there somewhere behind Alexandria and Ilhan, whom he helped get elected, and is now likely giving counsel on Alinsky tactics as the new freshmen congresswomen stir chaos and fear throughout the staid, conservative halls of Congress.
But will Barack ever pop his head out of his spider hole and acknowledge to the nation what he has secretly been up to on the Alinsky front – which likely included the MeToo attacks against powerful white men, as well as the chaos and demonstrations at Kavanaugh hearings – or that he is still a closet socialist?

Not a chance, because like his other mentor in Alinsky attacks and teacher of anti-capitalist socialism – former bomb maker Bill Ayers – Barack understands that as a former two term democratically elected president of the Free World, even his adoring Millennials might find some hypocrisy in his trying to openly attack and take down capitalism and support the anti-Israeli Muslims – which he secretly did as president, so now he has Omar and Ocasio-Cortez do the dirty work.

After she tossed her Green New Deal idiot bomb into the halls of Congress and throughout the Internet, Ocasio-Cortez went off to a conference of progressives in Austin, Texas, where she declared: “Capitalism is an ideology of capital –- the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit, and that comes at any cost to people and to the environment,” she said. “So to me capitalism is irredeemable.”

Barack’s mentor Bill Ayers couldn’t not have said it better, though to Bill, a more devout Luciferian, capitalism is more than just something that is not able to be redeemed – saved, improved, or corrected. Ayers calls capitalism “perdition” which if you look it up is “a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and impenitent person passes after death.” So what does that mean if someone who worships the devil calls a capitalist a sinner?

Then Rep. Omar tweeted her bombs: that Jews use semi-occult powers to control world events; that they manipulate gentiles with their money; that Jews in the diaspora are disloyal to the countries in which they live (read Palestinians). Those tweet bombs threw Congress into chaos, with both sides of the aisle climbing over each other to show their support for Israel and condemn anti-Semitism, while Omar didn’t blink an apology under her hajib.

Back when he was president, Barack to little recognition by his adoring media, funneled billions in unmarked bills to Iran – the Islamic state who’s stated goal was and still is the destruction of the twin devils Israel and the U.S. – and actively worked to defeat conservative Benjamin Netanyahu in an election from the Oval Office using Alinsky demonizing techniques while actively supporting the Palestinians.  In his very last week in office Barack was signing orders to send a few million U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians (an act which was later voided by Trump).

No, Barack is still deep in his Alinsky community organizing, attacking the white, capitalist, Judeo-Christian system, this time with his newly elected attack dogs in Congress, who have no intention of writing legislation that will possibly make the country a better place.  No, it’s still Alinsky politics with Barack, and the politics are socialism versus Christian-based capitalism, with a touch of Chicago hard ball.

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