Why would new superstar congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrate Amazon’s pulling its new corporate headquarters out of New York? BECAUSE SHE’S A SOCIALIST! – a creation of Barack Obama, and in addition to needing more unhappy, unemployed workers for their Marxist revolution, they must take down evil capitalism along the way.

New York political leaders from Governor Andrew Cuomo to New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio are understandably upset by Amazon’s recent decision not to build a second headquarters in Queens –  with its estimated 25,000 to 40,000 jobs – but they seem even more upset by their U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is absolutely overcome with joy that the giant corporation is not moving in near her district.

“Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation and the power of the richest man in the world,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

Both Cuomo and de Blasio had worked feverishly to entice Amazon to come to New York with all those new jobs, offering $2.8 billion in tax breaks. Cuomo and other supporters of the project said that Amazon would have brought more than enough investment to the city to justify the tax breaks, and would have established New York as a tech hub to rival other hubs like San Francisco. In addition, the move by Amazon represented nearly $30 billion dollars in new revenue to fund transit improvements, new housing, schools and countless other quality-of-life improvements.”

But the newly elected congresswoman from the Bronx with the electric smile would have none of it.

“$0 for schools. $0 for firefighters. $0 for infrastructure. $0 for research and healthcare,” she tweeted again. “Why should corporations that contribute nothing to the pot be in a position to take billions from the public?”

So now, with Amazon off to some other state and city that will offer it enormous tax breaks – and they are lined up – in return for the jobs and status of having landed Amazon into their boat, New York is left having to explain why this colossal marlin got away.

Cuomo and de Blasio, as respective Democratic leaders of their state and city, understand that their ability to deliver jobs, jobs, jobs will keep them in office come the next election season. But Ocasio Cortez, the first declared Democratic Socialist, is looking farther out on the horizon, to a utopian Marxist state, and in order to get there she must first rally unhappy masses to revolution, and in the process take down the capitalist pigs who are exploiting the workers, as in “Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!”

Because while “Ocasio-Cortez Herald’s a New Political Era” as shouted recently in the Wall Street Journal by brainwashed Millennial journalists, her socialism is still old school, as taught by Stalin and Trotsky and Mao. In other words, it relies on organizing discontented masses, who believe they are being taken advantage of by the rich capitalists, and government needs to come in and level the playing field so everyone is happy again.

But Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t tell us that, just as her mentor Barack Obama never told us that he was a Marxist, mentored in his adolescence in Hawaii by a card-carrying Communist, Frank Marshall Davis — who in 1940s Chicago was on the FBI’s Security Index, to be arrested as a potential saboteur in the event of a conflict with the  USSR —  and in Barack’s formative years in Chicago by Marxists Bill “I hate America” Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah “It’s not God Bless America! It’s Goddamn America!” Wright.

For obvious reason, Barack wasn’t able to convey his deep debt to Ayers and Wright while on the stump running for the Leader of the Free World, though he did as much as he could in eight years to destroy capitalism with over regulation – and by extension dismantling the middle class – while increasing the number of poor, starving proletariat by opening the border floodgates and getting them into sanctuary cities and on the government dole.

Nor was Ocasio-Cortez able to tell us of the true Obama/Ayers/Davis/Wright-taught Marxism behind her new Democratic socialism, hoping that her wonderful smile and feel-good plans to save the earth with a New Green Deal – just like Barack’s beautiful smile and grand promises – requiring a feel-good 70 percent tax on the rich, won’t have Millennials and Generation X’s looking too closely, that her future Utopia will be like sitting endlessly in a DMV lobby waiting to see some scowling bureaucrats who might just take their cell phone away.

Obama and Ayers were also Saul Alinsky socialists, who use confrontation and bullying tactics to confront corporations into concessions, so it may very well be that Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters among Barack’s Organizing for Action non-profit, may have helped chase Amazon away, which would explain Alexandra’s comment that: which uses Alinsky tactics of confrontation, as she tweeted victoriously:

“Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”

Barack and Bill and Frank and Rev. Wright would be proud.

As Amazon drifted toward another, more friendly home, and non-socialist Democrats like Cuomo and de Blasio took their Maalox and wondered how to spin the economic loss to their constituents, Alexandra smiled that dazzling smile and hopeful voice for the cameras and to her Millennial base.

“It’s possible to establish economic partnerships [with] real opportunities for working families, instead of a race-to-the-bottom competition,” she smiled the to mass of cameras and reporters that can’t get enough of her.

I guess that means hold on, but stay hungry and angry, because someday the government will move in and take care of everything, once we chase the Amazons of the world away, because they don’t have your best interests at heart like we do. Just look at our smiles.

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