Who are these new Progressives now running the Democratic Party? Why, they’re Barack’s socialist LGBTQ/radical feminist Alinskyites, who want to dismantle the white middle class; raise taxes and crush us with debt; open the border floodgates; teach homosexuality in public schools, and have angry females in charge of everything. Now that’s Progress!

They sound so friendly and caring, like their doing things to make the world a better place for us all. PROGRESSIVE! Now that’s a word we can all get behind. Who doesn’t want to be progressive, a word which used to mean forward thinking, but now with Trump in the White House apparently means ramming socialism and the LGBTQ agenda down our throats.

It’s like when homosexuals took over the word “gay,” a wonderful word which used to mean happy and carefree in the last century, but now has come to mean condescending, nasty, shaming news anchors on CNN and The View (think Anderson Cooper and Whoopi Goldberg).

The Progressives have taken over the once positive word – which started with Teddy Roosevelt going after corrupt big business – because they are after the prized Millennial and Generation X and Z votes, so they must sound hip and modern, as in: “Millennials, do you want to do things the old fashioned way, like follow a grumpy old white guy in the White House and a constitution written by racists; live in a country where the rule of law is stacked against women and gays and people of color; where we keep poor, terrified refugees from crossing our borders; where capitalism runs free to destroy the earth, and where people have to work for a living to pay their bills?

“Or do you want to live in a Utopia where everyone is equal under a benevolent, progressive government, where everything is free, you don’t have to work if you don’t want to; where college and health care are paid for; where we take money away from rich people and capitalism so the planet is saved? Well, what will it be Millennials? Come join with us Progressives. And don’t forget to let us harvest your absentee vote, though we hope to eliminate that annoying option soon.”

These current Progressives, as mentioned regularly on their major news outlet, CNN, often as a counterpoint during Trump bashing sessions, don’t really spell out who they are or what they want to do.

There was a quiet Progressive Caucus among Democrats in the Congress, which kept quiet during the Obama years, because he was the Progressive President, though he never told us. But since Trump was elected, they have become the new Democrats, it seems, or at least their loudest, pushiest, most demanding voice, shouting and bullying us with the word through news outlets like CNN, CNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, along with other Trump demonizing outlets like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

That’s because these new Progressives that emerged when Hillary lost the election are Chicago Progressive, who were brought to Washington and the nation by Barack Obama and his band of Alkinskyites who all lived around the University of Chicago. They are first and foremost socialists and include lots of homosexuals and lesbians and radical feminists, with a few transgenders thrown into the mix, who want nothing else but to push their agenda, which is teaching homosexuality in the schools and culture.  Just think of gay Anderson Cooper, passing moral judgement on Donald Trump, as he does every day, while inside he might be thinking of himself in some sodomite scene.  What’s that about?

Because the want us to think they are protectors of the middle-class,  heterosexual, family life, when underneath they want to dismantle not only capitalism but the middle class based on heterosexual marriage, so they can take over.   Besides wanting to take down capitalism and have the government to control everything, they went to redistribute wealth in socialist style by taxing the rich into poverty; create universal health care while which would crush the current system in debt; and open up the border floodgates to as many terrified poor refugees as they can, to get them under government care and on future Progressive voting rolls.

While they’re at it, they want to remove all mention of God in public places, like schools, so the Progressives and their new state become God, and introduce the LGBTQ lifestyle to children as early as kindergarten so as to thoroughly confuse children as they grow into their own sexual adulthood, which will diminish heterosexual marriages and the creation of families. And while they’re at it, abortions, even final stage abortions, will become available to all, because for some satanic reason, abortion is the god for the Progressives.

The origins of these new, current Progressives, believe it or not, was in that same Hyde Park, Chicago, neighborhood near the University of Chicago, where lived a couple of upper middle class communist wannabees named Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, the 1960s bomb making radicals, who set off bomb’s during the Vietnam War to try and take down the imperialist white capitalist system. They called themselves “revolutionary communists” then, even taking time to draft a “Declaration of a State of War” on the U.S. government.

They went underground when Bernadine went on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for a bombing that killed a San Francisco policeman, and afterwards resurfaced as Progressives intent on bringing down the “system of white supremacy” while settling into their own middle-class lifestyle as professors in Hyde Park.

Then along came a young, impressionable, smart mixed-race man from Hawaii, Barack Obama, who they helped get to Harvard Law School and later launched his political career from their living room. They taught Barack the finer points of their beloved socialism, though by massive coincidence the young man had been mentored in his teens in Hawaii by 75-year-old former communist from Chicago, Frank Marshall Davis.

Both Barack and the Dohrn/Ayers’ were also disciples of Saul Alinsky, the first community organizer, who wrote “Rules for Radicals” on ways to attack the establishment, and who scolded radicals like Bernadine and Bill by saying: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within.”

Lo and Behold, Barack learned how to give a speech like Martin Luther King, preached Hope and Change, and we fell for it, not knowing we were placing a Dohrn/Ayers/Alinsky Progressive into the White House. Over the next eight years Barack and his first comrade Valerie Jarrett from Hyde Park did their best to over-regulated businesses, destroy the extractive industries, which were the foundation of the middle class.

They also ramrodded the Progressive/socialist/LGBTQ agenda through as many government agencies as possible including Department of Education – think textbook changes and teaching that pushed the LGBTQ agenda, and ordering transgender bathrooms in all public schools, including elementary schools – as well as through the Defense Department, State Department and Justice Department, and others. Their crown jewel was piledriving same sex marriage through the Supreme Court and into Constitutional protections Alinsky style, a campaign pushed from the White House, with demonstrations, a huge media campaigns and lobbying of judges.

They also opened the border floodgates to poor, terrified refugees, along with terrorists and criminals, from third world countries to the south and from the Muslim Middle East, protecting them from deportation in sanctuary cities and getting them on government support and future voting rolls so they could vote Progressive.

But the most powerful socializing effect in America left by the Hyde Park Progressives, even after the truly democratic election of the Donald to president, was the transformation Barack and Valerie were able to effect throughout the national, mainstream television media, led by CNN, which to anyone with half a brain has become not a news organization but a vehicle to take down a democratically-elected, pro-business, heterosexual president who wants to help the middle class.

So Millennials and Generation X and Z people – yes, it’s difficult and confusing and sometimes fearful making your way in this technological, mass market world – but look for a second under the hood of these Progressives.

And you don’t have to research what happened in socialist Russia or China under Stalin and Mao.

Just look at Chicago, outside the protected neighborhood of Hyde Park, where Barack came from, to the black neighborhoods that have been under socialist welfare care since the days of Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society in the 1960s.

But bring your bullet proof vests, because there’s a black-on-black genocidal war going on that rivals anything that happened under Joseph S. or Mao.

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