Hey, Social Justice Warrior idiots. Shut the hell up, because while you’re shaming white people for being racist, there’s a black-on-black genocide going on in Chicago and other northern cities and it’s not white people doing the killing. But then, you’re just following your leaders Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, aren’t you, who want to take down the “system of white supremacy,” not help alleviate black misery.

This Social Justice Warrior horseshit is yet another creation of the brain-dead and brainwashed followers of our Great Diversifier Barack Obama – anonymous creatures behind the Internet curtain and in the brainwashed media who pretend they actually care about black people and want to eliminate racism by bullying and shaming white people in cyberspace, when all they’re doing is inflaming and dividing the races, which has been Barack’s specialty since he came on the national scene.

Take for example the case of Meygn Kelly, the blonde morning talk show hostess who was recently shamed and removed from her job on NBC’s Meygn Kelly Today after she had the audacity to say: ““What is racist? You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on white face for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay as long as you were dressing as a character.”

That lit a firestorm of shrieking shame on social media by the nameless, faceless Social Justice Warrior mob, demonizing Meygn for using the word “blackface,” launching their attack as if from a higher moral throne as the official arbiters of racism, deciding to strike and banish someone for using the word blackface. Meygn soon resign from her show.

These Social Justice Warrior cowardly morons are all over the Internet news, whenever a white person calls police on a black person, like they did in New Haven, Connecticut when a white woman called police on a sleeping black woman in an apartment lobby, and when a store manager at a Philadelphia Starbucks called police after she asked two black men to leave after they sat in the store for two hours and didn’t buy anything.

All of a sudden, they were racist acts by the white people, hysterically reported and shamed by the Social Justice Warriors. In the case of the Starbucks incident, the manager was fired, and Starbucks held sensitivity training sessions for all employees to make them more racially tolerant.

But the most hysterical shaming onslaughts by the Warriors come when a cop is involved. In yesterday’s Washington Post was a story – “A Black Man Helped his Drunk Neighbor get Home and is Arrested.” The story went on to quote the family and his attorney saying the man was arrested because he was black, and people are afraid to come to his business because they fear encountering police.

DL Hughley, a black actor/comedian, who has been a leading Warrior spokesman, immediately jumped in, posting the arrest on his Instagram page, with the caption “Here we go AGAIN!!!” along with the hashtags #policebrutality, #racialprofiling, and #blacklivesmatter. Hughley sarcastically told Meygn Kelly when she was with FOX News that “the only places that racism doesn’t exist is at FOX news and in police departments,” which apparently meant that racism for a black person like himself and the Warriors is everywhere, they are perpetual victims, and they only need a black man to have the cops called against him to make another internet or media strike.

The effect and intent of these shaming broadcast and internet attacks is to try and portray America as a racist country, when the truth is it is just the opposite: we are a racially tolerant country, except maybe in Chicago, where socialists and Alinskyite radicals Barack Obama and his mentor, come from.

Chicago is where Barack developed his outlook on race. Though a mediocre state legislator and unknown U.S. senator, he was handed the mantle of the new black messiah through his ability to read a teleprompter and deliver a speech sounding like Martin Luther King, and was acknowledged as the de facto leader of civil rights when he arrived the de facto leader on civil rights when he arrived in the Oval Office as the first “black president.”

No matter that his life experience was nothing like that of other Africans. His mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father was a Kenyan who disappeared before Barack was a year old. He spent his first 18 years in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before going off to the cloistered Ivy League and then to Chicago, arriving into adulthood never having experienced firsthand what it was like being a black man on the mainland cities and rural south.

In Chicago, he was taught he about racial matters from two people in Chicago, Bill “I hate America” Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah “Goddamn America” Wright. Ayers is the upper middle-class Caucasian, ashamed of his privileged upbringing, who in the 1960s started making bombs to take down the white Imperialist system. Now, at age 73, after a series of non-selling books on revolution and radicalism, he is focused on dismantling the “system of white supremacy.” Oh, yeah, he also schooled Barack in socialism, helped launch his political career, and has been an underground advisor on race ever since.

Barack’s other mentor, the Rev. Wright was his spiritual guide and minister in Black Liberation Theology for 20 years, who preached the white man and white society were the devil and was most famous in the for his saying “It’s not God Bless America; It’s Goddamn America,” meaning white America. Barack on his rise said he never heard Rev. Wright say such things, and that Ayers was just a guy knew from the neighborhood.

Both Obama and Ayers are fervent disciples of Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer, who said: “The despair is there, now it’s up to us to rub raw the sores of discontent and organize them for radical social change.”

They also come from Chicago, the most racially segregated city in the country, if not the world, where there are between 400 and 600 gun murders each year and another 3,000 to 5,000 shootings, with close to ninety percent of them involving young black men shooting other young black men, most of them enraged and fatherless. Since the death of Dr. King there have been more than 35,000 murders in Chicago, the vast majority of them young black men killed by other young black men.

So how do Obama and Ayers approach the problem of young black male violence and genocide? They get the Justice Department to help the City of Chicago write a report officially designating the Chicago Police a “racist organization,” not try to help rebuild black neighborhoods or families devastated by government dependency. Ayers calls those young black shooters and killers “victims” of a white supremacist society.

So with this twisted logic, now that Barack was booted from the White House, they have unleashed these Social Justice Warriors to help take down by shaming Ayer’s racist system of white supremacy, combing the internet and media for stories where a white person says “blackface,” of blacks are asked to leave a coffee shop after two hours without buying anything.

Millennials have no way of remembering, but when Martin Luther King, Jr. went to Chicago in 1966 to bring attention to open housing and economic opportunity for blacks, he rented an apartment in the worst of the Chicago ghettos – and they are some of the worst in the nation – to bring attention to the inequality, before marching into white neighborhoods and getting pelted with spit and bricks.

King didn’t hide in an $8 million compound in trendy Georgetown, either, or a spider hole in Hyde Park and direct mindless, brainwashed “warriors” to shame people for something that doesn’t help black people an ounce, only gets them angry and divides the races, Alinsky style.

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