With the elections over, do you think CNN and the other networks will finally have something nice to say about the Donald and the good things he’s done. Not a chance, because they are staffed by LGBTQ/radical feminist/socialists who don’t care about reporting on positive things that affect normal peoples’ lives, only theirs.

Now that the mid-terms have – thank the Lord – finally passed, it would seem reasonable that CNN and the other major networks staffed by devotees of Barack Obama and his LGBTQ/radical feminist socialists would move on to more objective news and not get so hysterical about the Donald, scaring people toward their Progressive cause, as they did before the elections.

But we aren’t so lucky. Just a week after the elections, the Donald went to France to pay respects at an American cemetery to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, but cancelled because of inclement weather, and all the mainstream media and the wondrous keepers of information flow on the internet went into high shaming gear, saying how disrespectful he was to the dead soldiers and to France by staying inside his hotel.

The French president was also prompted with an anti-Trump question, telling a reporter that the Donald’s use of the word “nationalism” stirred up memories of 1930s Germany, while back in the U.S., as we are told by CNN and the other media, the word emboldens white nationalism, a close relative of the Nazis.

The Donald just can’t get a break by the U.S. mainstream media, which includes al the major networks – CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, PBS, and of course, the lead Trump basher CNN – who haven’t had a nice word to say about him since the inauguration.

Ever since he took office, one would be hard pressed to find a kind, positive word any of those networks have uttered about him, despite the fact that the stock market is at record highs, unemployment at record lows, minority employment is at records, tax cuts have put money into American pockets, he has reached trade agreements that have benefitted American jobs and the economy, and the borders have been closed off, where under the Obama Administration they were like the doors opened at Best Buy on Black Friday.

The talking heads at these networks go about reading their teleprompters as if what they are reporting is objective news, that they are carrying on the great American journalistic tradition of a check and balance on government, protecting us from corruption and tyranny. But when it comes to Trump, it is all scowling, shaming dirt on the man and his administration.

What people miss and forget – especially Millennials with no sense of history or perspective on journalism and its sacred public trust – is that what happened with the leading broadcast news media was that our former great Diversifier Barack helped shape the editorial view and content of CNN and other broadcast media, which had previously been liberal but somewhat objective, but after Barack got through with them were staffed by mostly young reporters, many with his LGBTQ/radical feminist/socialist view of the world.

Barack and his pals from Chicago, namely Senior Advisors Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, shaped CNN in particular and filled it with newsreaders and editors who were devotees of the Chicago Progressive socialist/radical feminist cause, and were all prepared to pass their loving teleprompters toward Hillary to carry us to the brave new Progressive globalist world of Diversity that Barack had begun leading us toward.

Then a strange, unfortunate thing happened.  A capitalist with a comb over and scowl came along who was outside the sleazy, corrupt world of Washington, who appealed to Americans in the heartland who didn’t like the world Barack was creating, who talked of jobs and bringing back the middle-class lifestyle that had been trashed over the previous eight years.

They were Hillary’s “Deplorables,” ordinary folks from middle America, who unlike the talking heads in the east coast newsrooms, often didn’t have a college degree and were trying to raise children and put food on the table and didn’t like the prospects and world Obama was creating,  nor the intractable stupidity of Washington, who came out in record numbers to elect the Donald in a real show of true democracy on the hope that he would bring back the jobs and livehoods that had been lost.  Which he has.

But CNN and the others can’t let go of Barack and his cause. They have relentlessly gone after the Donald ever since he took office, with accusations of Russian collusion in the election, trying to paint him a sleaze ball by dragging up old girlfriends, saying his rhetoric has created an atmosphere of hate and helped resurrect groups like the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in America, when it has been CNN that has done the stirring  of hatred by demonizing Trump on character issues that have overshadowed the things Trump has actually accomplished.

The other thing to remember about CNN and the networks as they go after Trump is that Barack Obama and his Chicago pals, who molded the current network attitudes on the Donald, were and are Alinskyites – devotees of Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer and Barack’s hero and mentor, who back in Chicago in the 1950s and 60s used to organize black neighborhoods by demonizing Richard J. Daley and trying to get under his skin the way CNN is trying to get under the Donald’s hide.

Saul said that in community organizing “the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems, and organizations must be based on many issues. The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act. . . . An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.”

So whether they realize it or not, by spreading fear and discontent on the Donald into our living rooms every day, the talking heads at CNN and to a lesser extent the other networks, are in fact community organizing for Barack and his socialist Progressives. They did it leading up to the mid-term elections, sending untold numbers of Trump-hating voters to the polls to vote Democrat or Progressive out of sheer vile hatred of the Donald, stirred up by the Alinsky journalism of demonizing and fear.

Now, with the mid-terms over, CNN is back at it, making the Donald seem evil and mean and an unstable tyrant, when, unlike CNN, he actually likes America and its people and democratic traditions.

One wonders, and worries a little bit, that the generation of Millennials coming up, who derive their information from the likes of CNN and CNBC and PBS and internet news sources who report “news” in Alinsky style on our current leader, that in order to make informed decisions when it comes times to vote, whether these Millennials will ever understand or be able to see that the media is informing them by stirring up dissatisfaction and discontent, leading them down a primrose path to a globalist world, not knowing that in socialism, if they don’t like you, they demonize you and might try to take away your job, or worse, your cell phone.

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