A week before the mid-terms, Barack takes to the pulpit to demonizes the Donald and preach more Hope and Change, while CNN launches into hyper-hysteria on Trump racism and bigotry as ways to scare people to the polls. Meanwhile, back in Chicago – all prospects for hope or change long gone – Barack’s billionaire pal JB prepares for the governor’s mansion, as black-on-black violence rages off the charts.

There he was again, déjà vu, just days before the mid-term elections, in his trademark open collared white shirt, sleeves rolled up, sounding both angry and defiant with preacher-like cadence, stirring the crowd to get out and vote, keep the Hope and Change revolution alive, and for all to resist all the racism and bigotry in the world, namely a person with a blonde combover touting his own greatness.

While supposedly stumping for Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Florida and incumbent senator Bill Nelson, the event in Miami was clearly about Barack – he shouted down hecklers for interrupting “my rally” – while the two candidates looked on dutifully, knowing it was not them who people had come to see.

Barack called out the Donald for “lying” and “fear-mongering” and pulling “a political stunt” by sending troops to the border to meet the caravan of 5,000 refugees heading north from Central America.

It was just like old times, demonizing the Republicans for stirring up racism and bigotry -things he used to stir up himself – then rallying everyone to get out and vote, not so much for Gillum and Nelson, but for Hope and Change, to make the world a better place.   To heck with the economy.

So much for retiring from politics gracefully like all former presidents before him.

But when you think about it, Barack and his demonizing of Trump and the Republicans has never really gone away, though his Hope and Change certainly did disappear somewhere mid-presidency.  Because just as he left office, after Hillary lost, then CNN, the network that Barack and his Chicago pals Valerie Jarret and David Axelrod conveniently molded in the radical spirit of their hero, Saul Alinsky – “First you polarize, then organize” – took to the guy with the scowl and blond comb over, and the non-stop demonizing of the Trumpster has gone on un-interrupted ever since.

First, the CNN Trump fearmongering was about the so-called Russian collusion scandal – worse than Watergate! – which went nowhere, but was hysterically blared for a year and a half on CNN, interspersed with side firestorms demonizing the Donald as a white-supremacist, or as a sexist/misogynist sleaze-ball, dragging old girlfriends before the cameras and having gay Anderson Cooper ask them if the Donald wore a condom, or screeching  on all the internal chaos at the White House, where insiders wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office because he was out of his mind leading our nation.

It has been a non-stop, shrill, shrieking demonizing of the Donald at CNN ever since he took office – “Keep the pressure on,” Saul said. “Never let up.” And CNN hasn’t for a minute. Notable is that Obama Senior Advisor Axelrod is still a regular Senor Political Consultant, Valerie’s daughter Laura  is a rising young reporter, Barack’s former Green Czar Van Jones, the former commie, who has become the designated African American who decides what and who is racist (guess who’s the poster boy?).  All kinds of former Obama administration members traipse through offering their particular expertise on the Trumpster’s mental state.  Just call it the Progressive’s News Agency.

No mention, ever, of the record stock market, jobs growth or record low unemployment.  Too boring, and not part of the Progressive agenda.

Then were the two catastrophic events that CNN turned into false flags within two weeks of the election – the pipe bombs sent to the Obamas, the Clintons, their pal George Soros, and, of course, offices of CNN, as well as the horrific synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh – both of which CNN turned into events that were caused by Trump’s anti-Semitic and anti-Obama/Clinton/Soros/CNN rhetoric, which, by the way, was a long stretch, but not to CNN, which had their newsreaders rant and rage day and night.

So the Trump-bashing table was already set by CNN when Barack took the stage in Miami to stir up more Alinsky discontent over the Donald, though careful not to mention his name (Barack is a former president, you know, and supposed to be retired).

“Why is it that the folks that won the last election are so mad all the time?” Barack preached to the Miami faithful, when confronted by hecklers who asked him to disavow the ANTIFA, the anti-fascist Alinsky organization that attacks Republicans.

“When I won the presidency, at least my side felt pretty good.”

Then he roared: “I know there are sincere conservatives who are compassionate and must think there is nothing compassionate about ripping immigrant children from the arms of their mothers at the border.”

“I am assuming that they recognize that a president doesn’t get to decide on his own who’s an American citizen and who’s not,” he continued, referring to Mr. Trump’s vow to sign an executive order canceling birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants. “That’s not how the Constitution of the United States works. That’s not how the Bill of Rights works. That’s not how our democracy works.”

“I’m assuming people must get upset,” he went on, “when they see folks who spend all their time vilifying others, questioning their patriotism, calling them enemies of the people and then suddenly pretending they’re concerned about civility.”  (Was he talking about Trump, or CNN?)

Then he offered his Hope and Change again, which he said started with a single vote, that cascaded with others into a revolution that would make everyone feel good: a revolution that would provide health care for all, which wouldn’t discriminate, which would allow for a diverse nation that accepted all people.   Kind of like a utopian socialist world.

Well, you have to offer something when the Donald has the economy and jobs growth locked up.

But when Barack went Sunday to Chicago, the birthplace of the Hope and Change slogan, to stump for his trusted friend, billionaire of inherited wealth JB Pritzker, whose running for Governor as a democrat, there was no mention of hope or change.

That’s because both Hope and Change have disappeared from the city and it’s vocabulary.  They were long gone before Barack resurrected the words to get elected.

JB is being propped up by the Illinois Democrats and is clearly Barack and his Hyde Park (Chicago) Progressives favorite. He is a long time friend of Barack, a heavy donor to his campaigns. JB’s sister, Penny, another inheritor of billions from the Pritzker family wealth, was Barack’s Secretary of Commerce for eight years, despite having driven a family savings and loan into bankruptcy with sub-prime loans.

Both were and are being rewarded for their loyalty in the Chicago tradition, despite never having worked in public office before.

But the real voters for Hope and Change, the black folks of Chicago, the ones who went to the polls in record numbers to elect Barack twice, didn’t come to the rally for JB.  In the black ghettos of Chicago, on the South and West Sides, where unemployment is well over 50 percent, and the streets are ruled by teenage black men with Uzis,  murders of black kids by other black kids is well over 400 so far this year with another 2,500 woundings, people don’t often to go to the polls, in part because going outside anywhere is too fearful and dangerous.

Barack was hoarse at the Chicago rally, which he told the crowd was due to singing “Glory,” the song by Chicago rapper Common and John Legend, which is a song of black people someday finding redemption from so much suffering.

The crowd cheered. While not mentioning Hope and Change, Barack told the crowd that:
“Health care is on the ballot.
“A fair shake for working families is on the ballot.
“And most importantly, the character of our nation is on the ballot.”

Would that be the character of our politicians and certain news media, or are they excluded?

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