Hey Millennials, the Donald is right this time. The media, led by CNN, is trying to blame him for the recent horrific attacks in the news. That’s because it’s election time, they have to demonize and beat him with an onslaught of Alinsky tactics, as taught by their mentor, Barack Obama and his progressive gang from Chicago. So be prepared for more fear and chaos, heck with issues, because they have none.

Ever since the mail bombs sent to the Obamas, the Clintons, George Soros, CNN offices in New York, Eric Holder, and few others last week, and the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the left wing media, led by CNN and the New York Times, have unleashed an onslaught of hysteria tying the Donald and his rhetoric as the underlying cause for the horrific events.

No matter that the FBI says the individual madmen acted alone. CNN and the Times have in conjunction with the events have unashamedly launched a parallel news onslaught to connect the Donald as the underlying cause of both events. You would have thought he set the bombs and pulled the triggers.

They’ve had experts and columnists screaming about how the Donald has created an atmosphere of anger and hatred in this country which led two of his supporters to take up arms and kill his political opposites, the Obamas and Clintons and George Soros, as well as unleash a horrific anti-Semitic mass murderer to a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

There’s a direct connection between Trump and the madmen, and watching CNN and reading the front page of the New York Times, you can’t miss it. The other major media outlets are following suit like good journalistic sheep.

It’s become such that the two events – Trump’s supposed hateful rhetoric and the acts of the madmen – are one. CNN goes back and forth between the two all day, reinforcing the connection. The New York Times has the supposed Trump hate speech and the two events side by side on the front page.

Now, in a world of objective journalism, ruled by the ethics of fairness and facts, there would never be a connection between the two. But we are in the age of CNN and Trump. Ever since the inauguration of the Donald, CNN has spend almost every waking hour and 90 percent of its on-air news stories demonizing the Donald. The Times is right behind, followed by the Washington Post, but being newspapers have less of an impact and must fill their pages with other news.

Now we are in election season, with the upcoming mid-term elections being called the most significant in recent memory. The Republicans, meaning conservatives, currently have the White House, the Senate and the House, and with the recent appointment of Brett Kavanaugh, the majority votes on the Supreme Court.

CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post are so called liberal news organizations. One could argue they are Progressives, meaning radical leftist, socialist, LGBTQ and radical feminist, so these mid-term elections are a fight for their life.

They are also Alinskyite in nature, with reporting staffs that bash Trump trained and cut loose on the Donald by the original disciples of Alinsky from Chicago, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.

Axelrod and Jarrett’s daughter, Laura (who was on a panel about the Pittsburgh killer’s social media extremism), still work with CNN. Barack and Valerie seem to be somewhere in the shadows, though we will never know exactly where, as it wouldn’t seem cool for a former leader of the free world and his closest advisor to be seen involved with a network whose sole purpose seems to be in bringing down his predecessor.

But they are there in Alinsky spirit regardless. As back in Chicago, election time brings out the most ruthless, savage tactics needed to destroy the enemy. There is no such thing as a debate of issues, it’s what vicious sleaze can you dig up on your opponent and destroy him in the media, and the closer one gets to the election, the more ruthless the onslaught.

Alinsky tactics involved spreading fear, doubt, character assassination anything short of calling the opponent a child molester or rapist (which they tried to do with Kavanaugh), is acceptable. The slimier and sleazier the better, as long as you win, because under the Alinsky code, winning is all, and morals and ethics and fair play be damned.

So now the Donald on CNN is an anti-Semitic, bomb-making, racist, and if you don’t believe us, just listen to the Jewish people whose grandparents escaped the Holocaust who we’ve found to come on camera to attest to Trump’s anti-Semitism, just as they get black panelists to attest to his racism. It must be true, it’s on a television news show!

The other trait of the Alinskyites is to do what you do without conscience. Therefore, don’t ever expect CNN to get on camera and say they are sorry for misleading the public, pretending to be a news organization, and fairly informing the public so they can make an informed decision come election day.

That’s not what they do. And if and when they lose in the election next week, like Hillary said recently, don’t expect them to be civil, because civility will return only if they win back the House and Senate, and can take down the Donald from within.

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