What if we had a former President of the United States and Leader of the Free World who was now involved in subverting democracy and the constitutional process? Well, we’ve got one – Barack H. Obama – using the same radical socialist activist playbook written by his mentors Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. Just think Kavanaugh hearings.

We all knew Barack was out there somewhere in retirement, still “community organizing” with tactics from his mentor Saul Alinsky, rubbing raw sores of discontent for radical social change, but we weren’t sure where and how.

Possibly from a command center inside his $8 million mansion compound in Georgetown, D.C., with his inseparable aide Valerie Jarrett, another Alinsky radical, by his side.   Maybe still communicating with his good friend George Soros, who with his billions funding his socialist Open Society Foundation wants to take down capitalism and democracy and create a global socialist world order.

Barack popped up first to cast Alinsky doubt on Trump soon after the election, connecting the Donald to white supremacist/Nazi marchers in Charlottesville who wanted to keep confederate statues standing. Barack did not mention Trumps name, but the news media made the connection to the Nazis, especially when the Donald did not openly condemn them.

Then he emerged again when his progressives went after Republican senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama, with a #MeToo Alinsky-style demonizing attack – with the Washington Post digging up 40-year old sexual harassment/abuse charges on Moore, with Soros-funded radio ads featuring alleged female victims of Moore, which had to be taken off the air when the victims and allegations turned out to be false.

For his part, Barack recorded a robo-call to young, black Alabama voters, saying Democrat Doug Jones will “be a champion for justice,” while placards were produced, dividing voters into two groups and reading: “Courage defeats Hate.” The young black voters turned out in record numbers.

During the Moore campaign, Barack was said how we must protect the “garden of Democracy,” reminding people of all the millions killed in Europe after the Nazis rose to power, a reference the media picked up on as a not-so-veiled comparison to Trump and his administration.

Then Barack openly threw his support behind the #NeverAgain Alinsky-style movement which grew out of the Parkland School massacre in Florida. It’s leader, David Hogg, was a spitting image of angry, confrontational radical Bill Ayers in his college bomb making days, with the #NeverAgain’s holding angry mass rallies and marches, a favorite Alinsky/Ayers tactic to shake up the establishment, this time on gun control. Hogg attacked conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham when she dismissed him, urging advertisers of her show to withdraw their commercials, another favorite Alinsky/Ayers tactic.

Recently, Barack gave a speech attacking Trump at the University of Illinois, saying he was unable to stay silent like all previously retired presidents, because the threat Trump posed to democracy was too great, again using Trump and the Nazis in close grammatical proximity, while urging young millennials to vote, then later naming 150 candidates he endorsed.

In each of his appearances, Barack would utilize Alinsky methods of attack: demonizing the enemy (Trump); stirring up doubt and fear over the enemy (Trump) to organize followers; supporting confrontational, angry marches, all outside the process of laws, just the way Barack’s mentor Bill Ayers used to do in his college days.

Meanwhile, the network Barack Obama and Jarrett created in its current Trump-bashing, Alinsky attack form – CNN – kept up the heat on the Donald. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up,” Saul had said, and the network Barack and Valerie created did not disappoint. They were relentless, spending an entire year spewing fire on the Trump/Russian collusion story, with intermittent stops on Trumps mistresses, chaos in the White House, casting doubt and fear throughout television land on our new leader, all which turned out to be hollow news.

But the Alinsky attack to end all Alinsky demonizing, undemocratic, anti-rule of law, anti-due process attacks to try and effect radical socialist change for Barack’s progressive, which make 17th century Salem, Massachusetts hysteria look like child’s play, took place during the recent rage-filled media circus to approve/prevent the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It’s been reported that Soros was in the mix, but Barack Obama’s and Bill Ayers’ Alinsky spirit, if not their fingerprints, were also stirring the pot. The attempts at Alinsky chaos-stirring started with screaming female protestors disrupting the Senate hearings, who had to be removed, and all in television land reminded that what Kavanaugh’s nomination was about, to the radical females and homosexuals who make up less than five or ten percent of the population, but make the most noise, were the issues of abortion and homosexual “rights.”

But the boyish-looking, family man, respected jurist Kavanaugh sailed through the hearings and was all set for a vote, as prescribed in the constitution, when 85-year-old Diane Feinstein threw a Bill Ayers bomb to set off another level of chaos and fear, producing a letter she had held secret from a woman professor, Christine Ford, who said Kavanaugh had tried to rape her at a party 35 years ago when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17.

All hell broke loose. The headless chickens on the Republican side started screeching that the constitutional process was still intact, that the vote would still take place, while the hyenas on the Democratic side began circling Kavanaugh’s hide, salivating for the kill.
Saul had also said: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

So with Kavanaugh properly ridiculed and branded before the nation as a rapist, the Alinskyites seemed to have him in their grasp. The charges stirred up female outrage and hatred across the land, or at least in the newsroom of CNN, with newsreaders wanting nothing less than Kavanaugh’s testicles hung from a lamppost, as a deterrent to every male out there, because, as we all know, a woman would not make an accusation like that, despite no corroboration, and males are born liars.

It was an Alinsky event of fear and chaos, with the constitution and rule of law looking like it would get drowned out by the mob.

Throughout the halls of Congress, outside the homes of undecided Republican Senators, angry, screaming demonstrators appeared, saying they were victims of abuse, confronting lawmakers with shouts of “Shame! Shame!” One enraged woman who said she was a sexual assault victim screamed at undecided Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator before television cameras and the world: “You’re telling me that what happened to me doesn’t matter! That you’re willing to put a person who assaulted a woman on the highest court of the land!” Senators were getting death threats.

Somewhere from their spider holes, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers were smiling a bemused smile when the Alinsky chaos erupted, seeing the opportunity to organize opposition to defeat Kavanaugh through fear and demonizing.

Until the deciding vote in the process, Maine Senator Susan Collins, stood up before the Senate floor to give an intelligent, rational, forty-five minute civics lesson on how she deliberated carefully, examined Kavanaugh’s qualifications as a judge, held that against her constitutional duty to approve Supreme Court justice, and how important it was that we still must respect the rule of law and the presumption of innocence over hysteria and angry threats, before telling everyone she had decided to vote for Kavanaugh. The next day he was confirmed with a vote of 50-48.

It was Sen. Collins who finally injected reason and civility back into the proceedings, and who quickly was demonized as a turncoat to women by the feminists, but who ultimately, if temporarily, salvaged the constitutional process and rule of law.

The Alinskyites had to retract their claws. Until the next time democracy, the constitution and the rule of law gets in their way.

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