While the FBI is looking into Brett Kavanaugh’s high school drinking habits, they’ve been pulled away again from all the sleaze and corruption wrought by Barack Obama. But who cares? Slinging mud is so much more fun than saving a constitution.

The was a new rock uncovered this week by Judicial Watch, the non-profit watchdog group that looks into government corruption, with some new slithering insects scurrying underneath from Barack Obama’s Administration when he corrupted the FBI trying to take down the Trump campaign during the last election. But that’s old news. The media and congress are onto more important things, like Brett Kavanaugh’s high school and college drinking habits.

But for anyone interested in salvaging things like the constitution and rule of law, Judicial Watch found that back in 2016, when the Donald was gaining steam across the country as a new kind of populist politician with a combover, the FBI under Barack Obama contracted with a sleazy Defense Department contractor, Stephen Halper, paying him over $1 million in four overseas contracts to engage two Trump campaign aides, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, to try and connect them to collusion with the Russians.

Halper found nothing of substance, but he tried his best to make good use of taxpayer money to dig up Trump dirt.

The Halper political smear campaign had to engage Page and Papadopoulos overseas because it would have been illegal to entrap and spy on political opponents in the U.S., and the Obama Administration apparently wanted to abide by the law as it tried to entrap the two Trump campaign workers.

They abided by the law that same campaign year, when a fake dossier they helped engineer, paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, was taken by the FBI to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court, with an application written by the FBI saying the dossier was actual intelligence when the FBI knew it was fake, and used to approve a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

The fake Trump dossier, and subsequent FISA warrants issued to the FBI then became the reasons for starting the larger Trump campaign investigation within the Justice Department and later for naming a Special Prosecutor to investigate collusion between Trump and the Russians to rig the elections, when everyone within the Obama Administration knew the dossier was total bullshit.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has come up with no collusion, because there was none to begin with, but still his office exists sucking up taxpayer money, and holding the cloud of Trump, which was the point to begin with.

Add to that, the whole Hillary email corruption, where a Secretary of State (Hillary) had a private email server as an Obama cabinet member, which was easily hacked by foreign governments, and was used to help the Clinton Foundation raise funds while Hillary was in office. But we may never know to what extent because she destroyed over 30,000 emails and acid washed the computer, and the FBI is foot dragging FOIA requests by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch president Tom Finton is the David going up against the Justice Department and our sleepy overseers in Congress, while the media (except for FOX), who is the other designated overseer, keeps blowing smoke over this massive, much-much-worse-than-Watergate scandal, by doing things like stirring national hysteria like a televised Spanish Inquisition over Brett Kavanaugh’s high school drinking habits and trying to derail his Supreme Court nomination, because, like Trump, he is a conservative with red cape and horns.

And conservatives must be stopped, especially when democracy and constitutional process put them there.

Because of all the hysteria and smoke and by the anti-Trump media, the stonewalling by the Justice Department and the total incompetence if congress, we may never know exactly how sleazy and corrupt Barack Obama and his Chicago pals like Valerie Jarrett were. But by what’s been uncovered so far by Judicial Watch, they were as sleazy a gang of thugs since Al Capone ran Chicago in the 1920s, making Richard Nixon and his White House “Plumbers” look like Sesame Street.

During the well orchestrated campaign directed from the Oval Office to trash Trump’s Campaign, FBI lovers Page and Stzrok in their 30,000 emails discussed a “media leak strategy,” which partly explains all the classified information on the fake dossier and investigation that ended up in CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post, Barack and Valerie’s favorite news outlets.

Washington never knew it, but it’s the kind of political sleaze and corruption that is routine in Chicago, Barack and Valerie’s home town.

Take the current governor’s race, where the Democratic candidate is one JB Pritzker, a billionaire heir to the Pritzker Hyatt Hotel fortune and good friend to Barack and Valerie, who never served in office besides giving large sums to candidates like Barack, or perhaps when he entrapped Barack enemy Rod Blagojevich in a phone call eight days after Barack was elected president – a phone call that was conveniently tapped by the FBI – during which JD asked Rod what he was going to do with the newly empty Senate seat.

Rod said back to JD, “I never really thought about that. Let’s talk about that.” Now Rod is halfway through a 14 year sentence. After the phone call, JB’s sister Penny, another Barack and Valerie friend, was named Barack’s Secretary of Commerce, despite having driven a family savings and loan into the ground with sub-prime loans.

Now it’s time for JB to be rewarded for his loyalty and service, despite his thorough lack of experience in running a state government, or anything else for that matter, a resume similar to Barack’s own in preparation for the Oval Office.

Still, there is a minor, though not insurmountable bump that has appeared on the road to the state capital and JB getting handed his new keys. The inspector general for Cook County recently issued a report saying that Democratic gubernatorial candidate JB engaged in a “scheme to defraud” taxpayers to get $330,000 in property tax breaks on his Chicago mansion.

According to the inspector general’s report, JB had the toilets removed from his mansion on the city’s Gold Coast so his friend the Cook County Assessor could deem the property uninhabitable, and thus qualify for the six figure tax benefit. Despite the report, which has been brought up numerous times in commercials by his opponent, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, JB is way ahead in the polls.

But that’s Chicago politics. The objective is to win and win any way you must. Corruption has never stopped anyone for getting elected, though sometimes it puts them in jail once they leave office, if they have the misfortune of a Republican U.S. Attorney getting appointed. Four of the previous seven Illinois governors had been fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

Barack brought Chicago politics to Washington, but whether he ever gets prosecuted for what he did corrupting the FBI and Justice Department and intelligence agencies in trying to derail Trump’s campaign and presidency, and help Hillary keep her campaign afloat, with the help of a loyal media, remains to be seen.

We first would have to get the media to do its job as the Fourth Estate. Then Congress would have to step up and do its constitutional duty in oversight. Then the rest of us would have to care about saving the constitution from tyranny and corruption by the highest office in the land.

But holding an inquisition and character assassination into a conservative supreme court nominee’s high school drinking habits is so much more political fun, so don’t hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “While the FBI is looking into Brett Kavanaugh’s high school drinking habits, they’ve been pulled away again from all the sleaze and corruption wrought by Barack Obama. But who cares? Slinging mud is so much more fun than saving a constitution.

  1. I very much admire your use of plain-talking truth to explain this web of corruption from which Obama and Jarrett hope to escape because AG Barr said he was not looking to prosecute Biden or Obama. Maybe AG Barr is as corrupt as they are? I so enjoyed your manner of writing, never beating around the bush!


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