Is Barack Obama involved with the LGBTQ/radical feminist/MeToo/sexual harassment/witch hunt/bomb throwing anarchists taking down powerful white male Republicans? Because that’s the same sleazy way he rose to the national stage and is now part of progressive agenda to destroy opponents, including the new supreme court nominee.

Any normal, ethical, honest-living person – which is most of us outside of Washington, D.C., the CNN newsrooms and the View – might look at the character assassination onslaught underway against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and think: “Geez, is that the way to treat a seemingly decent person. How sleazy is that?”

Kavanaugh, who seems to be exceptionally qualified for the position – Yale educated, a federal judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia who’s written 300 opinions, a family man with two daughters, with three FBI investigations into his background and more than 30 people vouching for his character, had sailed through the confirmation hearings smoothly and was scheduled to be confirmed by the Judiciary Committee in a week.

Then he was hit by a terrorist attack by the LGBTQ/radical feminist/MeToo Alinskyites.
These are creatures who are radical leftists, socialists, whose leaders include many homosexuals and radical feminist, who hate men and want women to run the world, despise the democratic process and rule of law, and who want to take down as many powerful, white heterosexual men as they can. Just think of the newsreaders at CNN, and you have a good sampling.

Kavanaugh came into their crosshairs when the Donald nominated him to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court with his conservative, constitutionalist view. He went smoothly through the confirmation hearings, despite a minor interruption by a small group of Alinskyites who tried to disrupt the hearings, some dressed in pink, shouting above into the hearing room for the proceedings to stop, one carrying a sign that read Roe – Yes, Kav – No. Code Pink, a reference in feminist-speak to their great dread that Kavanaugh would help overturn Roe vs. Wade and with it a woman’s right to unrestricted abortion, the feminists most rabid, some say only, cause besides removing white Republican men.

When the protestors were removed, the hearings proceeded smoothly and a vote by the Judiciary Committee scheduled the following week. Then suddenly, 85-year-old California Senator Diane Feinstein, a member of the Judiciary Committee, called a press conference to announce that she had in her possession for the past three months, a letter written by a college professor and research psychologist who said that 35 years ago, when she was 15, she was accosted by a then 17-year-old Kavanaugh at a high school party, that she escaped terrified but emotionally scarred.

Feinstein never mentioned why she didn’t release this important information earlier, but by then the horse was out, and ll hell broke loose, which would have made Saul Alinsky proud.

The Judiciary committee scrambled to accommodate the victim and her allegations, then CNN began its tsunami of news, unleashed its feminist, MeToo hellhound was in turmoil, but more important, CNN had its newest MeToo victim to shame a white male with, this time a big, big fish. Republicans called it grandstanding by the Democrats. Democrats and CNN called for an FBI investigation, which hopefully would delay everything until after the mid-term elections when they could get a more reasonable, abortion-minded jurist of their own into the High Court.

Kavanaugh vehemently denied the charges, but the blitzkrieg Alinsky attack was launched, sending CNN into hysterical attack mode 24-7, with their scowling newsreaders defending the virtue of the alleged victim, while continuing to attach the “sexual abuse” label to Kavanaugh every chance they got.

It was a wonderfully successful Alinsky attack – throwing the congress and their proceedings and vote on Kavanaugh into disarray and doubt, CNN raising questions constantly of how to fairly hear the victim, all the while pushing back the vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

And somewhere from his own spider hole smiled Barack Obama and his pals from Chicago, the original Alinskyites who brought Saul’s concepts of disruption and chaos and doubt and demonizing of Republicans to Washington a decade ago. Then after the Donald unexpectedly won, the Alinsky-style MeToo movement emerged with their blitzkrieg attacks of sexual harassment allegations – some like those against Kavanaugh which allegedly took place more than three or four decades earlier, but without his ability to defend himself.

Back when Barack was an unknown state senator in Illinois who wanted to be U.S. Senator, he was well behind in the polls in the Democratic primary when he had his close advisor and hatchet man, David Axelrod, convince Axlrod’s former colleagues at the Chicago Tribune to push for the release of the divorce papers of their leading opponent. The papers were released, revealing the wife had a restraining order issued against him, the opponent’s ratings dropped off a cliff, and Barack sailed to victory.

Barack and Axelrod pushed the same release of divorce papers against his Republican opponent, also well ahead in the polls, whose divorce papers revealed he had asked his former wife to go to a sex club with him.  He soon dropped out of the race and Barack sailed to a victory with a 71% victory in the fall, a percentage he never got tired of repeating.

Even by Chicago standards, the Obama Senate campaign of personal smear was a new low.   Now it’s standard operating procedure in television political ads, and spread nationally by CNN, the network Barack was able to mold before he was so abruptly told to leave office.

The demonizing of Trump has been non-stop by CNN since he was sworn into office, and has included constant attacks on his sexual fidelity as a way to rally women.  Now it’s time to prevent a conservative, strict constitutionalist jurist, who just might overturn Roe vs. Wade, from getting a robe.

Millennials might not remember, but there was a time when ethics, a sense of fair play, of honesty and integrity, ruled the media and journalism. No more. Look up unethical in the dictionary and here’s the example they give:

“It is unethical to torment any creature for entertainment.”  Add to that sleazy, mean-spirited, and scummy.

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