Colin Kapernick, you’re no Martin Luther King. You’re more like the two radical wannabees from Chicago who likely put you up to it – Bill Ayers and his Alinsky student Barack Obama. But just remember, Millennials, Dr. King was a man of great integrity and courage who tried to help black people. Ayers and Obama are cowards who want to take down the “white supremacist” system from their spider holes.

Black and white America are divided again and in a rage – we are told by the media – over a mediocre, mixed-race former NFL quarterback with a big Afro, Colin Kapernick, who took a knee at a the national anthem before a game last year, angering patriotic Americans for disrespecting the flag and veterans, but protesting – we are told by the media – white police brutality of black men and the entire white system that oppresses all black Americans.

Now Colin, out of work as a quarterback because no team wants him, has gotten a rich, multi-million-dollar contract with the biggest sports apparel company, as the newest poster-boy for it’s international “Just Do It” campaign to sell shoes and sports clothing, with his own sub-campaign prominently featuring his afro, with the theme: “Believe in something. Even if it means losing everything,” which has touched off an equally gigantic furor across the land.

People are naturally seeing a huge hypocrisy by corporate giant Nike, giving millions and an ad campaign to an unpatriotic punk who disrespected the flag and veterans by taking a knee. They are ripping up their Nike shoes and shirts, calling for a boycott of Nike goods for glorifying and making rich a person with an ad campaign that makes him into someone who has sacrificed his career and livelihood for a belief in something greater than himself.

But folks, don’t sweat Colin Kaepernik, he’s just a dumb jock who is being played by an old white guy who still wants to be a radical revolutionary – Bill Ayers – and his younger, half-white student in socialism Barack Obama who always wanted to be Martin Luther King without having to mingle with the people or lead them in dignity on the ground.

Although I am all for taking down Nike for being arrogant corporate cowards and giving into Ayers and Obama and their fellow Alinskyites, who very likely bulled Nike into giving Kaepernick his own national campaign, who were arrogant enough to think their corporate size and financial and market might could withstand a temporary rebellion by their loyal sport shoe and clothing wearers, that American patriotism could not bring them down.

Because that’s what the Alinskyites do, going back to Bill Ayers and Barack Obama’s days in Chicago, before Barack became our national spokesperson for socialist Hope and Alinsky Change. Both Barack and Bill served boards of a foundation that gave money to a now defunct Alinskyite group called ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – which used to blackmail corporations by threatening to protest their alleged racist hiring practices, then reached a financial settlement to go away and pocketed the money in great, unethical Alinsky style.

My guess is that with Nike, the Ayers/Obama Alinskyites, who now travel underground with the radical feminists, got inside Nike through their old standby sexual harassment attacks.

At Nike over the last year, the sexual harassment Alinsky she-wolves have so far taken down at least six top white Nike executives in their own personal investigation into “inappropriate sexual behavior” within the company, which grew from an informal survey of Nike women who expressed being uncomfortable with things like unwanted touching or kissing or invitations to strip clubs, things that man hating LGBTQ radical feminist Alinskyites think is disgusting, and believe normal, heterosexual women should also.

If past methods followed, the Alinskyites would have then blackmailed Nike executives to curb their further sexual harassment activity by giving Coin Kaepernick his own ad campaign making him look like a black man of great conviction and integrity, even though many people would be outraged by it and not buy NIKE products.

But executives of multi-billion-dollar consumer corporations, as the Alinskyites know, are more concerned with their image on the sexual harassment front than they are with upholding or defending such ideals as patriotism or values like integrity and honesty that can be manipulated with advertising, that can make any idiot or scumbag look like a man of virtue.

Unfortunately, the generation of Millennials raised by two-dimensional screens often have a hard time figuring whether someone has the three-dimensional characteristics of truth, honor, integrity or honesty, especially if spun into a flashy ad campaign. We elected a president on a great two-dimensional campaign of Hope and Change, with great, stirring speeches, whose hope turned out to be his hope for more government control and programs, and change nothing but Alinsky change stirred by chaos and fear.

Because not only are Bill Ayers and his prized pupil Barack both Alinskyites unleashing attacks spreading fear and chaos, they are socialists who want to make the playing field equal for all, not by elevating blacks and people of color through work and its dignity, but in taking down the system of “white supremacy,” to which 72-year-old, white, privileged Bill Ayers has dedicated his life since his student bomb making days to attack the establishment.

What better campaign to attack and piss off the white establishment, and possibly bring down a major capitalist corporation, than to enlist Afro-ed Colin Kaepernick to enrage white patriotic America on national television and call it a protest against white police brutality against blacks, playing on people’s anger and fear, because no one understands police brutality is not the problem in the black community, it’s fatherless, angry black teenagers with lethal weapons.

Or Barack Obama, who always wanted to be great civil rights leader like his hero Dr. Martin Luther King, who could often sound like Martin reading a teleprompter, but who was uncomfortable mingling with poor black people, or leading them on marches for jobs and housing, as Dr. King had, but more comfortable launching Alinsky attacks from under his desk.

It was Barack and Bill who were hidden behind the Alinsky attack on the Chicago Police Department, with Barack’s Justice Department officially designating the Chicago police a police a racist organization, demonizing them in Alinsky style, so blacks could both blame the police for all their problems and more readily sue for civil rights settlements, helping redistribute taxpayer wealth, rather than try to rebuild the black family or community from within.

So don’t sweat Kaepernick, folks. He’s just being played by Ayers and Obama. He’ll eventual fade into oblivion, as will the outrage at Nike. The problem is, how do we get Ayers and Obama to go away?

Or when and where will be their next attack be to piss off white America and enflame black anger, not help anyone of color or try to bring people together.

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