Where have you gone, Woodward-Bernstein? The nation turns its lonely eyes to you. What’s that you say, Bob and Carl, you’ve sold yourselves to CNN to take out the Donald? Now who’s going to save our constitution from all the corruption Barack unleashed? Not Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer, that’s for sure.

Back in the early 70s, two young intrepid reporters at the Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, were paired together to track down a burglary at the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate apartment complex in Washington.

They were as green as reporters could be, but through sheer doggedness, and guidance from their fearless editor Ben Bradley, they followed a money trail which led to the Oval Office and Richard Nixon, and his attempt to cover up his connection to the burglary, using the Oval Office for political purposes in violation of the constitution, was the beginning of the end of the Nixon presidency.

Every young journalist and newspaperman in America wanted to be like Woodward and Bernstein, who became almost pop icons, two names spoken as one, and a symbol of integrity in journalism and what the Fourth Estate was supposed to be about – protecting our democracy from tyranny and saving our constitution and the rule of law.

Woodward and Bernstein never came close to that fame and celebrity afterwards, except the movie based on their book “All the President’s Men,” but their names became synonymous for integrity in journalism and what the Fourth Estate should aspire to be.

So it’s depressing to watch Woodward and Bernstein take their sacred brand to CNN – the Obama socialist network – and join the talking heads bashing Trump for a living, not with good solid, fact checking journalism, but with ridicule, hysterical name calling and character assignation that has nothing to do with protecting the constitution or rule of law.

But we are now in the age of Alinsky journalism, brought to us by Barack Obama and his Chicago crew, and practiced with mean ferocity by the scowling teleprompter readers at CNN.  This new, fearmongering journalism was brought to our living rooms by Barack Obama and his Chicago team, who all practiced the methods of Saul Alinsky, Barack’s spiritual mentor, who was all about stirring discontent in order to organize people for “radical social change,” not inform people intelligently as journalism in a democracy is supposed to do. Barack and company created CNN in it’s current Alinsky mold.

In its crusade to take down the Donald, CNN realized that by bringing in the Woodward-Bernstein brand into their team of Trump haters – not journalists by any stretch of the word – would give them instant credibility. These were the guys who brought down a president with the highest standards of journalistic integrity and credibility, so attaching their brand to the CNN teleprompter readers automatically brought journalistic trusty to the hysteria spewing every day from the station demonizing Trump that seemed to bash him on the most baseless, meanspirited charges.

But that’s okay with CNN, because facts and following the rule of law and journalism standards are not as important as the ability to shame and demonize, especially when it comes to Trump. Early on, when CNN first brought Bernstein onto the payroll, they tried to link Watergate and Trump, which Carl originally balked at, but who now uses words like “corruption” and “conspiracy” freely on camera with his fellow circus barkers at the network when they get a panel together to bash the Donald.

Now Woodward has conveniently come out with his new book – Fear – with the Donald’s face in red just beneath the title, about the fear inside the Trump White House, a perfect title and book of Alinsky journalism, based not so much on hard facts or a money trail like their earlier famous book of 40 years ago, but one designed to stir anxiety and fear amongst its readers about the mental state of our leader, who, by the way, just so happens to have created huge job growth, a boomig stock market, sealed the borders, and brought peace to the Korean peninsula. But there’s none of that in the book.
CNN quickly jumped in as the lead promoter of the book, which even before its release climbed to the top of the best seller list, just as they helped fired FBI director James Comey become a millionaire with his Trump-bashing book – A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership – as well as Omorossa, the former Trump apprentice who turned on her former employee with the wrath of a banshee in “Unhinged,” about Trump.

Here’s what CNN said about Woodward’s book:

“President Donald Trump’s closest aides have taken extraordinary measures in the White House to try to stop what they saw as his most dangerous impulses, going so far as to swipe and hide papers from his desk so he wouldn’t sign them, according to a new book from legendary journalist Bob Woodward.

“Woodward’s 448-page book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” provides an unprecedented inside-the-room look through the eyes of the President’s inner circle. From the Oval Office to the Situation Room to the White House residence, Woodward uses confidential background interviews to illustrate how some of the President’s top advisers view him as a danger to national security and have sought to circumvent the commander in chief.”

Holy crap! HIDE! I’m afraid to even go out of the house, let alone vote against Trump.

The problem is – though not for CNN, but those seeking the real truth – is that Trump has done nothing remotely close to Watergate, or even done anything against the law, as far as I can tell.  But has instead fired up the economy, created millions of new jobs, helped seal our borders from the huge influx of terrified refugees started by Obama, and brought peace to the Korean peninsula, none of which has been reported at length by CNN.

And there is not a peep out of CNN or the rest of the national television media, about the government corruption scandal that is far, far worse than Watergate – namely the thorough corruption of the FBI and Justice Department during the 2016 election to help hide Hillary’s destruction of 33,000 emails from her private server while Secretary of State, as well as the well organized effort directed by the Obama White House, including a fake anti-Trump dossier, fed through the highest levels of the Justice Department to try and derail the Trump campaign.

It all makes Watergate seem like a friendly side track of  the constitution and rule of law, not the huge, huge corruption of a government law agency which all emanated goes back to Obama and his Chicago pals inside the White House, but which has not been reported by a media that still worships the great Diversifier.

If we ever needed a young Woodward and Bernstein to protect us from tyranny, of our constitution, it is now. But Woodward and Bernstein are senior citizens now, and worried more about their retirement than being soldiers for truth.

But to those of us who remember the two young Washington Post warriors in their finest hour, it’s kind of like seeing Muhammed Ali or the Beatles or Bob Dylan put on costumes and become professional wrestlers.

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