What if everyone in Washington and at CNN were lying idiots and Trump was the only sane and honest one in the bunch who actually wants to help the country? That would mean the entire system was inept and corrupt, and they were just trying to save Barack’s brave socialist world, not uphold and protect the constitution. I rest my case.

Ask yourself this: why is CNN and a few other media vipers ramping up their anti-Trump hysteria as we approach the November elections when the economy is stronger than ever, the stock market is pushing the value of companies to new highs, the country’s borders are getting protected, and working people are saying their lives are better off than under Obama the Great Diversifier.

Is CNN seeing something we aren’t and thus hysterically warning us that we should be afraid?

No, our lives are better, and it is because of Trump, who was fairly and democratically elected, who is not a crook or mentally unstable, but who is unraveling all the socialism the Great Diversifier had put in place which was making most people’s lives worse, and who is scaring the socialist crap out of CNN and the rest of the media because they if this continues may have to just find honest work.

Because the system in Washington, which was corrupt to begin with was further corrupted by Obama and his Chicago pals, and the news organization he created, namely CNN, have been so brainwashed into protecting his socialist agenda, they are pulling all the levers of fear and chaos by demonizing Trump in Saul Alinsky style as we approach November elections.

The Alinskyites know that if people don’t buy into their fear, if they see Trump as someone who is doing good for the country and the economy, then that means they will be out of work and must find something honest to do in a democratic, capitalist republic, and they’re not equipped for that.

Most of us who work for a living can see it, but CNN can’t, because they are so isolated in their brainwashed world, so dementedly fixated on destroying Trump, they have lost any semblance of a balanced news organization, which had been assigned to the Fourth Estate to defend the constitution and protect us from corruption, that they can’t see anything else but taking him down.

They are Alinsky Socialist News at its most relentlessly unleashed, hysterically spewing anti-Trump venom every day, louder and more fearfully each day as we get closer to November. Old Saul was pure Machiavelli, who instructed his disciples – mainly Barack Hussein Obama, Bill “I hate America” Ayers and Hillary and Bill “Pay to Play” Clinton – to win at all costs, hell with democracy and letting the people judge.  CNN is not a news organization, but a political organization, and I just hope to Jefferson that the Millennials see this when it comes time to vote, because CNN is counting on their Trump-hating vote. But not to worry, only democracy and the rule of law is at stake. Get me a latte.

Saul Alinsky, like Barack and his good friend George Soros, the billionaire globalist who is heavily involved in these upcoming elections, were and are all socialists to the core. They are not believers in a free and democracy republic, despite Barack’s wonderfully sounding speeches on Diversity and Inclusion, and Soros being cast as a Holocaust survivor, not a Nazi enabler as a child in Hungary and hater of capitalism that he is, who wants open borders and a destabilized world where a socialist government steps in to maintain order, with him and Barack presumably at the throne.

CNN was set up by Obama to keep the socialist torch burning for Hillary, but an odd thing called true representative democracy interfered when her Deplorables went to the polls and pulled more levers for the Donald than for her.

Now CNN in its Alinsky demonizing has descended with relentless fury to paint Trump as the evil one to the Millennials, with one hollow character assassination after another, hoping that by getting enough vipers to read teleprompters and stir fear, that we will all be terrified enough to go to the polls and vote for the socialist progressives of our choice who will remove him from office.

There will be no stories of the jobs his administration helped create, the regulations he helped untangle for us, the borders he helped secure, the confidence that the stock market has in the future of America’s economy, or even the polls which show people are happier and more secure in their lives and jobs than under Obama. Nor will there be stories about issues facing ordinary Americans that candidates might help address, or their specific plans to lead us in an uncertain future.

No, the Alinskyites must only stir fear and chaos and get us to vote accordingly and remove Trump and install a socialist.

Because the socialists must stir fear and chaos to survive. It is the air they breath and pass on to us, because it enables them to step in with their government and take control.
But please remember this come election time, especially you Millenials, because it is your vote they are after. As difficult and confusing as life may be in a fast-technological world, and as wonderful as the world that the friendly sounding progressives portray with all their free things like education and health care, socialism is much, much worse when applied. It is like spending your day waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, where your lives are beholden and controlled by bureaucrats, and they’ll get to you when they’re ready.

Or worse. Socialism has been in place for some 50 years in Barack and Bill Ayer’s Chicago in the war zones on the South and West Sides, where the government has taken care of black folks and Barack and Bill want to keep it that way while they work to dismantle the system of white supremacy and make everyone equal in socialist style.

Then we would all be equally miserable, while Barack and George are safe inside their multi-million dollar compounds, and CNN keeps delivering the news.

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