One reason black-on-black violence will continue unabated in Chicago – because two of the city’s leaders on race relations – Professor Bill Ayers and his star pupil Barack Obama – want to solve the crisis by dismantling “white supremacy,” and are telling black teen shooters they are “victims,” not criminals. Does that, therefore, make the “victims” of the “victims” less dead and wounded?

Right after Chicago’s most bloody weekend of the year this July – when 71 people were shot and 12 killed, all of them African American, in neighborhoods on the South and West Sides – Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel went before the television cameras and reporters.

Johnson announced stepped up patrols, adding: “I hear people holding us accountable all the time,” he said, meaning the police. “I never hear people saying, ‘These individuals out here in the streets need to stop pulling the trigger.’ . . . They get a pass from everybody, and they shouldn’t.’”

Then Mayor Emanuel stepped to the microphone, adding that he was heart-struck by the violence, and without mentioning race said there needed to be an “attitudinal change” in the city to tamp down the carnage.

“This might not be politically correct,” Emanuel said. “But I know the power of what faith and family can do. There is nothing on the streets of Chicago that is stronger than what is in the faith community and what’s in family. Our kids need that structure.”

While acknowledging that most of the violence occurs in poor neighborhoods – he didn’t say the word black, though everyone knew that’s where most of the shootings occur.  The Mayor added, “we also have to be conscious and aware that there is sometimes also a spiritual deficit.”

“I know what the podium can do. But I’ve also seen what the power of the pulpit can do, and if they’re both pointed in the same direction, we will get there a lot faster,” Emanuel said.

That seemed a reasonable enough statement and request. Emanuel had two years ago wanted to test those same themes of family and faith and fatherless teenage boys, noticing in his visits to homes and hospital rooms and churches and funerals after violent deaths, he had noticed only one black father in all the homes he visited. But he had backed off delivering that speech, and the reason came swiftly and furiously when he mentioned “family values” and “faith” this time around.

The next day’s Chicago Sun Times front page headline blared:

“Emanuel accused of ‘victim shaming’ for talking values and character after crime.”
The accuser was Shari Runner, a former president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, who told the paper:

“I cannot see the victims of racist policies and bigoted practices shamed by anyone who says they need to do better or be better in their circumstance. I won’t accept it. Scolding the African-American community for the ills of what’s happening in those communities is not only not helpful. It’s not correct. There’s no more religious, conservative, amazing community than the African-American community.

“The African-American community deserves a lot more than tears and certainly deserves a lot more than victim-shaming. This is the result of racist policy and bigoted practice for decades.”

Then Lori Lightfoot, who wants to be the first gay black mayor of Chicago, weighed in, saying Emanuel’s comments were “breathtaking” in their insensitivity.

It must be noted that both Runner and Lightfoot hail from the Hyde Park neighborhood around the University of Chicago. Hyde Park, which is absolutely nothing like the rest of Chicago, is home to many Nobel Prize winners and intellectual leftist radicals, most notably Bill “I hate America” Ayers, the former bomb-making head of the Students for a Democratic Society, and our former 44th president Barack “Hope and Change” Obama, who was schooled in Chicago racial matters by both Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah “Goddamn America” Wright.

Both Ayers and Wright deeply hate white America and see the system of “white supremacy” as the cause of all African American pain and despair and violence, especially in places like the South and West Sides of Chicago.

It’s fair to say that Ayers and Barack have shaped the current state of racial affairs in Chicago as much as anyone, with Ayers’ deep hatred of Chicago police as the enemy – which began for him an wife Berndine Dohrn at the 1968 Democratic Convention — having spread throughout the South and West sides, and the Obama Justice Department having declared the Chicago police force a “racist organization” during his tenure as President.

While Obama was still in office, his Justice Department issued a consent decree for the Feds to oversee the police, with “reforms” implemented, such as training cops to look for emotional or behavioral signs in a potential criminal situations, and giving 911 operators the decision of whether to respond to a crisis situation with either a team of social workers or police.

Because of this, the morale among Chicago cops has never been lower, though the morale among teenagers with deadly weapons never higher, knowing cops can’t start cracking heads or drawing their guns without thinking what regulation they might be violating.  On the black teen side they are emboldened.  In a 60 Minutes episode a couple of years ago on Chicago violence, a video taken by a teen from an apartment window at a cop car hears the teen shouting to the cops: “The first shot is free!”  Meaning theirs.

The black ghetto neighborhoods have never been more of a war zone, either.
But this, to Ayers, is Black Power, preached by his idol, black activist Stokely Carmichael in the 1960s, which needs to take place in black communities to empower them in a racist white society.

It’s the kind of effort that in Ayers’ twisted thinking must go hand in hand with the “progressive” effort, in his words, to “organize white people to see the wisdom that their lives would be better off if the system of white supremacy were dismantled,” he told a left-wing newspaper after the election of Trump.

That’s where this concept of Emanuel “shaming” young black kids for all their shootings comes from, that teenagers who are shooting each other by the thousands each year in Chicago, creating a war zone in vast areas of the South and West Sides, terrorizing residents by the tens of thousands and killing 500 some mostly teens a years, are not due to the breakdown of the family which occurred beginning some 60 years ago with welfare system of Johnson’s Great Society — the start of Ayers’ beloved socialism inside the ghettos – with a massive rise in drug addiction and sexual assaults and violent offenses.

In a statistic that is incomprehensible, more than 35,000 mostly young black men have been killed in Chicago since Dr. King died.  To Ayers and his student Barack, we assume, it is the system of “white supremacy” causing all the death and havoc, not the breakdown of the black family, dependence on welfare, and angry, fatherless teenage boys expressing that rage with deadly weapons in ravaged black neighborhoods.

(There is a pervasive rumor believed and sustained in the South and West Side ghettoes that the reason there are so many unsolved murders of black teens – under 20% – is because off-duty white policemen are coming into black neighborhoods at night in unmarked cars and wearing ski masks killing black teens, then driving back to their white neighborhoods. I wonder who started that rumor?)

So with the full support of Ayers, (and we assume Barack as his disciple on race), and with black leaders like Runner and Lightfoot from safe Hyde Park weighing in, black teens can keep shooting each other at will with the understanding that they are really just victims of the invisible devil of “white supremacy.”

Which leaves an interesting question. This past week, an 11-year-old boy was arrested in connection with a shooting in East Garfield Park on the West Side at an outdoor basketball tournament after a fight broke out inside a park district field house among a group of black teens. When police arrived to break up the fight and disperse the crowd, shots were fired, and a 15-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy was wounded.

What do you think would have happened if the dispatcher had sent social workers instead?

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