Why doesn’t Chicago do something about all the black on black murders and shootings ravaging the city? Because it can’t, and after what Barack Obama and Bill Ayers have done to promote their Alinsky socialism, it will just get worse.

Last weekend in Chicago – as if unemployed, armed teenage boys think in terms of “weekends” – there were five people killed and another 42 people shot and wounded, most of them black, most of them in black neighborhoods on the South and West sides of the city, most of them shot by black teenage boys or young men who disappear without arrest.

Among the shootings between Friday night and early Monday morning were at least five children, ages 10 to 15. One of the children, a 14-year-old boy, was in critical condition after being shot in the head.

The weekend before, there were 44 people wounded and another 7 shot and killed in the city, again most outside of homes in neighborhoods on the black South and West Sides. For the full month of July, according to a website called Heyjackass.com – which tracks Chicago shootings – as the brutal summer heat took over the city and more and more people were outside, a total of 59 people murdered with guns and another 262 shot and wounded, most of them young and black, most of them on the South and West Side streets and parks and porch stoops and alleyways.

Through the first seven months of 2018, a total of 277 people have been murdered by guns, with another 1,430 human beings shot and wounded. Since the death of Martin Luther King in 1968 – a benchmark in Chicago when hope disappeared in the black communities and young men took over the streets with deadly, stolen weapons – more than 35,000 souls have been violently removed from this earth by handguns – YES, 35,000!!! – most of them young black men, most on ghettos streets, most linked in some way to the drug trade.

Multiply that number by roughly four and you get the additional human beings shot and wounded – maybe 150,000 to 200,000 over the past 50 years – with another four times that amount who witnessed a shooting or knew a victim – maybe half a million or more? – who are walking around with some level of post-traumatic stressful visions in their heads from the death or violence, as many as all the American soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan who are struggling with PTSD.

Chicago for poor black people, and most of them are poor, is more than a massive human tragedy.  It’s a living hell: outside on the streets and inside their heads, because the shooting statistics don’t include the other massive pain they inflict on each other:  the sexual assaults and rapes, the robberies, the epidemic child abuse, the drug addiction and overdoses which are higher than the shootings and murders, the everyday beatings and people preying in some fashion on one another, the blinding stress of huge unemployment, of malnutrition and poor health, of third-world housing and schools, and the unending anxiety and stress of poverty.

You would think that the people who run the city would try in some way to alleviate all that pain, but Chicago is the most corrupt city politically of any in the country, where government officials want only to maintain control of their individual fiefdoms, where government programs have done little for blacks except keep them in a welfare system that has all but destroyed the black family and created tens of thousands of angry, fatherless black teenagers with easy access to stolen guns, with the only employment some role in the drug trade.

In the days of Richard J. Daley, the original feudal Boss who kept the city tightly segregated, Martin Luther King came through and tried to open decent housing for blacks and more access to jobs. With King’s death the agreement he worked out with Daley on those issues disappeared, too, and the black on black violence erupted in the neighborhoods like a war zone, unabated to today.

Then along came a mixed-race, Harvard educated, articulate young man from Hyde Park, near the safe intellectual University of Chicago neighborhood, preaching Hope and Change to the nation. This young man, Barack Obama, didn’t look like other Chicago blacks, and wasn’t from the ghetto, but his sermon-like speeches were like Dr. King, promising a better world, and blacks came to the polls for him in record numbers, led by his promises of Hope and Change.

What Chicago blacks didn’t understand, and he didn’t tell them or the rest of us, was that his Hope was from his preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who hated white people, and his Change from Saul Alinsky, who said: “The despair is there, now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Barack’s mentor in the confrontational, demonizing of Alinsky was his Hyde Park neighbor and political sponsor Bill Ayers, a devoted socialist who made bombs as a student in the 1960s to bring down the imperialist establishment, but since mellowing in middle age and beyond has focused his energy on taking down the system of “white supremacy.” Both Ayers and Rev. Wright shared the same, all-consuming hatred of white America and its institutions, which they blamed for the black man’s misery.

While Dr. King was about sitting down at the table of brotherhood, Alinsky social justice under Barack Obama and Bill Ayers was about demonizing and stirring fear in the enemy and attack.

While in the White House, Barack and Ayers helped create Black Lives Matter, an Alinsky attack group which doesn’t seem to have any purposed other than stirring black anger and white fear, as well as getting the Justice Department to descend on Chicago cops as a “racist organization”, which further distanced black people from taking any role of responsibility for trying to improve their lives because the cops were the problem.

The demonizing of cops has also inspired more than $500 million in civil rights settlements over the last 10 years against the Chicago police, a redistribution of wealth from taxpayer funds, socialist style, in a bankrupt city.

Now the Obama-Ayers inspired Alinskyites for social justice and end to violence are leading marches on major Highways in Chicago to end the city’s violence.  After the slaying of a young black man by a white cop a few years ago, the Black Lives Matter led a march down State Street on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

This past month, a march led by Father Michael Pfleger, a good friend to Barack and Ayers, closed down the Dan Ryan expressway, whichT the city taxpayers $323,000.  This week, marchers are set to shutdown Lake Shore Drive for the same cause of ending violence, which will disrupt the city’s major summer outdoor festival in Grant Park, Lolapalooza, stirring up chaos and fear among whites and likely affecting attendance and sales at a major capitalist event.

But this latest Alinsky event has another socialist twist.  The Rev. Gregory Livingston, one of the organizers of the march, said that the purpose of the Lake Shore Drive disruption was to “redistribute the pain,” in Chicago.  They also want musicians at the Lolapalooza not to play out of “solidarity” to the marchers.

I guess if the city is going bankrupt and you can’t redistribute wealth in socialist style, let’s redistribute pain. There’s plenty of that to go around in the black areas, though after the headlines are gone, it will likely just keep recycling itself on the South and West Sides.

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