Hey CNN, SHUT UP! You are not journalists, you are a mean, bullying gang of thugs brainwashed to demonize and destroy the Trumpster. If you wanted to be real journalists, protecting our constitution and rule of law, you would go after your Great Diversifier, the most corrupt president ever. But you can’t, because he made you.

At the White House recently, there was a photo session given to news photographers, with the Donald sitting in a high back chair in a living room setting across from some foreign dignitary, the type of setting presidents have always used to gives cameramen and photographers the opportunity to get pictures and film footage for background to their stories, maybe with one or two friendly questions from reporters.

Then, from the back of the room came the shrill, antagonistic cries of a fierce voice, which seemed to take many in the room by uncomfortable surprise because of its air of attack and confrontation, not typical journalistic questioning, and because the setting was like those used by presidents before as a friendly photo-op.

“Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” came the voice, stopping the whir and clicks of cameras taking photos. “Mr. President are you worried about what Michael Cohen is about to say to the prosecutors? Are you worried about what is on the other tapes, Mr. President? Why is Vladimir Putin not accepting your invitation, Mr. President?”

Trump ignored her, but she kept on, even as the media crowd was ushered out of the room.

The reporter, as everyone knew, was from CNN – Caitlan Collins – who to normal people listening at home or in their office, seemed intent only on baiting the Donald, instead of trying to get some facts and information out of him for a story.

The scene was another quick-strike, Alinsky attack on the Donald by CNN reporters, hoping to turn him purple in anger for the cameras, as any normal person would at the sheer stupidity and confrontation of the question, getting him to react with the same rudeness and arrogance of the questioner. But the Donald didn’t take the bait. He just ignored her.

Collins was then called into the office of Trump’s new deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine, who told her she was “disinvited from the press availability in the Rose Garden” later that day because she had “shouted” questions that he and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders deemed “inappropriate.”

Collins and Huckabee were absolutely right. Up until the time Trump was elected president and took over, journalism at the White House was always a polite, friendly enterprise. Then when the scowling man with the blonde combover – a conservative, capitalist, Republican – took control, the always liberal media, led almost exclusively by CNN, went into mean Alinsky attack mode.

What CNN practices is not journalism. They have become a political organization who refused to accept the Donald as a fairly elected democratic president because their candidate Hillary lost and because Trump is so opposite everything Hillary stood for. He is a conservative white male; a capitalist who wants to re-build the economy; someone who believes in borders; and in helping the middle class – and he must be brought down.

When you think about it, in any other country but America, this kind of rude behavior from a reporter would have brought out some burly looking guys and the loudmouth would have been buggy-whipped, tarred and feathered, or disappeared into exile, never to be seen again.

But we are an abnormally tolerant people, especially when it comes to the media, because they have been elevated in our minds to the Fourth Estate, who are supposed to protect us taxpayers and the constitution from government corruption and political tyranny.

Unfortunately for us slobs outside Washington, D.C., and New York City, during the Obama years our Great Diversifier and his Chicago crew had a HUGE influence on completely reshaping the national television media, including the internet, installing mostly young, inexperienced people at all levels of the news business who were adoring of him and his socialist, globalist goals of open borders, more and more government control, business as the enemy; and conservative Republicans as the devil.

Barack was so cool, so hip, such a beautiful smile, such rapturous speeches. None of the young reporters knew what socialism was, anyway.

So when the Donald rose to the White House, the media went into Obama/Alinsky attack mode to take him down, demonizing him at every turn, even demonizing good, Christian Sarah Huckabee Sanders his press secretary as a liar, and giving total credibility to the Trump/Russian collusion story and the special counsel investigation based on a fake anti-Trump dossier that Hillary and Obama had produced and driven through a corrupted FBI and Justice Department.

That’s why we’re getting arrogant loudmouths – not journalists – like Caitlan Collins and Jim Acosta, who ambushed North Korean President Kim Jong-un as he walked with the Donald in Singapore, screaming, “Will you give up your nuclear weapons, Sir?”
Where were the decent, hardworking, honest reporters when Acosta needed to be dragged off and beaten senseless?

Because these idiots from CNN, whether they are screaming at Trump or scowling at a teleprompter, are not journalists or reporters: they are bullying, attacking Alinskyites, trained by the administration of our Great Diversifier Barack and his Chicago pals when they had their Oval Office poser, and who with the rest of the mindless Obama worshippers are still trying to prop him up as a great leader, while covering up the worst political corruption scandal ever that he and his Chicago chums engineered.

They were so arrogant of their invincibility, Barack and his Chicago pals, when during the 2016 presidential campaign, as the Donald was rising as an unexpected populist juggernaut, that Barack and Hillary had a hatchet job dossier produced on Trump for $10 million, by a hack former British spy, a dossier compiled with the help of the wife of a high FBI official, then sent into the FBI through a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court judge who was told the information was real FBI vetted intelligence, then given to a venomous Trump haters in the FBI – Peter Strzok – who also happened to be helping Hillary stay out of jail and in the campaign despite her corrupting the Secretary of State’s office with her private emails.

Barack’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice was in it, too, issuing a “stand down” order to her cyper-staff in the White House who wanted to investigate Russian meddling, none of which involved Trump. Then there was his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who met on the Phoenix tarmac with Hillary’s Bill, and later recused herself from the FBI investigation into Trump while the Hillary matter was reduced from an investigation to a “matter” so Hillary could continue her run.

No, the people at CNN are not journalists, because if they were they would not constantly be asking stupid, confrontational to try and demonize and embarrass the Trumpeter. They would start doing some real dogged journalism, digging into facts of the Obama corruption of the FBI and Justice Department for political purposes, something being done now only by an independent watchdog group called Judicial Watch and a few lonely congressmen.

Because if CNN were real journalists and did their job as the Fourth Estate is supposed to, protecting us from corruption and tyranny, they would have to go after Obama, and that would end their existence as a supposed news organization in their brainwashed minds.
Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them to again save our democracy, the constitution and the rule of law?

Oh, that’s right, Carl Bernstein is on retainer with CNN.

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