The white Chicago Alinskyites – Bill Ayers, Father Michael Pfleger, and half-white, ex-leader of the free world Barack Obama – are playing the city’s black folks again, this time shutting down expressways, demonizing cops, stirring black anger and white fear, while not doing a damn thing to help the city’s poor and black.

Back in the days of Richard J. Daley, the original Chicago political boss, there was a gutsy Jewish “community organizer” named Saul Alinsky who worked in poor black neighborhoods to help organize residents to gain more power with City Hall.

On one occasion, Alinsky organized and announced a “Piss In,” where dozens of well-dressed back men were to go to O’Hare Airport and flush toilets at the same time, creating an image of an exploding city plumbing system, which in turn caused anxiety and hysteria within City Hall so they would come to the bargaining table and offer concessions in the way of jobs or services to the communities Alinsky served.

Alinsky’s mantra, which he taught his followers, was: “The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

His most prominent followers in Chicago after he died in 1972 were Bill Ayers, the white child of suburban privilege and bomb-making radical from the 1960s, who became a professor to make a living but has worked underground and under the radar in his Hyde Park home and, at 72, is still considered the godfather of radical activism. He told a reporter not long ago that: “The great antidote to depression is activism. That’s what gets you going in the morning.”

Ayers’ current pet project is to dismantle the entire system of “white supremacy,” a daunting task even for a much younger man.

Ayers’s disciples in Alinskyism to affect radical social change, beginning in the 1980s, were a young Barack Obama, then in search of his racial identity, and a white Catholic Priest named Michael Pfleger, who led an all-black parish on the South Side.

Obama had a white Kansan mother and black Kenyan father who had disappeared upon his birth, but would eventually adopt his blackness while continuing to search for his father. He was taken under the wing of Ayers, 25 years his senior, who schooled young Barack in the radical, confrontational ways of Alinsky and his beloved socialism as the only way to bring racial equality to the world, especially Chicago, which had become a war zone in black communities since the death of Martin Luther King.

Father Pfleger, of German-American heritage from the South Side, would deliver fiery anti-white sermons from his pulpit at St. Sabina Church – a rarity in the Catholic doctrine – and not much different than Barack’s preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who blamed all the violence and misery in the black community on white society surrounding them in the richer suburbs.

Pfleger once threatened a suburban gun store owner Alinsky style, shouting before his parishers and the newspapers: “we’re going to find you and snuff you out!”

The three were all close friends, bonded in the ways of Alinsky to confront and attack white society and make the playing field equal for black people. They would tell their black audiences it was all about “justice,” of bringing jobs and good schools into the ghettos, but they were really about Ayers’ socialism, which in Chicago meant continuing the government welfare state that already existed in the city which had completely destroyed the black family in the ghettos, with weary welfare mothers and thousands of angry fatherless young black men with unlimited access to illegal guns, who began a genocidal war on each other after the death of Dr. King.

Then Barack left Chicago for Washington, carrying his message of Hope and Change to the nation’s capital and a world stage, helped by record voter turnout from poor black Chicagoans, who believed he represented the hope they lost when Dr. King died. Barack never told them the Change was Alinsky change, which required more chaos and strife and despair.

During his administration, Barack and his Justice Department began an Alinsky style campaign on white police, beginning with Henderson, Missouri, then carried across the country, demonizing cops as the source of all the black killings of young men.

In Chicago, the Obama Justice Department directed a study that concluded the Chicago Police Department was a “racist organization” which, among other things helped trigger civil rights lawsuits against the police, with multi-million-dollar settlements coming from taxpayers in a communist-style redistribution of wealth in a bankrupt city, with more federal control of the police, as well as galvanizing black people against cops as the source of their pain and misery.

Bill Ayers always maintained there was serial murder in Chicago and it was all the police’s and white society’s fault, which he passed onto the Alinsky groups he helped form, like Black Lives Matter.

All the while, there was no effort or attempt to help rebuild the black family or black community.

Now we have Father Pfleger leading a march of black South Siders, shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway, “to draw attention to the urgency of the problem” of gun violence in the city – no mention of the fact that 99 percent of the gun violence is being caused by black teenagers and young men shooting and killing other black teenagers and young black men, all with illegal, stolen weapons that can’t be traced.

One young black teen participating in the march told a reporter “If you can shut down Lake Shore Drive for more than a day to install a bridge, then we can shut down the Dan Ryan for two hours to get the justice that we deserve for these innocent lives being lost left and right.”

That’s what the Ayers/Alinskyites are preaching to poor blacks, that true justice is an end to all the violence and fear in their neighborhoods, caused not by out-of-control, violent teenagers, or due to the breakdown of the family and norms of a civilized society, but because of the larger white society that is denying them “justice,” namely an end to their living hell.

A week after the expressway shutdown, a small riot broke out on the South Side at 79th Street when an armed black man was shot and killed by a black policeman as the man was reaching for his holstered gun. An angry crowd formed, which was caught on television cameras for the nightly news, with one angry resident shouting into the camera, “Murder! Murder!” and the crowd soon chanting “No Justice, No Peace!” for the audiences watching their TVs at home.

It was an Alinsky moment, too, the cops becoming the demons, arousing black rage, stirring white fear. In the aftermath, the Chicago Sun Times reported that activist groups, including Black Lives Matter, are “ramping up their call for civilian oversight of Chicago police, who strongly oppose the idea.”

Meanwhile, across the planet, in South Africa, at the 100th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, Barack Obama made his first major speech after leaving is presidential office, telling a crowd of thousands and the international television cameras sending back to the U.S.

“It’s tempting right now to give in to cynicism. To believe that recent shifts in global politics are too powerful to push back. That the pendulum has swung permanently. Just as people spoke about the triumph of democracy in the ’90s, now you’re hearing people talk about the end of democracy and the triumph of tribalism and the strong man.”

Rubbing raw the sores of discontent for Saul and Bill.

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