As the biggest government corruption scandal in American history unravels – much worse than Watergate – and points to Barack Obama’s Oval Office, will CNN be like Woodward and Bernstein and go after the crooks? Hell no, because they’re programmed to protect Barack and bash the Donald.

Forty-five years after two intrepid, dogged reporters from the Washington Post saved our constitution and took down a president, we now have a scandal inside the FBI and Justice Department that makes Watergate seem like child’s play.

But its different this time, because instead of a courageous media going after corruption at the highest levels, as Woodward and Bernstein did with Nixon and his gang, we have a mainstream media, led by CNN, that is not only not reporting the story, but is trying their best to cover it up, because it involves Barack Obama and his pals from Chicago.

Of all the media in the cover up, CNN is by far the worst, because it is a creation of the Obama White House, with reporters and senior advisors still on staff, like Obama spin master David Axelrod, and Van Jones, the Obama Special Advisor for Green Jobs, a Marxist when he’s off camera. There’s Valerie Jarrett, too, Barack’s Senior Advisor who many say ran the White House as well as lived with the Obama’s as “family” and still does, and was a major media influence who played a big part in reshaping CNN to align with the radical liberal political goals of the Obama administration.

It was Valerie who is credited with initially breaking the story of Hillary having a private email server, whispering to a columnist with the New York Post back in 2015 when she and Michelle hated Hillary and wanted to derail her campaign for president.

The FBI picked up the investigation of the private server, mostly because they had to, since a Secretary of State having a private email server to begin with would seem criminal at best, and treasonous at worst. Hillary would tell congress she made a mistake and was sorry, which seemed to placate the overseers in congress, while the FBI kept its own investigation quietly inside its marbled halls.

The FBI had to investigate Hillary because what she did was so egregious, but they soft pedaled it from the beginning, because she became the clear front runner and as such backed by the Obama White House, and indicting the leading Democratic candidate, even if they didn’t like her, would have been unthinkable to the White House.

While Secretary of State, as has surfaced so far, Hillary was sending emails from her unprotected private server to, among others, President Obama while she was inside foreign countries. But we will never know how many, because some 30,000 emails were destroyed and her computer acid washed, which, again, to the un-trained mind would seem to qualify for an orange jump suit and sizeable prison time, but she escaped that, too.

Some of the emails did appear later on the computer of congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary’s campaign manager Huma Abedin, who resigned from congress over a “sexting” scandal he was involved in, all of which was downplayed by the CNN and the rest of the so called mainstream East Coast media – CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post – because they wanted Hillary elected.

The Hillary email case was given to senior FBI agent Peter Strozk, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division. By some great coincidence, Strozk was also given initial control of the Trump-Russian collusion investigation, which originated from a fake dossier on Trump that was put together, under quiet direction from the White House and paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, then presented to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court which approved a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

It looks like this Russian collusion story might have been hatched inside the White House to begin with. At a recent congressional hearing, it was revealed that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, had during 2016 told the White House director of cybersecurity Michael Daniel to “stand down” from trying to investigate or thwart what Daniel was seeing as Russian attempts to create havoc in the “digital elections infrastructure,” according to congressional testimony.

That stand down order, like Hillary’s private email server, might in some circles seem almost treasonous on Rice’s part, but it was never investigated further, or reported by the mainstream media.

Even before the fake Trump dossier and FISA warrant issued to spy on Trump, there was a spy inside the Trump campaign. The “opposition research” company – Fusion GPS – that put together the fake dossier told a closed door congressional committee that Christopher Steele, the main author of the dossier, had told them that the FBI had a “human source,” meaning a spy or informant, inside the Trump campaign as the 2016 presidential race headed into its stretch.

Why Steele would have that information is unclear, it came to light after one of Trump’s tweets and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper scrambled onto PBS to explain that yes, there was a “human source,” inside the Trump campaign, but that the source was sent there through their concern over Russian meddling, though no mention whether it was the same meddling Susan Rice gave her “stand down” order. This was way before special counsel Robert Mueller was named to investigate the meddling, and even before the anti-Trump dossier was produced and the FISA warrant to spy issued.

Of another interesting note, Fusion GPS, which paid for the dossier, had hired one Nellie H. Ohr to help produce the dossier. She was the wife of Bruce G. Ohr, a former associate deputy attorney general at the DOJ, who it was later leaned had met with Christopher Steele during the 2016 campaign.

As we have learned, too, Strozk was having an affair with another FBI agent working on the two investigations, one Lisa Page, both who were virulent Trump haters, expressing that venom in some of the 50,000 text messages they exchanged during the investigation – while how they managed so many texts, plus have an affair, plus investigate Hillary and Trump, is still a mystery. Some of the more interesting texts between Strzok and Page say of Hillary “she knows she won’t be charged,” that “we’ll stop it” referring to the Trump election to president, and “POTUS,” namely Obama “wants to know everything we are doing.”

All of this occurred under the Department of Justice stewardship of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a member of Barack’s and Valerie’s inner circle. We all know by now the famous meeting, caught on by a local television crew, of Loretta’s chance meeting on the Phoenix tarmac with Hillary’s husband Bill, the former president, in which we were told by Loretta they only chit-chatted about grandchildren.

A week after the tarmac meeting, Loretta recused herself from the Hillary investigation, saying she would accept the FBI findings. Then, under pressure from the Oval Office, FBI director James Comey stepped up, and said the email probe was changed from an investigation to a “matter,” a non-criminal term so Hillary could proceed with her presidential run.

Comey would later re-open the email matter when the emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which Hillary would blame for her loss. While Comey would be fired by Trump and reprimanded by a Justice Department inspector general for his handling of the email matter, his story would still have a happy ending, making the New York Times best seller list with his book: “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,” which paints him and Barack as noble characters.

As the investigation of Trump proceeded, and he became the clear front runner, Strozk texted Page “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Strzok was referring to Andrew McCabe, then FBI Deputy Director, the number three person at the FBI and Strozk’s boss. But what was the insurance policy, the Russian collusion allegations that would stop Trump? McCabe, himself was later forced to resign from the FBI, two weeks before his pension kicked in, because it came out that his, Dr. Jill McCabe, had received $500,000 in PAC money from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe – a good and dear friend of the Clinton’s – in her 2015 run for Virginia State Senate, which didn’t look good for McCabe’s impartiality on the email probe.

While the Hillary probe has died, partly because it was only a “matter” to begin with, Special Counsel Robert Muller continues his investigation into Trump/Russian collusion, with nothing substantive after eighteen months. Congress has two committee looking into the possible political bias corruption inside the FBI, but the Justice Department has been stonewalling their request for documents, most importantly who signed and filled out the documents sent to the FISA court.

If those documents can be traced back to the Obama White House, to authorize spying on a political opponent, then we could have Watergate times a hundred, if congress and media were doing their jobs.

That may or may not happen, because the FBI and Justice Department keeps stonewalling the document requests, and the media, led by CNN, is doing all it can to keep demonizing Trump as a smokescreen over any Obama corruption. (In fairness, FOX has been reporting the story, but they have been demonized as conservatives, therefore liars, by the liberal, East Coast media.)

CNN and the rest of the liberal media, has painted the whole affair as Republicans on a witch hunt. Strzok’s attorney said his client may not honor a House Judiciary Committee subpoena to testify next week because “this is not a search for truth, it is a chance for Republican members of the House to preen and posture before their most radical, conspiracy minded constituents.”

Guess who contributed to the CNN report on Strzok’s resistance to testify? One Laura Jarrett, daughter of one Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President, who he trusted like family, who was the defacto boss of Susan Rice and James Clapper and Loretta Lynch.
Let’s hope the real search for truth continues. Concepts like the Constitution and uncorrupted Rule of Law are at stake, if that’s important anymore.

It’s apparently not to CNN, where Carl Bernstein is a paid consultant, doing his part and offering up his name to bash the Donald.

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