Do you think if the Donald disarms North Korea and brings peace to the world, that CNN and the rest of the Trump-bashers will cut him some slack? They can’t, because he is a rich, white Republican, a Christian, a heterosexual, who is pro-life and pro-family, who wants a strong economy, and they aren’t and don’t.

When you think about it, the Donald is on the verge of pulling off one of the most remarkable diplomatic feats ever: facilitating peace on the Korean peninsula and ending a cold war between North and South Korea that has gone on silently with nuclear buildup and lunatic dictators in the North for 65 years.

He just might do it, too, and in a way that does not sell out the South Koreans or American interests the way the Iranian nuclear deal did, ignoring the interests of both Israel and the United States, giving the Iranians everything they wanted while promising to lift the same economic sanctions crushing them that are crushing North Korea.

If Trump can get the North to totally and peacefully disarm its nuclear weapons program while bringing them into the world economy like their brethren to the South, then he will have accomplished a peace without conflict that no world leader has ever done in modern society, except for possibly the tearing down of the Berlin wall and uniting the Germanys.

Yet do we hear a peep from the mainstream media, led by CNN, about the potentially wonderful magnitude of this event? No, because it involves Trump and the media has been put on a unyielding path to destroy him and they can’t change course or report anything positive about him, even if it involves saving the planet.

That’s because the so-called mainstream media is not in the news business anymore. They have become a political organization whose goal is to bring down Trump and hopefully install someone like Barack, to get the country headed again toward a wondrous, radical socialist dream that Barack started us on, that got derailed when Hillary lost.

If you backtrack with the national media, it all started when Barack ascended to the presidency. To the east coast media with studios and newsrooms in New York and Washington, D.C., the leading pundits after his stirring 2004 Democratic Convention speech all said he was the second coming of Martin Luther King: a well educated, articulate, inspiring black man who was going to again bring hope to blacks and help lift them from the devastation of their families and communities in the northern cities left after Dr. King died.

Barack was from Chicago, the largest and most violent of the black ghettos, so if anyone could do it, he could. He would then be the messiah, too, for the liberal white guilt felt by the white middle class, who lived in suburban splendor while blacks were killing each other by the tens of thousands in the cities.

The media latched onto him like adoring disciples. He could do no wrong. Anyone who attacked him was a white supremacist or a racist. When he got to Washington, the media circled him, protecting him from the plantation owner Republicans, and he did his best to keep the image alive. There would be few hard questions from the East Coast media, who all wanted to be close to him, to bask in his attention, to write glowing stories. The evil Fox network, racists all, was kept at a distance.

While white liberals in the media never lost their adoration of him, it became apparent over the course of his eight years that Barack and his Chicago advisors never intended to help poor blacks in the cities or elsewhere by rebuilding black families and communities, but to put more of them on government programs like Medicaid in his Obamacare health plan and get more black folks on food stamp programs, when it was government dependency that had destroyed the black family in the first place. At the same time, he did all he could to tear down the white middle class and capitalism with taxes, burdensome regulations, constraints on the financial markets.

That’s because Barack was a socialist at heart, trained and nurtured in his affluent Hyde Park Chicago community by neighbors Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, the 1960s radical communist bomb makers and Barack’s political and spiritual mentors, in addition to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preached fiery sermons of Black Theology to Barack each Sunday about the White Devil.

But the East Coast media never saw or heard of that, because Barack was their Messiah to their massive white guilt.

Barack and his closest advisor Valerie Jarrett – who lived in the White House and by most accounts ran it with an iron fist, because Barack was not an administrator – was able to set up a network of the Obama faithful throughout the media, even restructuring CNN with their loyal people, some, like spinmeister David Axelrod and the Marxist Van Jones, who were both consultants to her and Barack and senior correspondents with CNN.

CNN — with Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon we know openly know about — and the New York Times and The Washington Post, along with others that feed internet news sites, were also heavily staffed by LGBTQ people loyal to Barack, because as his administration unfolded, its main agenda became the homosexual cause, not rebuilding the black family.

There were also radical feminists in the mix – to whom Valerie and Michelle would qualify as members – a group that “calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts,” according to its definition on the Internet.

This new media was all prepared to pass its adoration onto Hillary and carry on the agenda, but the Donald and his Deplorables in the heartland upset the radical feminist/LGBT media apple cart in a big way.

Now CNN and the rest are stuck with bashing the Donald to take him down, because he is everything they hate: a white Republican, a capitalist, a heterosexual, who is pro-choice, pro-middle class, a Christian where they are atheists, who wants to seal our borders from the massive influx of refugees that Barack started, and wants to rebuild an economy that was being dismantled by Barack.

So, until the mainstream media gets another Black Messiah, to hell with objective journalism… or World Peace.  The Donald must go!

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