The Barack Obama/Bill Ayers/Valerie Jarrett racial plan for Chicago this election year: keep white people anxious and afraid, stir black anger and discontent Alinsky style, then get your network – CNN – to back off Trump by telling the world how great blacks are doing in their Chicago hell so Democrats can win in the fall.

This past weekend, when the Trump bashing news was slow, CNN – the news organization created by the Obama administration – ran a story entitled “Chicago officials laud 15th consecutive month of declining gun violence,” about a 21% decline in murders so far this year over last year.

You would have thought that the city had suddenly become the Paris of the Midwest, where people could again stroll safely through neighborhoods once ruled by heavily armed black teenagers.

The CNN article even got in some Trump bashing, since the Donald had pointed to Chicago as a symbol of rampant crime. Mayor Rahm Emanuel told CNN, “This is a Trump-free zone. We have facts. What matters…is what happens on the street.”

But saying Chicago has a 21 percent decline in murders and violence is like saying Hurricane Harvey hit landfall as a category 3.8 instead of 4. If you live in the poor black areas of the city – the South and West sides – with over half a million poor African Americans, the place is still a war zone and residents won’t stroll leisurely outside for fear of their lives.

A decline of 21 percent in the Chicago murder rate – 90 percent of them black – means there have been at last count 177 shot and killed and 923 shot and wounded in the city as of this week, most on the black South and West Sides. Those violent numbers, by far the highest in the country, don’t even take into account the number of rapes and sexual assaults, aggravated batteries, robberies, car jackings, and on and on every day and night.

The city hasn’t yet hit the summer season, when murder and mayhem go through the roof, and it is likely that if the summer is hot enough, even a 21 percent decline from last year would still mean over 500 murders, over 80 or 90 percent of them young black men killing other young black males.

For blacks in Chicago, life is has not changed an ounce from its chaotic, fearful, violent, living and dying hell that began 50 years ago when Martin Luther King was shot and killed.

Even Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in trying to spin the numbers, acknowledged that the drop in crime is statistically meaningless. “The truth of the matter is, if you feel comfortable, you’re going to be outside,” Emanuel said. “If you’re not comfortable, you’re going pull the kids in off the porch inside. It’s not a statistic. It’s a feeling towards that.”

But we’re in an election year in Chicago, and in the age of Obama, the city’s favorite son, according to his closest aides, this means massaging the statistics for political advantage.

Barack has not shown himself so far this election season, but the understanding is his candidate is billionaire J.B. Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune and close friend of Barack and Valerie Jarrett, Barack’s brain.  J.B.’s sister, billionaire Penny Pritzker, was appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce by Barak and Valerie, despite having driven the family savings and loan into bankruptcy.

The other person who has remained underground during the election season, as he has for 40 years, is Barack’s and Valerie’s close friend from Hyde Park near the University of Chicago – Bill Ayers, the 60s bomb making radical who was Barack’s mentor in his early political career and a close advisor though still underground when Barack and Valerie were in the White House.

For obvious reasons, Barack had to distance himself from Ayers on his ascent, saying Bill was “just some guy I new from the neighborhood.” In their adoration of Barack, the national media didn’t bother to look and see that Ayers had helped get Barack on multiple foundation boards, and his political career was launched from the living room of Ayers and his wife, former FBI Most Wanted Bernadine Dohrn.

Ayers, at 72, remains the elder statesman of radicalism, telling a reporter after Trump’s election that “the great antidote to depression is activism,” and that he still hopes before he dies to do as much as he can to bring down the system of “white supremacy.”

Barack and Valerie and Ayers are also disciples of Saul Alinsky, who preached to his followers – “The despair is there, now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

So in their narcissistic, Marxist stupidity, the three Hyde Park Alinsky musketeers believe that by stirring up blacks against whites, creating fear among whites toward blacks, they are organizing for radical social change.

During the Obama White House years, their approach to race was to stir up more fear and chaos between the races. Ayers helped organize the Black Lives Matter movement, an Alinsky-type organization of confrontation, which demonized white cops for shooting black teenagers, no matter that white cop shootings of blacks nationwide is a mere grain of sand to the turbulent beachhead of black on black violence, especially in Chicago. But that’s not how Ayer’s sees it.

That led to the Obama Justice Department – yes, under Obama, he and Valerie controlled the Justice Department with the help of Valerie’s gal pal Loretta Lynch – issuing a report saying the Chicago cops are a racist organization, which helped facilitate black civil rights lawsuits against the cops and large, taxpayer funded settlements, further bleeding taxpayers in a bankrupt city and redistributing wealth Marxist style.

This past Memorial Day Weekend, a large group of black teenagers went downtown and along the lake front – some deemed “borderline criminal” by police, who spent much of the weekend tracking and chasing groups of black teens through areas heavily trafficked by tourists by tourists, with some of the groups causing vandalism and fights. It was as though someone had sent them there just to terrorize whites in terrorist Bill Ayers/Alinsky style.

At the city’s famed Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile, the shopping center had to be closed early because groups of black youths who had been kicked out earlier came back to run through the mall essentially terrorizing the customers.

A black woman bus driver said of the incident: “its chaos. This atmosphere, it doesn’t make sense. They come out of their neighborhoods, ‘cause they have nothing to do, to make havoc here. They’re disrespectful. They’ll cuss at you in a minute…acting like they have no damn home training.”

But it makes perfect sense to the Alinskyites – Barack, Valerie and Bill Ayers.  It hurts American commerce, which helps the socialist cause.  Plus we’re in an election year, when chaos needs to be stirred up, whites need to be terrified, black anger and discontent aroused.  Keep race and fear in people’s minds, so we can get our candidate in to keep the black Chicago socialist model moving, maybe get whites to come around if they get so afraid they want federal troops brought in.

And stay away from Chicago, Trump. We can take care of our own.

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