Hey Donald – Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama are politicians from Chicago and more racist and sleazy than you could ever be. Just stay focused on Spy-Gate, and corruption inside the FBI and Justice Department, because our morally high-grounded Valerie just might pop up.

Coming as I do from Chicago, I always wondered how the corruption and racism that is so ingrained in that city’s politics, would play out when Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett got to the White House.

Chicago is a city where blacks have been isolated and poor going back before the days of feudal boss Richard J. Daley, with politicians paying attention to them only at election time, allowing them to vote for the Democrat of their choice, then forgetting about them until the next election, trapped and segregated in their war zone neighborhoods on the South and West sides of the city.

In Chiraq, a name used by blacks in the city’s ghettos, more than 30,000 mostly young black men have been killed mostly by other black young men since the death of Martin Luther King in 1968, a year when hope for blacks evaporated and fatherless teenagers took to the streets with lethal, illegal weapons after one another. In that same time over 100,000 have been shot and wounded, with probably four times that number of witnesses, family and friends walking around with some stage of post traumatic stress syndrome from watching violence.

Then in 2008 along came a young, articulate, Harvard educated, light skinned black man, schooled in the radical agitating ways of Saul Alinsky, to run for president: the first African-American candidate ever, preaching Hope and Change, and blacks in Chicago turned out to the polls in record numbers.

Along side him, though always in the background, was Valerie Jarrett, who though divorced had kept her father-in-law’s name – Vernon Jarrett – a black newspaperman and revered voice on radio station WVON – the Voice of the Negro. Valerie was not a black leader civil rights leader like Vernon, but an insider at City Hall in the administration of Richard M. Daley, who kept the corruption well oiled in the tradition of his father, driving the city to the brink of bankruptcy.

When it came time for Valerie to step out of City Hall into a higher paying job, she did it the Chicago way, having one of her political friends get her a job as president of a housing management company that used federal funds to rehabilitate and manage slum housing for poor blacks on the South Side, not far from her and Barack’s comfortable and safe neighborhood in Hyde Park/Kenwood near the University of Chicago.

In corrupt Chicago political style, as Valerie made her six figure salary, many of the buildings she managed turned into worse slums and were eventually condemned. It was a classic Chicago scam, where politicians and their contractor pals made fortunes off federal grants, with high salaries, cost overruns, and taxpayers left holding the bill, while poor blacks were left with empty promises and worse housing than before.

It was institutional racism at its worst, where politically connected people like Valerie took monstrous advantage of poor, uneducated blacks. But that’s Chicago. Barack, meanwhile, was in the state senate at the time and helped fund and perpetuate the scam. When asked about it during the presidential campaign, he would say he didn’t know what was going on.

But he surely did, because Valerie Jarrett was not only his closest advisor in the White House – many said she was his “brains” – Barack himself said Valerie was “like family. I trust her completely.” The person who helped finance his campaign, Tony Rezko, who is currently in prison for money laundering, made a fortune from the housing scam before going off to jail.

Once in the White House, Valerie took charge. She ran the transition team to appoint cabinet members, based mostly on loyalty, and oversaw just about everything with her staff of 30. She dined most evenings and slept in the Obama’s private quarters over the eight years, and was assigned her own Secret Service detail – unheard of for a Senior Advisor.

She was joined at the hip with Barack and it was said he never made a major decision without consulting her first. Valerie was feared inside the White House, known to dispatch those she deemed disloyal. Many top aides and cabinet members left – including Rahm Emanuel, dispatched to Chicago – after butting heads with her, because as people knew, Valerie and Michelle were the two people Barack could not say “no” to and needed to keep happy.

In their eight years in the White House, Valerie and Barack did the same to improve the lives of blacks in Chicago as they did when they were there – nothing – except maybe to get as many on government Medicaid as possible, when government programs were what destroyed the black families and communities in the first place.

Because their approach to the racial issue was not one of rebuilding the black families and communities economically, as Martin Luther King had preached, but of continuing along the socialist path laid out by their friend and ideological mentor, Bill Ayers – yes, the 1960s bomb making radical – who had schooled and helped usher along Barack’s political career.

Barack and Valerie and Bill Ayers are all disciples of Saul Alinsky, the radical community organizer. That’s why, when it came time to address the problem of black violence in northern cities, they began a campaign to demonize white police in Alinsky style to both stir black anger and resentment toward white policemen, as well as get the government more involved in the supervision and “reform” of police.

They would also demonize white Republicans as plantation owners, just as Democrats did back in Chicago with downstate Republicans, making them the symbols of black oppression and the reason Barack couldn’t bring about his Hope and Change.

Saul Alinsky had said – “The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change. We’ll give them a way to participate in the democratic process, a way to exercise their rights as citizens and strike back at the establishment that oppresses them.” Valerie and Barack and Bill Ayers played black despair to the hilt to turn them against white police and Republicans in general as a symbol to rally hatred.

They also had their Justice Department – yes, they had a close relationship with the Justice Department, unlike the Donald – Valerie and Loretta Lynch were Valerie’s close gal pals – and got the Justice Department to write a report declaring the Chicago Police a racist organization – something white Bill Ayers declared said for years – which helped facilitate black civil rights lawsuits against the police department, with huge settlements coming from taxpayers in a bankrupted city, furthered Barack’s and Bill’s goals of redistributing wealth, and totally demoralized the police force.

But then along came the Donald, who in 2016 had become a populist juggernaut. He had to be stopped, lest he ruin all the socialist work Valerie and Barack had accomplished, even anointing another Alinsky disciple, Hillary Clinton, to continue their work. In Chicago style, they had already ignored the constitution and allowed Hillary her own private e-mail server to set up her pay-for-play scheme for the Clinton Foundation.

So as independent watchdog group Judicial Watch has partially uncovered, it looks like the Chicago White House went after the Donald with Valerie’s pal National Security Advisor Susan Rice getting spies into the Donald’s campaign, and get the fake Trump dossier into the FBI to spy on Trump making sure the investigation was handled by agents who absolutely hated Trump, who promised to report regularly back to the White House.

Congress is doing nothing, as usual, to investigate the corruption, the Justice department and FBI are stonewalling requests for information, and CNN is dutifully turning the attention back on to Trump in its hysterical, demonizing Alinsky style.

This kind of bullying sleaze was practiced all the time in Chicago by political thugs to destroy opponents, utilizing government agencies to take down enemies, and the law be damned! Why should Washington be any different? Do you mean there are laws to prevent this?

For now, with Valerie emerging from behind the curtain, the attention of the country has been diverted back to the Donald on the racism card, just as he was getting some attention on the corruption at the FBI and Justice. But that’s the job of CNN and others in the mainstream media that Valerie helped nurture and mold, where many Obama senior staffers still work – keep the hysterical attention on the Donald and away from the corruption wrought by Valerie and Barack.

And as for poor black folks in Chicago and elsewhere, they sadly will just have to wait for another black messiah. But next time, I would advise looking behind the curtain to make sure Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers aren’t there before you cast your vote.

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