Yet another Obama legacy – a relentless, viper Alinsky media bent entirely on taking down the Donald – truth be damned – and at the same time protecting one of the worst ever criminals in government – Hillary Clinton.

Can you imagine for a nano-second if Hillary Clinton had won the election instead of the Donald? Do you think we would have the mass hysteria in the media to bring her down that we have now? Not a chance.

And does anyone ever ask themselves why?

Because the Donald has done nothing against the law, but still, every day constantly on CNN mostly, and less rabidly on other media like the New York Times and Washington Post, there are daily mean, vicious rantings against Trump or his staff. And I mean vicious. Have you ever seen the news conferences poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has to endure every day? If I were her, I’d smack those little shits from CNN.

It is all politically biased reporting, not objective journalism, but we have come to accept it because even if we know it is untrue and hysterical, the only thing we can do is turn off the television, which apparently more people to their credit are doing every day with CNN.

At the same time there is nothing being reported by CNN about Hillary, who actually accomplished more than one criminal act while she was Secretary of State under Obama and would, in a society ruled by law instead of an hysterical media, be headed to jail. While Secretary of State, Hillary helped husband Bill build a pay-for-play scheme where governments and businesses contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation in order to do deals, like Russia obtaining American uranium, that would later be sold to Iran, a terrorist nation.

Hillary also had her own private email server, which is illegal, on a private computer that she destroyed and acid washed along with some 30,000 emails that likely would have implicated a lot of her friends in government and her and Bill’s pay for play. Messages to and from Barack – under a fictitious name – were also on Hillary’s private server, but we will never know how many, or what they said.

That investigation is dying inside the FBI and Justice Department, managed by Obama loyalists, with massive foot dragging on requests for information by Congress and other watchdog groups.

There is nothing in our great and powerful media sources, either, about all the dishonesty and possible criminal behavior going on in the Justice Department and FBI with Barack’s old friends – like passing of classified information to the media by our latest book-selling millionaire James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Muller – who have corrupted the agencies of law by going after Trump on false collusion charges – which they knew were false to begin with – charges manufactured by Barack Obama and his staff, with false information from a fake anti-Trump dossier leaked to CNN, which has used the airwaves they were entrusted with to create massive false hysteria for over a year in order to bring down Trump.

It’s unbelievable when you think about it, but that is what is actually happening.

Where is the outrage at the arrogance and corruption of government and corruption of the media? Oh, that’s right, the free press is supposed to be preventing this corruption in government from happening. The only major media source that is doing any reporting on this scum is FOX, and they are being demonized daily by CNN.

What has happened is that our Great Diversifier, a product of the Chicago political system where corruption is considered legal, was able in his eight years of office to use the media’s absolute, mindless adoration of him, to get his loyalists into positions throughout news outlets, especially CNN, which is the main driver of the anti-Trump campaign.

Our media has been brainwashed, folks, that is if they actually had an independent brain to begin with. It was done over time by the Obama White House, set up to continue promoting its socialist propaganda messages once Hillary rightfully took over, and has now in full force to take down the Donald, a capitalist, and worse, a Republican.
All we can hope is they don’t brainwash us in the process.

Get this straight. CNN and the others are not a legitimate American news source in the traditional, historical sense, where fair play and honesty of reporting is what has kept this country a free thinking democracy.

They are a propaganda source – yellow journalism at its worst – set up for political purposes. Worse, they are arrogant as any Chicago politician, and just as bullying. There is no doubt that all the Trump demonizing is leading to trying to influence voters in the fall elections to vote for anti-Trump candidates. There are already commercials around the country showing wholesome-looking candidates who say they are ready to stand up against the NRA, which is the demon of the socialists, preventing the 2nd amendment from being taken down and guns removed, the one great goal Barack said he wished he could achieve.

Meanwhile, in Barack’s Chicago, four to six hundred young black teenagers are being slaughtered by other young black teenagers each year with stolen guns, and thousands more wounded every year, a situation that Barack never addressed or tried to remedy, except by demonizing white cops, because blacks in Chicago are already on the socialist program.

I supposed the only thing that can be done at this point is to turn off the television or don’t look at the media news on the internet, which is hard to do.

Or maybe the next time you look at those beady eyes and shaming faces on CNN, realize they are products of Saul Alinsky journalism. You remember Saul, Barack’s mentor, as well as the mentor of Barack’s political tutor, Marxist Bill Ayers. Alinsky was all about stirring up chaos, then sowing seeds of discontent to affect radical social change, and the talking heads on CNN have merely become brainwashed Alinskyites.

Remember, too, that Saul dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to the first radical, “who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

So maybe put on your spiritual armor, too.

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