Will gun control help stop the slaughter of black teenagers on the streets of Chicago by other black teenagers? Hell, no, because they’re all stolen guns to begin with, and besides, that’s not the main concern of the gun control leaders, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers.

I’m no NRA guy, but I am from Chicago, and I know without a doubt that any kind of government gun control measures put into effect, say to block assault weapons won’t do a wit to stop the slaughter going on every day by black teenagers on the South and West Sides of the city.

That’s because probably 95 percent of the guns that commit murder and wound human beings in the city are handguns that are stolen with registration numbers filed off. Let’s see, so far this year there have been 129 murders, 664 shot and wounded. That’s a pace a little less than last year, when there were 650 murders.

In 2016, Barack Obama’s last year, there were 771 murders, which was the deadliest year in nearly two decades. If you multiply the murders by three or four, you can get a ballpark on the number of total shootings in the city during a year. Over 80 percent of the murders and shootings are in the all black South and West Side neighborhoods, with over 80 percent of the shooters being black.

In the 40 years since Martin Luther King was assassinated, there have been more than 30,000 murdered with handguns on Chicago streets, the vast majority black teenagers boys killing other black teenage boys.

Interestingly, this national debate on gun control was started by Chicagoan Obama when he was in the White House. Barack came from the safe, intellectual, integrated though mostly white enclave of Hyde Park and Kenwood around the University of Chicago, with its Nobel Prize winners and leftist, intellectual thinkers.

Hyde Park is also the home of Barack’s neighbor and political mentor Bill Ayers, a devout (pick one) Marxist/communist/socialist who was instrumental in launching Barack’s political career from Hyde Park, as well as schooling him in his socialist ideology before sending the young Hope and Change candidate off to Washington.

When running for president and Ayers’ name popped up, Barack would say that former bomb making “I hate America” Bill was just a guy he knew from around the neighborhood, not that they had served on several foundation boards together (that Bill got him on), that they had dinners all the time at the Ayers apartment together with Bill’s wife Bernadine, the fiery 1906s radical, who wrote an American Communist Manifesto, and was once on the FBIs Most Wanted List.

But one has only so much time to speak about his past when he’s running on future Hope and Change. Besides, Barack is from Chicago, a place where to succeed at politics, one has to lie down with liars and thieves.

The “gun control” issue is a socialist issue. Socialist ideology to succeed needs guns removed from the population so they can’t rise up and change regimes. It was the one issue that Barack wished he could have done more on while president, he said, because apparently his efforts to bring as many people as possible into government entitlement programs like Medicaid and food stamps; dismantle capitalism with regulations; crush the nation and middle class with debt, was succeeding.

But now the Trumpster is in, but the fight for gun control goes on, with Barack in the middle of it. After the Parkland School massacre, a new generation of anti-gun activists have emerged, leading anti-gun rallies, appearing on CNN and other Obama molded media, to rail against the NRA and Republicans, like the Trumpster, who are demonized stalwarts of the 2nd amendment.

Obama tweeted the Parkland activists, praising them for their leadership, and he and Michelle wrote an open letter of support, saying “we’ve got your backs.” He didn’t mention that the “we” likely referred to him and Bill and their socialist troops.
On Friday, Trump appeared before the NRA to support the 2nd amendment, also mentioning that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, “and we all know what’s happening in Chicago.”

The next day, a Parkland survivor was brought before CNN to denounce the Donald and his appearance before the NRA, saying our new blond haired president is a “professional liar.”

Back when Barack was president, the few questions he got about the carnage on the streets of his hometown, he would always steer it to a question of gun control, not of a national health crises, even genocide, of black on black violence.

He was able to demonize the Chicago police – the Obama Justice Department sponsored a report that declared the Chicago cops a “racist organization” – which help fuel black animosity toward the cops as the problem, not out of control, violent black youth, which helped to further a could more socialst goals – getting federal government oversight of the police, as well as re-distribute wealth by allowing more lawsuits against the cops with settlements paid by taxpayers in a city going bankrupt.

Anyone with half a brain can see that removing guns from this country would be absolutely impossible, unless it became national law, but then you would have a real revolution. Barack and Bill Ayers understand this. But then again, they want a revolution, and hopefully their totalitarian ideology wins.

Until that day comes, if it ever does, the people on the South and West Sides will just have to live with their hell and the daily tragedy of lost lives and wounded flesh, because they weren’t ever part of the real ideology of Hope and Change.

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