Hey Millennials, is the constant, shaming, viper news from CNN starting to make you feel uncomfortable? Me, too. I get the feeling Brooke Baldwin wants to cut my nuts off. Is this what news under socialism is like?

I’m starting to feel a little anxious watching CNN because of all the scolding, shaming faces looking at me through the television. If my kids come into the room and icy-eyed Anderson Cooper or mean Wolf Blitzer or shaming Brooke Baldwin are on talking about Trump, they get scared and make me turn off the channel.

There’s Anderson Cooper, with the beady eyes of an assassin, interviewing James Comey on what he thinks it says about Trump’s character that he’s never seen the president smile or laugh – actually I’ve never seen Anderson smile or laugh – or asking the Donald’s former mistress if he ever wore a condom (I guess this is an important question to a homosexual man like Cooper).

Or Wolf Blitzer, with eyes that either look like his underwear is on fire or he’s searching for a loaded gun under his desk as he launches into the latest “bombshell” going on inside the Trump White House.

Or Brook Baldwin, with her know-it-all shaming look about what a despicable character the Donald is – and don’t try to pretend at home that he’s not, because I’ll leap through the television and cut your nuts off!!! – going around to her panel of expert Trump bashers of the day, who lash into the man with the golden hair like piranhas thrown a carcass.

Or John King, breaking away from a news conference on all the job creation made possible by the tax cuts, to remind us that Trump’s lawyer will be going before a judge today, so don’t get fixated on positive news! Or Van Jones telling us in case we didn’t know that Trump is morally bankrupt and a racist, and Van is the ultimate authority, because he’s black.

Or Jake Tapper, hawking his new murder mystery book before he signs off after his own segment, with scolding eyes and a panel of experts, on recent chaos in the White House and why Trump is unfit to lead our country.

There is never anything nice they have to say about the Donald, and honestly, this is starting to make some of us in television land a little uneasy, because we like for the news to help us face the day on a positive note, and the constant barrage of negativity from CNN is not something us Americans – once the most positive people on the planet – want to carry around with us into the world.

To understand CNN and all its negativity, we must first understand that the network in its current Trump bashing incarnation is a creation of Barack Obama’s and his Chicago pals while they were in the Oval Office. Several of his closest advisors and commie friends are still with CNN, like Senior White House advisors David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, and Van Jones, who was appointed as Obama’s “Special Advisor for Green Jobs,” until a furor developed about his Marxist background.

After the Donald held a news conference from the White House to console the nation about the Parkland school massacre in , the first person CNN went to was Axelrod in Chicago, who said that while the president’s words were nice, it was what he didn’t say that was most important, namely GUN CONTROL, always a valued socialist goal.

Obama, Axelrod and Jarrett were all friends and neighbors from Chicago’s intellectual Hyde Park community – which is nothing like the rest of the tough blue collar and poor black city – but a community surrounding the elite University of Chicago and all its Nobel Prize winners, as well as commie wannabees like Bill Ayers, the radical bomb maker and Barack’s early political mentor.

Hyde Park was also the home of the late Saul Alinsky, both Barack’s and Ayers’ idol and mentor, who wrote Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer – the very first radical who got his own kingdom – about how to organize a community by stirring up as much fear and discontent among the populace in order to organize them to attack the establishment. Alinsky was also a socialist thinker.

President Barack took Alinsky’s Rules to the White House and used them selectively from the Oval Office, with the help of his adoring media – demonizing white cops to organize blacks in white hatred, make Republicans look like sexist, racist plantation owners – then pass the baton to CNN who would relentlessly come to demonize Trump when Hillary unexpectedly lost.

Alinsky wrote in his Rule No. 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

Is that CNN and Trump, or what?

The problem that is starting to emerge with using Alinsky Rules to get rid of the Donald is that before they got to CNN, the Rules for Radicals and Barack Obama’s political career ran through one Bill Ayers, the 1960s radical student bomb maker and Barack’s good friend and neighbor in Hyde Park, who was instrumental in getting Barack’s political career launched and was an underground consultant during his presidency. Ayers wants to take down the entire system.

“I don’t want to live in a male supremacist society,” Ayers told a leftist Hyde Park newspaper a couple of years ago. “I also want to be a revolutionary against male supremacy” and still hopes, at age 72, to be a progressive who “wants to organize white people to destroy white supremacy.” Ayers helped launch the Black Lives Matter movement, which is an Alinsky demonizing and confrontation organization all the way.

The problem is that while CNN has been religiously adhering to the Alinsky Rules in going after Trump – “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon: There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating” – “Keep the pressure on. Never let up” – “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive” – Alinsky’s campaigns of negativity and chaos-stirring back in Saul’s day were usually a only a few weeks or months in length.

Alinsky also said, “a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
That may be what’s happening with the Trump bashing campaign. After a year and a half of hysterical, negative, shaming news, people in television land are getting tired of all the negativity coming into their living rooms. Trump is still standing and CNN is starting to lose audience because we as a people can take only take so much pessimism in our already complicated, difficult lives before we just turn the set off.

We have jobs to do, kids to raise, families to support. As far as taking down the white supremacist establishment and making radical social change, whose got the time?

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