Why doesn’t CNN apologize to us for their year of lies about Russian collusion? Because they are part of a massive government corruption scandal started by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to take down the Trumpster. So wake up, Millenials. This is serious shit!


You would think that if they had an ounce of professionalism that CNN would apologize to us viewers for all the false, hysterical, shaming news it spewed into our living rooms over the last year on the so called Russian Collusion story, stirring up our anxiety, wanting us to help them bring down the Trumpster.

But that’s the point. They have no professionalism. They have no integrity. They have no shame. They are not journalists but fear mongers.

When the report was issued this past week by Congress stating there was no Russian collusion by the Trumpster to rig the election, CNN didn’t even blink, but kept on with other negative news about Donald, and that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a real hack, should be kept on, despite having produced nothing substantive in a year and a half.

What is emerging, and CNN knows it, is that they and some other major news organizations were part of a massive, massive government corruption scheme initiated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to bring down Trump during the 2016 election.
It makes sense that CNN was part of it, because that was the news network that Barack Obama molded into its current form while in office, and with many of his top aides still working there as senior consultants, like David Axelrod, the Obama spinmeister and senior hatchet man from Chicago.

What is starting to emerge – and let’s pray to somebody that integrity in our justice system hasn’t been lost as it has in the media – was that the whole Russian Collusion hysteria was started by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the fake Russian dossier they had put together on the Donald, paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, then sent by the Obama Justice Department through the FISA Court to get an FBI warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Information from that fake dossier – which everyone knew was fake – was then leaked to CNN, which started its hysteria campaign that the Russians and Trump had worked to influence the election. For over a year, CNN screamed and cried with various “experts” that Trump had helped rig the election, calling on all of us to join the cause to get him out of office.

Now we learn, through a real independent watchdog group called Judicial Watch and a few others in Congress who actually have a spine, was that this whole scenario was orchestrated from the Oval Office by Barack Obama and his Chicago crowd to help prevent Trump from getting elected, so Hillary could take over seamlessly for the cause of Hope and Change.

But Millenials – you are the ones who must understand this because CNN is directed at you – this is a far, far worse case of government corruption than Watergate ever was, and that brought down a President. The scary thing is that we would have never known about it if Hillary had gotten in. Back then, the press saved our democracy. This time, they are involved in the conspiracy.

In August 2016, when it looked like the Donald had a chance, Barack had his Justice Department and then FBI Director James Comey, funnel the fake dossier through the Justice Department and FBI, had the dossier get a special counsel James Mueller appointed to investigate the collusion charges fueled by CNN, and have all kinds of FBI and Justice people, as well as Mueller and Comey, consistently leak information to CNN, some classified, which is illegal, to fuel the fire on their anti-Trump campaign to the rest of us, so that we would join their cause to bring down the Donald even after he was elected fair and square.

During his eight years, Obama with his adoring “liberal” media, was able to install his faithful throughout the media, people who worshipped him more than they did objective journalism, especially CNN, people who would never consider that this wonderful man with the beautiful smile was both a radical socialist schooled by Bill Ayers in the ways of Saul Alinsky, as well as a politician from Chicago, where corruption is the normal accepted method of governance.

This is why James Comey, as sleazy as any Chicago politician, is not under investigation or on his way to jail, as he should be for leaking classified information and documents, but is now a our newest book selling millionaire thanks to CNN, telling the world what a moral reprobate the Donald is, and those of us in television land who believe CNN still tells the truth also believe Comey.

This is why the press is not looking at Obama as someone who could have corrupted the FBI and Justice Department with his power while president, but is being painted by CNN and other noble, left-wing media as the philosopher king ready to jump back into office and save us when we get rid of the Trumpster.

This is why Hillary is not under investigation or indictment, as she should be for both the destruction of her emails from her private server, some classified, and for the Uranium One investigation the FBI has dropped, a where she helped funnel money while Secretary of State to the Clinton Foundation in a pay-for-play scheme, whereby Russia would get American uranium through Canada, and potentially steer it to Iran, a terrorist nation, for its nuclear program, while Bill would get $500,000 speaking fees from the Russians.

It’s unbelievable, but it’s true, though you won’t hear about it on CNN.

The only network to look at this corruption has been FOX, but in our Bizzaro News world where Obama and Clinton are still considered honest, they have been discredited in demonizing Alinsky style as Republican Trump lovers and Obama haters and therefore can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

So we will continue to hate Trump through CNN, because they are the trusted moral voice to those who consider themselves enlightened and educated.

But just remember, Millennials, if you want to pull back the veil to see what Barack Obama was really capable of go to Chicago where he came from and learned the ways of politics and governance. While the common folk are as nice as any on the planet – they still have the best Italian beef and deep dish pizza anywhere – the city is falling off a fiscal cliff and is a black on black war zone, because its politicians go about their day with the understanding that corruption is okay – until a pesky U.S. Attorney comes around and starts turning over rocks – and that the taxpayer is there to serve them, not the other way around.  A Chicagoan once remarked that the city is the only place where “corruption is legal.”

But you would never know it by reading the papers or watching the news in Chicago, it’s still the City that Works.

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