The real Barack Obama legacy – government corruption protected by a deceiving media – just like back in Chicago. Millennials, if this sleaze doesn’t bother you, you’ll love Chiraq, but then again, they might just take your cell phones away.

The reason that Donald Trump was elected fair and square in the first place, though CNN and the rest of our shaming media will never admit it, was that people were weary of the massive, intractable stupidity and corruption in Washington, and the socialism that Barack Obama and his Chicago crowd were imposing on us.

People were tired of government spying on Americans – which we all knew was happening under Obama – his administration trying his best to dismantle capitalism and the middle class and promoting socialism; overburdening business and the consumer with regulations; flooding our borders with terrified refugees, not immigrants; and bullying the transgender homosexual agenda into the public schools, to name a few.

Yet, with the help of our once-trusted media, how quickly we forget.

This is why we voted for Trump, who won in true democratic fashion, people pulling levers, not Russian collusion.  But right from the inauguration, CNN and the once left now radical left media has led the charge to try and bring down a democratically elected president on baseless charges and character assassination, while covering up some real sleazy corruption wrought by Obama.

That sleaze by the previous administration is starting to bubble to the surface – no thanks to CNN but through the efforts of some true watchdog groups like Judicial Watch – the tip of some massive government dishonesty led by Obama and his Chicago gang, into the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department, all to try and keep The Donald from being elected in the first place.

Well, actually CNN, the news network created by our Great Diversifier, is doing its best to cover up Obama corruption by relentlessly and hysterically and baselessly still going after the Donald. Never a mention of the positive things he’s done, like the tax-cuts and securing our borders when Obama had them opened like flood gates, or standing up to other nations that ran over us in the Obama years.

Hillary and Barack lost, and The Donald must go.

This week CNN dragged its latest Trump basher, fired former FBI director James Comey onto one of its scripted Town Hall stages – as if the words “Town Hall” imply a democratic gathering in a small town, not totally staged and scripted and orchestrated by CNN. Comey being the latest corrupted public official, turned bookselling millionaire, and airbrushed with morality for the cameras to bash and bring down The Donald.

Comey, as you know, was the former FBI director fired by Trump, who wrote secret memos of a meeting he called with Trump while still FBI director, then took the memos, leaked them with the help of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the New York Times and CNN, despite some of the information being illegal and classified, then wrote his Trump bashing book, for which he was paid a $2 million advance, before the sales started pouring in, with the help of CNN.

Comey is a corrupt, unethical sleaze ball of the first order, who would make any official in Chicago’s City Hall proud, as well as jealous for the money he’s made. He helped get the fake Trump dossier into the FBI, and was also the FBI director of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail probe, during which she deleted some 30,000 emails from her illegal private server, acid washed the computer so none could be recovered, and where the FBI is now foot dragging its investigation of the emails that survived.

Comey himself waffled and foot dragged on the investigation of Hillary, in part because Obama told Comey he did not want his favorite candidate Hillary prosecuted. So Comey softened the investigation, calling it a “matter,” a non-criminal term, at the direction of Obama Attorney General Janet Lynch after she had an impromptu meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac, so Hillary was free to pursue her presidential dreams.

But on the CNN Town Hall meeting, Comey, in the midst of his whirlwind, multi-million dollar book tour, was there with CNN’s lead moral inquisitor on Trump, the LGBTQ host Anderson Cooper – I guess the LGBTQs are on higher moral ground, at least at CNN – telling us again how Trump is ethically unfit to be president, Anderson nodding occasionally behind his icy, shaming eyes, guiding preacher James on their moral Crusade.

Comey can tell us all about Trump, he told Anderson, because he’s a good judge of moral and ethical behavior.

CNN has diverted into the Moral Crusade, since it’s Russian Collusion Crusade turned out to be all hot air, as James Comey knew and CNN finally quit after a year and a half of hysterical, shaming, baseless news, though in true arrogant style never admitted was all bullshit.

Apart from the Mueller investigation, which has gone nowhere, the FBI Hillary e-mail investigation has also seemed to evaporate, thanks to the spinelessness of Congress, as well as the Uranium One investigation, where the Clinton Foundation and Hillary as Secretary of State helped broker a “pay to play” scheme – Bill got $500,000 for a one night speaking engagement in Russia – with America with Bill and Hilary’s help sold rights to its uranium that would be moved through Canada to the Russians, and then possible Iran, a terrorist nation, for its nuclear program.

But that sleaze never made the news at CNN, either, because the whole network momentum in this Trump bashing party has been to create a smokescreen for Hillary and Barack, who are behind the curtain of all kinds of corruption going down.

So, Millennials, you will not hear of any of the dishonest, corrupt goings on from CNN, because the network is in this as thick as Hillary and Barack, with several close Obama advisors still playing major roles, CNN being the recipients of all kinds of government leaks.  The wagons are circled. The rest of the mainstream media, like the once proud New York Times and Washington Post, are following in lockstep.

In Chicago, Barack’s home town, they have been operating like this for a hundred years, the only city where someone once remarked corruption is legal.  Officials rise through departments that are thoroughly embedded in a culture of bribery and fraud, the press goes alone.  That is, until an occasional Republican U.S. Attorney comes in and starts turning over rocks. Barack merely brought what was routine and legal to Washington.

There were a number of other instances where it looks very much like Barack and his Chicago pals skirted the law and the constitution, like the “Fast and Furious” drug smuggling affair with cartels in Mexico; the $1.2 billion in unmarked cash given to Iran in exchange for prisoners; money Obama funneled through the famously corrupt U.S. Agency of International Development to terrorists and terrorist countries, like Iran, and untold others.

And it looks like the only true watchdog agency looking into this current Obama/FBI/Justice department corruption is Judicial Watch, which is getting absolutely no help from a spineless Congress, which is supposed to do the job, if they actually worked.

But be forewarned Millennials, Chicago let its political corruption go unchecked, and now we have a city that is bankrupt, with more black on black violence than anywhere in the world; where taxes are imposed on everything that moves and crushing the middle class; where the schools are beyond horrendous; in the most racially polarized city in the country; with residents fleeing the state at a rate much higher than any other in the country because of the taxes and the crime – a city and state that is falling off a cliff given a push by the kind of political corruption Obama and his Chicago pals brought without conscience to D.C.

So get your heads out of your cell phones, Millenials. Turn off CNN, and pay attention to Judicial Watch, maybe even call your congressman. Because if we keep corrupting this system, we turn into Russia, and they just might take that cell phone away.

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