Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle just might introduce LGBTQ concept to Royal Family as they have to the American family. Fasten your seat belts, Prince and Princess!

Our former President Barack and First Lady Michelle yesterday posted an instagram of a photo with the two of them from a trip to England, showing them with Prince William and his two year old son Prince George, who was wearing a white robe in the photo.

“Barack and I are thrilled to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their newest arrival!” Michelle wrote.

Then she added: “We hope to meet him soon for a Kensington Palace pajama party. I’ll wear my robe.”

Though I don’t know Prince William and Princess Kate as well as the Obamas do, if I did I would caution them that Michelle and Barack are still on their campaign to spread the  LGBTQ concept lifestyle throughout the world, especially to children.  And the British may be too polite, as the rest of America has been, from keeping the homosexual agenda rammed down its collective throat.

Barack and Michelle, as we now know, were the First Family of the LGBTQ agenda, jump starting the movement in a huge way from the Oval Office, pushing gay marriage through the supreme court, the concept of the transgender into our vocabulary – a person born a boy who later says he is a girl inside and wants his new excess baggage lopped off – forcing gender identity curriculum into public schools, into the Armed Services and throughout far-flung offices of the State Department, into corporate America through hiring regulations, and in the later days of his Presidency, by issuing  an executive order to all public schools to install transgender bathrooms, causing a lot of  grade school children to run home and ask their anxious parents what a transgender was.

But unfortunately for them, their campaign to bring transgender equality to all was stalled when a certain older man with swept blond hair was elected as the new president and the Obama’s candidate Hillary was beaten and banished. Hillary, as we know, would certainly have kept the LGBTQ cause alive.

But Barack and Michelle and their legions have not been deterred.  Through their Organizing for Action group, which says it has over 30,000 volunteers nationwide, Barack and Michelle have managed, with the help of their media faithful, to keep the LGBTQ flame lit.  (For clarification, the letters stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. Sometimes they drop off the Q, perhaps thinking the word might be too unsettling for the white middle class audience they are trying to infiltrate. They still want to sound friendly, and sane.)

In Illinois, the Obama’s home state, they’ve introduced a bill into the Illinois legislature to have LGBTQ history taught in public schools. That’s even in K through12th grades. The Chicago Sun Times in the tradition of Windy City political morality dutifully ran an editorially linking the LGBTQ bill to Martin Luther King, who apparently had an assistant who was gay.

So there you have it, Legislators in Springfield, if you vote against this bill, you are against the great Dr. King and civil rights. The funny thing is that black people in Chicago’s ghettos are generally anti-gay – except the Obama’s former South Side church and Rev. Jeremiah Wright – and if they start teaching transgender studies in the ghettos, some brothers might just do the surgery for free.

Yet in white middle class suburbs, the LGBTQs are so organized, helped along by the Obama Administrations efforts to get the teaching into the schools, that there are books now for kindergarteners where young boys ask their mothers “Mommy, what if I feel like a girl inside and want to wear a dress?” – a condition, by the way, that is not uncommon in a child’s development and usually passes, though not in the LGBTQ world.

In California, the LGBTQs have introduced a bill that would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

The California bill then defines “sexual orientations change efforts” as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”  On their Organizing for Action website, the Obamas call any such attempt to change a homosexual’s orientation “vile.”

See, the LGBTQs are, psychologically speaking, grand Narcissists with a capital N, perhaps the most difficult emotional disorder to cure or overcome through therapy. Narcissists see themselves and their self-centered, homosexual beliefs as true for the whole world, cannot empathize with other people or lifestyles – especially middle class parents heterosexuals raising kids – even though studies show that many homosexual people have been raped to bring them into the fold; that the lifestyle has huge health issues like AIDS and colon cancers, and, as Gertrude Stein, a lesbian, once said, with homosexual men, the mere act of sex with another man nauseates them.

That’s perhaps the reason for the saying in the LGBTQ community: “What does a gay man do on the second date? Answer: There is no second date.” But that doesn’t prevent them from launching a massive PR campaign and bring the lifestyle into law.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, for some still unknown reason we elected a president preaching Hope and Change, whose main agenda, besides tearing down the middle class, turned out to be promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle.

What Barack the great Diversifier never did tell us was that his two great mentors – the Rev. Wright and the bomb making Bill “I hate America” Ayers – both hated the white middle class and want it destroyed.   Barack’s other mentor, Saul Alinsky the community organizer, was all about stirring up chaos and fear in order to organize and effect change.  Turns out that’s the Change Barack never told us about, either.  And what better way to stir chaos and fear among the middle class and bring it down than to teach the transgender concept to young children in public schools?

So be careful, Kate and William. When Michelle says she wants to meet the newborn prince at a Kensington Party pajama party and “wear my robe!” remember the Obama’s first told us they were for male-female marriages and middle class values, then when they got into office pushed the LGBTQ agenda throughout the system, all the way to the supreme court and constitution.

So Will and Kate, if you let Michelle and Barack into the pajama party with your children, like we did into the Oval Office, pretty soon it might not be Jolly Old England anymore, because gays aren’t really gay, as we here in America have come to find out.

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