Hey Millennials, before you join up with Barack Obama’s new leadership team, first take a look at his home town of Chicago if you want to see the future – chaos, a bankrupt city, suspicion and fear between blacks and whites, crooked politicians, high taxes, a crushed middle class. And I thought he was all about Hope and Change.

As our former 44th President Barack Obama told a conference in Tokyo earlier this month, he is looking for “a million” new young leaders in his mold to carry on his vision of Hope and Change.

“If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” the former leader of Hope and Change said on the other side of the Pacific. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

Then, in Time Magazine this past week, our former leader of the free world tipped his hat to some of those new mini-Baracks, offering a tribute to five students from Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential” list, survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school who have emerged with his help as a new generation of leaders in the Barack mold, fighting for gun control and against the NRA, who helped organize and lead the March of Our Lives movement and rally, the ones taking that baton toward progress.

Barack wrote in his Time article that that NRA “scare tactics” will not work on this quintet of student leaders and their young allies pushing for stricter gun laws. Why they won’t scare as easily might be because, as he and Michelle noted in an open letter to Parkland, “We’ve got your backs”, the we perhaps referring to whatever group of anti-gun Alinskyites he helping direct and support in this new movement.

“This time, something different is happening,” our former Commander in Chief wrote. “This time, our children are calling us to account. Seared by memories of seeing their friends murdered at a place they believed to be safe, these young leaders don’t intimidate easily. They see the NRA and its allies —whether mealymouthed politicians or mendacious commentators peddling conspiracy theories — as mere shills for those who make money selling weapons of war to whoever can pay. They’re as comfortable speaking truth to power as they are dismissive of platitudes and punditry. And they live to mobilize their peers.”

Or, as Saul Alinsky said back in the day: Agitate, aggravate, Educate, and then Organize.

And “Mealymouthed politicians?” Barack’s starting to use adjectives The Donald.

The former Great Diversifier said that while their efforts may be “slow and frustrating,” organizers of the March for Our Lives rally in Washington will draw inspiration from liked-minded “Dreamers” and Black Lives Matter activists, two groups he help get going with his radical friend Bill Ayers while in the White House, though he didn’t mention Bill by name.

Ayers is somewhere in his spyder hole on this one, too, because Barack has always consulted Bill on matters where they can attack the white establishment. Bill, as you know, was the former college, bomb making radical from the 1960s, still an avowed Marist socialist, and at 72, the elder statesman of the radical Alinskyites, dedicated to dismantling the system of white supremacy, who helped mentor and guide Barack’s political career.

As we can see from Barack’s activities since leaving the White House, he is back at community organizing using Alinsky tactics of demonizing and attacking the establishment. I guess he’s not content having his network CNN do the dirty work. He’s enlisting high school students for the front lines in his and Bill’s socialist cause of gun control. Part of that movement involves confronting the white establishment, like the Black Lives Matter, or Parkland student David Hogg, who tried to get advertisers to remove their sponsorship of conservative television commentator Laura Ingraham’s show.

But beware Millennials, because while it might be fun at first, unleashing all that pent up anger and frustration and discontent at the modern world on some old white guys or their antiquated constitutional amendments – documents put together 200 years ago by some other old white guys – these Alinsky campaign by Bill and Barack in the end will not be that much fun, you will soon come to realize it’s not about you, it’s about them.

They want you to be angry, confrontational, yell into microphones and shake your fist at the establishment, just like Bill did as a young man in the long ago radical 1960s, angry and shamed by his privileged white suburban upbringing during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement.

We’re not back in the 1960s, although Bill Ayers is, and his pupil Barack learned the angry Alinsky rules of confrontation and demonization of white Republicans from the elder statesman of student radicals, when Barack was then the next generation.

But think about this: does it really feel good after a while to be part of a movement that is all about screaming and trying to take down Republicans and their laws? Is your life really that confused and angry? Wouldn’t it be a more satisfying use of your time to join a softball team? Or a youth group where you can about the difficulties growing up? Or even a church, where you can give your anger up to a higher power and that power will understand your being so confused. Isn’t helping build something up more satisfying than tearing something down?

Remember, Saul Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Does he seem like a fun guy you would want to have a beer with?

Take a look at the city that Barack and Bill are from – Chicago, a city that is going bankrupt, with one of the worst black on black crime rates in the nation, more illegal guns on the streets than anywhere, where taxes are out of control, taxpayers are unbelievably burdened funding the most corrupt political system politics and horrible schools, where whites fear blacks because of the violence, a city seemingly groomed for the government to step in and control.

And think about this, too. What does it tell you about a former 44th president of the United States, the most powerful office in the world, the leader of the free world, the former commander in Chief and moral compass of the nation, who is now retired and on a good pension, very rich from a book contract, who is back directing angry Alinsky movements of confrontation and negativity.

Why can’t he just go play golf like the others? Or has someone convinced him this will actually help his legacy for history?  And Bill’s?”

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