Our ex-Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama and his mentor Bill Ayers are back, bringing social justice to corporate America, this time demonizing our favorite coffee house, Starbucks. But after this firestorm dies down, what do we do about the real problem: black on black violence in the cities?

This latest racial hysteria sweeping the nation – on social media, over the Internet, on shaming morning talk shows, on the nightly news – is the story about two black men getting kicked out of Starbucks in Philadelphia.

Like other racially charged media stories before it, this black/white firestorm has the fingerprints all over it of our former Great Diversifier Barack Obama and his mentor Bill Ayers, and their spiritual guide Saul Alinsky.

The problem is, they are all at their core socialists, including Barack.   Socialism as a government solution to problems, especially the monstrous problems of poverty and violence of black people in northern cities, doesn’t work.   As one philosopher once remarked that while capitalism is unequal in its distribution of wealth, “socialism makes everyone equal in their suffering.”

In this latest media event, first came the demonizing of Starbucks in Alinsky style, with a female store manager in Philadelphia calling police to kick two black men out of the coffee store. They had come in to use the bathroom, they said, and were told by the store manager that that the bathroom was for customers only.  They then sat down for a half hour or so without ordering anything, before the manager called the cops.

The arrest was caught on a phone camera, naturally, and quickly put up on social media and the internet, then picked up by the television media, and the hysteria was on. Starbuck’s corporate headquarters went into damage control, with executives hitting the news networks saying how shocked they were. Picketers, including some wearing Black Lives Matter tee-shirts, went to the Starbucks and before cameras for the nightly news.

Starbuck’s CEO Kevin Johnson apologized to the two men who were arrested, and said the company would close all 8,000 stores on May 29 to give employees racial bias education. Executive Chairman Howard Schultz said he was “ashamed,” by the event. To the Alinskyites, it was mission accomplished: the company was demonized and shamed in the media; they were seen as racist by the world; and were going to train their people not to be racist.

The reaction to the event by black and white people in northern cities with large black populations was similar to the O.J. Trial – polar opposites. White people, who live in and around big cities like Chicago and Philadelphia and Baltimore, with large black populations and high black-on-black crime and murder rates, are afraid of blacks.

That’s because in places like Chicago there have been over 30,000 people murdered by guns since 1970, over 80 percent of them black-on-black killings, mostly young men or teenagers as victims and shooters.  THAT’S OVER 30,000 MOSTLY YOUNG HUMAN BEINGS JUST IN CHICAGO, MURDERED WITH MOSTLY STOLEN HANDGUNS!!!!   Philadelphia is the same, with lesser numbers.  So is Baltimore.

Whites who watch the news in these cities understand why the Starbucks manager called the cops. Blacks see the event as just another example of ongoing discrimination of blacks in a white society.

When Martin Luther King was alive, he would march in cities like Chicago for open housing and jobs, and get bricks and spit showered on him by ethnic whites. But he was about “sitting down at the table of brotherhood,” to get those jobs and housing.

After Dr. King was killed, the young, often fatherless men in black neighborhoods in cities like Chicago and Philly and Baltimore turned their anger and frustration on each other with a vengeance, and their neighborhoods became war zones, with black teenagers shooting each other at rates like nowhere else on the planet.

Apart from the 30,000 murders in Chicago over the last 45 years, mostly on the all-black South and West Sides, there have been maybe four times that many shootings and woundings, with another five times that the number of witnesses who are walking around with some form of PTSD from having experienced violence against friends or loved ones.

At one point, there was talk about addressing this as a catastrophic public health issue, which it was, but nothing was ever done. Then Barack ascended to the White House.  He had been schooled in race relations in Chicago by Bill Ayers, the former privileged white suburban kid turned bomb-making radical who more than anything wanted to bring down the system of “white supremacy.”

Ayers’ most famous quote as a college student was “I hate America,” and told an interviewer a couple years ago that he still, at age 72, hopes to dismantle the system of white supremacy through activism, that “the great antidote to depression is activism. That’s what gets you out of bed in the morning.”

Both Ayers and his wife, fellow revolutionary radical Bernadine Dohrn, are avowed Marxist Communists/socialists.  Bernadine once said, “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the [Black] Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.”  There were many a dinner the Obamas spent at the Ayrers/Dorhn home.  His political career was launched from their living room.

Barack never told us about his over 20 year relationship with the Ayers/Dohrns, nor of his spiritual mentor for 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who married Michelle and Barack, and who every Sunday for 20 years would preach the gospel of black liberation theology to Barack and his flock, a doctrine that preaches whites are the Devil, including his now famous: “It’s not God Bless America, it’s God Damn America!”  The press who adored Barack certainly didn’t look too closely,.

So it’s not surprising that when Barack ascended to the Oval Office, he turned to Bill Ayers on matters of race. Ayers was there for the creation of Black Lives Matters, which most whites could not understand – of course black lives matter.  Barack also never mentioned the black on black crime problem

Ayers was also there as a consultant when it came time to demonize the Chicago police in Alinsky style over the shooting of an unarmed black man, which took any focus off of black on black crime as a problem.  This totally demoralized the police force with new federal oversight, and actually increased the murder rate because cops started backing off crime scenes, not wanting to risk civil rights violations or lawsuits.  The Obama policy on police as racists allowed some $500 million in taxpayer money paid in police civil rights settlements over the past 15 years, money Chicago can little afford.

Barack’s solution to the black plight was to ignore it, give a speech on justice once in a while, and get black people on government programs like Medicaid and food stamps, not create jobs and ty to re-build families.

Starbucks is the latest event of Obama/Ayers/Alinsky bullying tactics on race, demonizing the white establishment enemy, forcing the corporation to be responsible for schooling its employees on “racial bias,” while doing nothing about the epidemic of black on black crime, which is a big driver of that bias.

But Barack and Ayers never were about bringing Hope and Change from within to the black community, elevating people economically and socially as Dr. King tried to.  They want to bring everyone else down, so that we are all miserable together.  Then maybe Barack could return as the great socialist leader they intended in the next round of Hope and Change, because you can tell he wants to come back.

Golf is too boring.  Activism for the socialist cause is what gets you out of bed in the morning.

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