With Illinois falling off a fiscal and racial cliff, legislatures are finally tackling an important issue – teaching LGBT history in schools. And you wonder why the Land of Lincoln – and the land of our first LBGT president – leads the nation in exodus by residents every year?

Even by Illinois’ unique political standards this is should be interesting – the LGBTQs are bringing their diversity campaign to the legislature in Springfield, city of Lincoln and Long Knives. and it might not be pretty to watch.

Because the person they will have to deal with, the one who runs the state, is one Democrat Michael Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House, friend of unions and taxes, who has ruled the state legislature for the last 35 years with an iron fist.  Nothing of any substance gets done without his approval. One Springfield reporter once noted: “the pile of political corpses outside Madigan’s Statehouse door of those who tried to beat him one way or another is a mile high and a mile wide.”

Madigan- a graduate of Notre Dame and Loyola University – is the undisputed legislative leader of Illinois, a state that is in deep, deep financial shit.

Because of the state’s high taxes, having no state budget because they can’t balance one, intractable and massive black-on-black crime in Chicago with 400 to 600 murders every year, and a shameless yet proud history of political corruption, all combined to help drive a net 137,000 people out of Illinois than came to the state since 2010.  When just movement between the states is considered, that net outflow jumps to nearly 225,000 in the last eight years from Barack Obama’s home state, by far more than any other.

You would think the political leadership of Illinois would scramble to do something about this leaking human and taxpayer damn, but sadly, as Chicago Alderman Paddy Bauler opined from his saloon in 1952 – the year Mayor Daley first ascended into the 5th floor of City Hall – “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.”

The politicians are still too happy and content making money for their contractor pals and their heirs, that is, until a nosey U.S. Attorney starts snooping around looking for his quota of political fish to fry.

Illinois homeowners view Illinois political and social issues the same as the depressing winters and sweltering summers – events of nature that have always been there one can’t control and just have to stoically weather through somehow.

There are a few Illinois truisms: taxes will always be high; the South and West Sides of the city are war zones to avoid; Mike Madigan runs the state, like it or not; the Cubs play in Wrigleyville, the Sox play at 35th Street, the Bears are pathetic; politicians are all crooks and their contractor pals and hiers will continue to get rich, and you won’t, so deal with it.

This week, however, a new, relentless and well organized group of hat holders approached Lord Madigan in Springfield from the distant horizon of Chicago, with an issue that will test his mettle and continued dominance over his minions – the well organized LGBTQ political progressives, who have targeted Springfield their new testing ground for the LGBTQ agenda, specifically wanting all Illinois public schools to start teaching a unit on “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.”

As State Senator Heather Steans, the measure’s sponsor, said: “People need to see their history to understand that they are a part of our society.” The measure would also have schools use more inclusive and “non-discriminatory” textbooks going forward.

Exactly what those “role(s) and contributions” are to the advancement of our culture is unclear.  Regardless, they are a well organized and relentless bunch, and Madigan will need all his skill to match them, because their power goes all the way to an ex-president sitting now in his mansion in Washington, who told us he was just there temporarily until his kid graduated from high school.

Well, to me, this is sounding more and more like the camel getting its nose inside the tent, then wanting one hump, then two, trying to bring Barack Obama’s diversity revolution to Illinois, then maybe the world.

It’s also showing that the LGBTQs, who changed their name from gay to further confuse us, are not really gay, but shrew political operatives, just like their former leader Barack, and are now moving into state legislatures to advance their agenda, which means teaching young children that the LGBTQs – men being sexually intimate with men, women being sexually intimate with women, and transgenders who say they are really women inside – are really important contributors to our society and culture and we must learn what that is, despite what they tell us is going on inside their bodies regarding sex.

What goes on invisibly inside the LGBTs, after all, is now a “civil rights” issue and subject to discrimination laws, thanks to Barack and company.

No matter that as fifth graders growing up outside the LGBTQ world — which means about 100% of fifth graders – who haven’t even entered puberty and don’t know what sexuality is, must now be taught about men who are born biologically men but think they’re women and may even cut their junk off to prove it, and then tell us what they have done to make our world better.

And if you have any further questions, just go ask your parents to explain to you what a transgender is when they have their sex talk with you, even if you are not old enough to have a talk about sex.

The LGBTQs – they used to be just LGBTs, then someone added a Q for Queer, but only true queers are allowed to use the term, I understand, with others it’s discriminatory – used to have one of their own in President Barack, who was so critical to advancing the LGBT cause to this point, while us poor heterosexuals were apparently so busy working and raising families without our on advocates in the White House.

Barack’s staff were the one’s who helped get same-sex marriage – it used to be called gay marriage, what happened? a good PR campaign – through the Supreme Court, and also signed an executive order from the Oval Office before he left directing public schools across the country to install transgender bathrooms in all schools that get federal funding. Barack also issued a letter before he left office saying he was against any therapy to try and make gays straight.

Barack’s Department of Education also helped get “gender identity” teaching into public classrooms and textbooks.   Most of us are unaware that The Norton Anthology of Shakespeare was revised and re-issued during the Obama years declaring that the Bard’s play Twelfth Night, about a young girl who dresses as a boy to get work, was really a story from the 16th Century about “gender identity.”   The exact number of textbooks changed for the LGBT cause is not known, though in one instance an uproar occurred in Sacramento when a kindergartener brought a book on transgenders to class.

But Barack and his Chicago crowd were forced to go underground before they could finish their gender education revolution, and are apparently now helping the movement from somewhere in their control center bunker in his Washington, D.C., mansion, connected with the army of LGBT activists created during his tenure.

So Illinois is a logical state to re-jumpstart the movement, since Barack was once a state legislator there, launching his presidential career in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue.

Now, one might ask, will an eight-year-old now be wondering:  “Teacher, please don’t tell us that Abe Lincoln was gay?!!!! Do you mean he wasn’t honest to us about his gender identity after all, like former president Barack?  By the way, teacher, what’s a Transgender?”

So the newest political drama in Illinois will be interesting. Mike Madigan was raised Catholic, went to Notre Dame University, and then got his law degree from Loyola in Chicago, and we all know where the church stands on the LGBT folks and their favorite issue, unlimited abortion rights.  And it seems clear what the LGBTs think about the church.

The LGBTs supposedly represent less than 3% of the state’s population, and Transgenders are less than 1%, just about all on Chicago’s North Side.

But you would never know it by the publicity they generate. After the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, a poll was taken which said Americans thought the LGBTs were 25% of the country’s population, when it is less than 5%, and that’s probably being generous, since they are mostly on the coasts.

In preparation for their foray into Springfield, the LGBTs had a poll released that said there were over 140,000 transgenders in Chicago, which they said was seven percent of the adult population, which means less than 1% of the entire city population, which probably means .001% of the state population.

But that doesn’t stop their bill to get their identity and respect and curriculum in the public schools.  This isn’t about government of the people, by the people, for the people.  It is, after all, Chicago and Illinois and the fix and who your clout is, not so much the wondrous swaying power of a good PR campaign.

The question is: when it comes time to vote on the issue, will Madigan be moved by his Catholic upbringing or public opinion as generated by the LGBTs and the media?

Or, as another Chicago observer once noted: “In Chicago, people are Democrats first and Catholics second.”

Watch the results, parents, because they may be coming to your state next, even one less sleazy than Illinois.

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