Look at what Barack Obama and his bullying band of radical LGBT Alinskyites have been up to. Hint: it’s anti-democratic, anti-freedom of speech, and stirring up as much confrontation and chaos as possible. Just like his presidency.

Could we ever have imagined this in our wildest dreams – a former President of the United States afterwards helping radical groups to challenge the principals of free speech and the constitution our nation is founded on?

Well, he always did want to be a Saul Alinsky-type leader for radical social change, and be like his friend Bill Ayers, the 60s Marxist radical who wanted to bring down the imperialist, racist system, with his post-presidential free time looks like he’s back to radical organizing now. Couldn’t he just play golf like the others, or try to make a billion dollars like Bill Clinton, instead?

But since leaving office, our former leader of the free world looks like he’s been in a spider hole inside his Washington mansion, helping direct his Alinsky/Ayers disciples he cultivated while president, spinning webs of fear and confrontation, maybe even hoping to get back into office and lead us to the brave, new socialist world that was interrupted by the Donald.

Let’s start first with the #MeToo movement that soon emerged after Barack left office and his Hillary didn’t win, and has been taking down many Republicans ever since, ignoring any concept of due process that nation was built on.

Barack has never told us of his specific involvement in the movement, but he was in there in Alabama with his pal George Soros after some intrepid gal reporters from the Washington Post in #MeToo style #MeToo style uncovered 40-year old accusations of “sexual misconduct” against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was running on a platform that marriage was between a man and a woman, homosexuality was a sin, and was adamantly against abortion – the ultimate demon platform in the LGBT Alinskyite universe.

Barack jumped right into the organized, Washington, D.C. led campaign against Moore, making robo calls to Alabama voters to get out the young black vote as he did for his own presidential campaign. Their campaign against Moore demonized him in Alinsky style, featuring “Courage defeats Hate” posters and Barack’s pal George Soros poured millions into the state, with anti-Moore radio ads which were later pulled because they were fake as well as demonizing, and later forced off the air. After the election, their pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage candidate safely in office, Barack and his Alinsky attack crew withdrew from the state and they haven’t been heard from since, even to the so-called women accusers they unearthed.

Then there was the tragic shooting at the Parkland high school in Florida that jumpstarted an Alinsky-style movement. Within a week of the tragedy, two students at the school emerged as leaders, including 17-year old David Hogg who became the main spokesman, a movement began under its own hastag #NeverAgain, with an anti-gun march soon organized in Washington, with Hogg as keynote speaker telling everyone “we’re going to change the world” and soon his own Wikipedia page explaining he was an Activist.

Barack tweeted his support and pride for the new leaders and new movement, saying “we’ve got your back,” without explaining who “we” are and how they are covering backs.

Barack and Michelle Obama would later write an open letter to Parkland students led by Hogg for “awakening the conscience of the nation, and challenged the decision makers to make safety of our children the country’s top priority.” They also said again “we will be there for you,” which again begs the question, who is “we” and how will they be there for the students.

One possible show of Barack’s and Michelle’s might be when Hogg, whose confrontation style not unlike young Bill Ayers in the 60s was perfect bait for conservative Republicans, had tweeted that he got rejected by four California universities. Hogg’s tweet received a tweet from conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham, who tweeted “David Hogg Rejected by Four Colleges to Which He Applied and whines about it. (dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)

This was about the same time Barack was in Japan saying he wanted to “create a million young Barack Obamas” to take on the baton of “human progress.” Like Barack’s banner of Hope and Change that he failed to tell us was Alinsky style chaos and confrontation to bring radical social change, looks like the young Hogg is one of those young Barack mini-me’s in the Alinsky mold.

Because Ingraham’s tweet all of a sudden became an Alinsky firestorm, with the internet media enraged that she had disrespected a survivor of the Parkland School Massacre, as arrogant as he may have been, by saying he “whined “ about it, even though that’s what he did.

Hogg then launched an attack on the internet in for advertisers of Ingram’s radio program to drop their sponsorship, a bullying tactic used by Alinsky groups in the past to intimate corporate sponsorship, but clearly an attack on free speech, not unlike the #MeToo accusations of sexual misconduct destroy the lives of successful men and Republicans, without any due process or a person’s right to defend himself, just quick accusations and conviction in a media Kangaroo court.

With Hogg, the question arises: how does a 17-year-old survivor of the Parkland shooting, who immediately emerges from the shooting to lead a national anti-gun march on Washington, declaring to all we’re going to “change the world,” come up so quickly with a list of Laura Ingraham’s advertisers to shame them into withdrawing their advertising.

Sounds like he had an awful lot of help organizing so many big events for a 17-year-old high school kid. Wouldn’t you say so, Barack?

As Ingraham noted, saying she wouldn’t bow to his threats against her advertisers, that the movement he is involved in is “Stalinist, pure and simple. Their objective is total transformation of American society not through rational discourse and open debate, but through demonizing and silencing.”

She is absolutely right. And for you Millenials out there, look up from your hand-helds for a second and think about this. Do you want to live in a country where its ex-leader is so actively involved in trying to bring down or disregard the system of freedoms he once vowed as president to protect? I don’t, even if he is a neat dresser and does have a nice smile.

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