The ongoing attacks by the radical LGBT/Alinsky media on The Donald are not journalism, their bullying. The question is: are they blowing smoke to cover up all the sleaze that Barack and Hillary pulled?

It never stops: the relentless, mindless attacks on The Donald by the media, led by CNN and the internet news outlets. People have to be turning off their sets in nausea, but CNN doesn’t care about viewership: underneath they’re socialists and just want to destroy their capitalist enemy with blond hair and do it in Alinsky demonizing style, keeping the pressure on. To hell with objective news.

Because behind all this Trumpster bashing at CNN and other outlets are the radical LGBT Alinskyites, like Barack Obama and his band or radicals from Chicago, including the old bomb maker Bill Ayers, who got Barack’s political career started.

They are radical LGBT/Alinskyites who consider themselves radical socialist revolutionaries in the Bill Ayers mold, the man who helped get Barack to the White House and are behind the so called “student led” anti-gun movement, among other Alinsky inspired attack movements.

The call themselves liberal progressives, but they are radical LGBT Alinskyites, and they are vipers and bullies and they are all over the media, led by CNN.   They want Trump’s hide at any cost because he is a capitalist, and their main news vehicle is CNN, which was created by Barack and his pals when they had the White House.

They don’t care how they look and present news to the world, because it is all about them and their mission to destroy Trump, not news to inform people. CNN has become a mean-spirited bully, not an objective journalistic. They have become the propaganda arm of the radical LGBT/Alinskite movement. Everyone with half a brain can see it, but they don’t care.

But why are they so biased and hysterical? I have two theories.

One is that the Donald got elected, fair and square, and Hillary didn’t. Hillary was the radical LGBT/Alinskite candidate, anointed as Barack’s replacement. She was also an Alinskyite (she did her college thesis on Saul) and is a closet socialist.

The Donald is a heterosexual, a right-to-life Christian and a white Republican, the most hated creatures in the radical LGBT/Alinskyite dartboard, and they must spend every weapon in their mean-spirited arsenal to bring him down.

The Donald could help create jobs by the hundreds of thousands – which he’s done – help ignite the stock market to record highs – which he’s done – get taxes cut for the middle class – which he’s done – and dismantle Obamacare which was crushing the middle class, and seal the massive flow of refugees into the country Barack started – which he is doing, and CNN and the LGBTs would still hate him and not report any positive Trump news, only a phony Russian collusion story and his past sex life.

But why? Because the radical LGBT/Alinskyites at CNN and other Internet news sources, have a different socialist agenda and to them The Donald is the Devil who must be removed at all costs.

The Donald has also in his brief tenure moved against abortion, which is the radical LGBT/Alinskyite’s and feminist’s most sacred mission. He has closed down the entry of Transgenders into the military so they can get their free surgery, and rescinded Barack’s executive order for transgender bathrooms in public schools.

But mostly they hate him because he is a white Republican with a conservative agenda, meaning he wants to help the middle class, control the borders, help business and the capitalist economy, and treat the United States as a mostly Christian country – which it is – and promote and help the Christian values of family. So he is therefore anti-gay.

But the radical LGBT/Alinskyites in the media are socialists, homosexuals, and atheists, though they will never admit that to their viewers, because most Americans would view them differently and turn off their television sets. So they hide under the guise of journalism and pretend that reporting on the Donald’s past sex life is keeping the public informed the way the Fourth Estate is supposed to, as a watchdog for government.

Which brings us to my second theory as to why CNN and the other news outlets are attacking The Donald with so much relentless hysteria: they are not a government watchdog, they are a political organization that wants to destroy conservatives.
So maybe, just maybe, in their Trump bashing they are covering up some the real sleaze that is starting to emerge from our great Diversifier Barack and his anointed replacement Hillary, who looks like ran the White House like a branch of Chicago City Hall, where one local once said “corruption is legal.”

In the case of the fake Russian Trump dossier that is starting to be uncovered by a real watchdog group Judicial Watch, not CNN, Barack and Hillary and their pals inside the White House, Justice Department and FBI tried to pull off a corruption caper that makes the Nixon Watergate scandal look like child’s play.

Seems that during the presidential campaign in the summer of 2016, when it looked like The Donald was gaining some steam, Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, under Barack’s supervision, had a fake dossier on Trump produced, which was sent to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, which in turn issued a warrant so the FBI could spy on Trump and his Campaign.

The bogus dossier and investigation was then to people inside the Justice Department and FBI, who hated Trump as much as Barack and Hillary did, and who had the fake dossier leaked to CNN, who dutifully reported it as fact, and pushed the fake Russian collusion story hysterically for a year.

Former, FBI director Robert Mueller, who was given the investigation as Special Counsel, has come up with no collusion against Trump, because there was none from the beginning, but keeps feeding CNN, the Washington Post and others more empty hysteria posing as journalism.

Meanwhile, the real story of Barack and Hillary corrupting the Justice Department and FBI goes unreported, except by FOX news, which we all know from the radical LGBT/Alinskyites at CNN is only there to bash Obama and Hillary, and the radical LGBT agenda.

And never mind all those 30,000 emails destroyed on Hillary’s private email server. The Donald’s sex life is much more important to the integrity of our country’s government.

So FOX must be subverted and discredited at every turn by the radical LGBT/Alinskyite media, which keeps the airwaves and Internet filled with anti-Trump blather to take him down, so we won’t look at how Barack and Hillary corrupted our system of government.
Because if we do find out, that’s the end of CNN. That is, if we really care about a government that isn’t corrupt and the concept of democracy.

Do you Millenials? Because CNN and the internet media is directing it’s messages to you, people who need to be informed as future voters in a system of the people, by the people, for the people, not just a political system by and for less than 5 percent of the population, if that.

So get you head out of your cellphones, and think, because a democracy requires people to think.  Socialism you don’t, that’s why it doesn’t work.

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