Donald, you’re doing a great job! It’s the media that’s out of control.

It often seems as if the New York Times and CNN are staffed by the same mean spirited people whose job is solely to go after Donald Trump’s coiffed blond head.

Without fail each day, the two news outlets run leading headlines bashing The Donald, who so far – bless him – seems impervious to the onslaught. I wonder sometimes what kind of front pages they would have if they didn’t fear monger the Trumpster. And they must collude with each other so as not to duplicate their Trump trashing stories.

Like today: CNN went after him on the current horseshit “scandals” of his past sex life, its effect on Melania, and the obligatory LGBT news:
• “Lawyer: This is proof of Trump’s affair with porn star”
• “Lawyer to Trump: This is a warning shot”
• “Trump’s new plan for Transgender troops”
• “World wary as Trump hires hardliners”
• “Melania rides solo in Air Force One, again”
• “Opinion: What Melania has in common with Hillary”

The New York Times, on the other hand, took the angle of chaos in the White House:
• “President Trump prepared to leave the White House for Florida after a head-spinning series of moves on national security, trade, the budget and his legal team.”
• “Mr. Trump appeared heedless of his staff and determined to set the agenda himself, even if that agenda looked like a White House in disarray.”

Head-spinning? Disarray? I don’t remember those words taught in journalism school, except maybe the National Enquirer class.

Meanwhile, out here in the real world, where people are working without headlines to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, struggling to raise children in a hyper-speed, technological, mass market world, the arrival of The Donald in the White House and the exit of his predecessor President Diversity, we are living a much, much more livable and breathable existence, except for perhaps Diversity’s South and West Sides of Chicago, which are still a war zone, which Diversity did nothing to ease or make more livable.

What The Donald did was help our breathing space by lifting the stifled air of regulation imposed by President Diversity, which further complicated our already complicated lives with Government paperwork.

There is also with this new president a sense that all the chaos and violence that came through our television sets each night after night has been brought under control, and we don’t have to worry as much with mindless, senseless chaos that didn’t affect our lives anyway, though the media still has the fear and negative story mindset, driving mostly by its Trump fear mongering.

Because the media, led by CNN, remains locked like the Evil Empire in its political mold shaped by the Diversifier, a creature himself molded by Alinsky the chaos creator, so can’t see how the breathing air for us beyond the Potomac or Hudson has so improved with The Donald in and the Diversifier out, except, I suppose, if you’re a LGBT or Q.

The media is still trying to stir the Obama/Saul Alinsky pot, which means demonizing Republicans and white cops, and promoting the LGBT cause. Though the last time I looked, LGBTQs were less than two percent of our population, though with their control of the media, people believe they are more than 25 percent. Funny what control of the media can do.

The Donald has also given us comfort by sealing our borders, which President Diversity opened up like floodgates, so as to get more terrified refugees – not so much Dreamers – onto government programs and future “Progressive” Democratic voting rolls.

We’ve also regained respect from other world leaders, which Diversity had given away with his and his buddy George Soros’ globalization agenda, with its open borders and socialist world view, where everyone would be equal and poor.

We’re also starting to learn that the Great Diversifier brought his Chicago politics to Washington, by corrupting the Justice Department and FBI, pushing a fake dossier on Trump through the FISA court and having people in those agencies who hated Trump conduct a bogus investigation of collusion, a collusion story that was hysterically pushed by CNN as real news into our living rooms and bars.

The story of FBI and Justice department corruption, originating in the Obama Administration is looking like something much, much bigger and worse than Watergate, though with CNN and the New York Times using their clout it has been suppressed in favor of mindless Trump bashing news.

But here in middle America, which the Diversifier tried his best to crush with regulations, more taxes and fear, things are much better now with The Donald in the Oval Office. The anxiety produced by increased government control, of a sense that we were being spied on, of increasing regulation that further complicated our lives….is gone.

Gone, too, is much of the Diversifier’s shoveling through the media fear and chaos flowing through television sets every night – of chaos around the country or the world that did not effect our lives and whose purposed seemed only to stir anxiety;  of war scenes in the Middle East in living rooms without any sense of context or progress; of terrorist attacks or mass murders unrelated to our lives while we’re eating dinner;  of demonizing white cops to stir up division and black hatred, for all kinds of events and news unrelated to our lives in order to stir up fear in Alinsky style – “rub raw the sores of discontent” – but without any attempt to bring the country together, because our Diversifier wanted Alinsky-type radical social change, not peaceful, orderly unity.

Trump has brought more stability to our lives, so that we can better go out of our houses each morning without anxiety and fear and just do our jobs and raise our children.
All we have to do now is find a way to get rid of the media idiots who were trained in Alinsky ways: to stir chaos and hate Republicans and promote the LGBTQ agenda.

We like Trump because he has helped stabilized our lives, lessened anxiety, secured our borders, created jobs for black, white, Hispanic, and yes, created an environment that makes an environment less difficult and anxious to find a job and raise a family.

So just hang in there, folks.  Americans by nature are positive people and will eventually tire of all the negative news and hopefully just turn the television off and cancel their subscriptions to the New York Times, though the argument has been floated that New Yorkers by nature like to complain and be miserable, so they might still read the Times.

But hang in there, Donald. We’re with you. You have already started to make our lives better. We don’t need the media to tell us that.

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