Hey, Anderson Cooper. Since you’re making moral judgments on The Donald for his past sex life, can we see some photos of you and your past boyfriends and decide for ourselves which is moral?

I can’t help but be amused watching CNN and 60 Minutes reporter Anderson Cooper interviewing past sexual partners of Donald Trump – as he has for other women involved in the past with old, white Republicans – asking the women about how they felt humiliated and used by the Donald.

Now Anderson is a guy who has admitted to us in his autobiography that he is homosexual, meaning he has sex with men, and now he’s on his moral CNN and 60 Minutes pulpit, shaming The Donald publicly about his sex life and sympathetically and judgementally talking with our President’s former consensual sexual partners, about what a jerk he was before he was Commander in Chief.

Now, these women are in the Donald’s past. He didn’t mistreat or abuse them. It was all consensual sex. But CNN and the once journalistically respected 60 Minutes are bringing The Donald’s former partners before the camera to show us what a cad and moral reprobate he was before elected, as if that will shame us for voting for him. In truth, there is no shame in CNN or Anderson where there should be.

But Anderson (and CNN and 60 minutes and all the rest of the Donald bashers in the media), can we look at ourselves for a nano-second before we start slinging arrows at the poor 72 year old guy with bad hair? Maybe even remember the old parable about casting the first stone only if you’re without sin yourself.

Anderson, if what we hear about homosexuals is true, you and they lie down and do all kinds of sexual things with men that most of us consider, well, not part of our repertoire. I’m not passing judgment on you or what your sex life involves, but most of us in America, about 98 percent, consider ourselves to be heterosexual, meaning the most intimate act for us is between a man and a woman, and for you as a homosexual to pass moral judgment on the Donald is to pass moral judgment on us all.

Heterosexual sex has been our American civilization for more than 250 years, and still is. It is what most of us inwardly believe in and are comfortable with. So why now, CNN, send a homosexual to shame and pass moral judgment on us heterosexuals? Is this the new journalism?

What you do on your own intimate time, Anderson, is between you and your partner, as it should be, and as it should be with The Donald. As you well know, by the standards of the majority of Americans, the male homosexual lifestyle, which I understand from my limited research, often involves multiple partners doing things to each other that a heterosexual would find, well, uncomfortable. I’ve heard that in the homosexual community there is a saying, “What does a gay man do on the second date?” Answer: “There is no second date.”

I’ve seen Gay Pride parades on TV and, as you know, they are filled with boa feathers, spiked dog collars and men wearing nothing but tight, tight bikini briefs and hip-grinding the air.    Personally, that does nothing for me, or for most of your television audience. But as Americans outside the new news media, we usually don’t make those moral judgments on our friends or neighbor’s private lives, and we don’t turn that information back onto them to destroy their lives or profession. That is, until the Donald got into the White House fair and square and CNN couldn’t handle it.

I would say shame on you and CNN, but shame, as well as integrity, doesn’t seem to be a part of the new CNN.

As a journalist, you are responsible for reporting on the moral tone of our nation. Now CNN has taken that to meaning a homosexual, who engages in certain sexual practices not done by most people, passing moral judgment on a heterosexual President.
In interviewing The Donald’s past girlfriends on television, a person who never did anything personally to you besides get elected president,  you have entered this new realm of trashy shaming journalism, and should if you are fair and objective give your viewers  the details of your sex life, even if that includes dressing up in a costume or using a whip or cat-o-nine tails, so that we can measure the value of your judgment and make our own moral decision.

So be honest, Anderson. If you’re going to bring forth the Donald’s girlfriends to confess before the nation, maybe you can do the same with your boyfriends, so that we can be the moral judge, if that’s even what we want to do, which we don’t.

Otherwise, go back to being a real journalist, and trying to gain back some dignity and respect.

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