Welcome to Barack Obama’s and Bill Ayers’ Chicago after eight years of Hope and Change. There’s more Saul Alinsky-type demonizing of whites, more political correctness, and more black on black violence than anywhere on the planet.

Black people in Chicago voted in record numbers for Barack Obama in 2008 and again 2012, which was natural given he was a black man promising hope and change to some of the poorest black neighborhoods in America, with the worst black on black violence anywhere in the world, all on the south and west sides of the city.

What Barack never told us and black folks in Chicago was that the change he was proposing was from his mentor Saul Alinsky, who said “the dispair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

It wouldn’t take much to rub raw the sores of discontent in black Chicago, where 400 to 600 murders rip through mostly black neighborhoods each year, with another five or ten times that amount shot and wounded, not to mention those who witness the violence.

Barack also never told us, or the rest of the black folks in Chicago, that his main consultant in matters of race would be one Bill Ayers, the former student, bomb making radical of the 1960s, Barack’s neighbor in Hyde Park, his mentor in the ways of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, who has said his goal in life other than bringing down American imperialism is to dismantle the system of “white supremacy,” which he says is causing all the black suffering.

Ayers’ answer to white supremacy during the Obama years was to help form Alinsky style confrontational groups like the Black Lives Matter Movement, getting angry young men and women to march on white institutions across the country in response to incidence of violence by white policemen against black youths, which made national television news.

But it would do nothing for the black on black violence in Chicago.

Ayers, who is white and 73 now, and grew up in an upper middle class suburb of Chicago, also advised Barack when the latter’s Justice Department descended on Chicago in the wake of the 2015 shooting of an unarmed black youth by Chicago Police, and wrote a report declaring the Chicago police a racist organization.

That Ayers-inspired report actually increased gun violence in Chicago, as Chicago cops backed off police lest they get sued for civil rights violations.

In the past 10 years, close to half a billion dollars in lawsuit fines have been levied against Chicago and its police for civil rights violations, most for blacks suing the city.
But that is okay with Bill Ayers, who is a socialist at heart, not a social worker, who blames the cops as representatives of a “white supremacist system” for every evil in the black community. Barack seems to share his view, at least in Chicago.

What the two cannot see in their Alinsky radicalis, is that the monstrous violence that goes on in the black communities in Chicago have been going since the 1960s, sometime after Martin Luther King was slain, and the segregation and poverty and government welfare systems that tore apart the black families, with drugs as the only economy in the ghetto, have combined with the availability of thousands of stolen guns, to make Chicago a city more hell for black people than anywhere on earth.

But that was the Ayers/Obama plan for addressing gun violence in Chicago – demonize white cops in Alinsky style while teenage boys keep shooting each other with unending stolen guns.

What Barack and Bill also did for civil rights across the country, was to demonize whites for using the “N-word,” which also didn’t do anything to keep the shootings down on the South and West Sides.

Over the recent President’s Day weekend, four white fas at a Blackhawks game were tossed from the United Center for taunting a black player on the opposing team, pounding on the penalty box glass and using the “N” word. The Chicago Tribune ran the story on its front page, as it did when a City Water Department employee was fired for sending around racist emails, so readers would know what happens to racists in Chicago.
The weekend of the Blackhawks ejections, there were eight blacks shot and killed and 30 wounded.

This past week, the Chicago Sun Times ran a story out of Whitney Young High School, Michelle Obama’s school, and one of the better public magnet schools in a city where the Chicago Public Schools are closing in violent black ghettos because they are so dangerous and test scores so low off the charts.

Seems at Whitney Young, some “disturbing videos” showed John Fanning, the Dean of Students at the school, “in a heated discussion and defending Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman,” according the the Sun-Times.

The main offense of Dean Fanning, who is white, was to make racially insensitive remarks about Martin by saying: “I’m just going to ask the question: was (Trayvon) or was he not on private property.” That was enough to set off the firestorm on social media and calls by The Real Whitney Young Movement, which sounds like a Bill Ayers inspired Alinsky type organization, calling the Dean’s comments offensive.

The group issued a statement saying:
“We feel that our dean spoke from a place of ignorance because he was not knowledgeable about certain aspects that play into the problem with what he said. We feel we can provide him with the knowledge about how his comments were insensitive to a group of his students.”

Another video reveals Fanning defending racial slurs.

A student says it’s disrespectful for non-black people to use the N-word and it compared it being just as disrespect as non-gay people using the word “queer.”

Fanning replies, “So you can use the term paddywagon?” a term that is derogatory toward the Irish. The student replied saying they have never used that racial slur and Fanning replies saying, “You’ve never used that term? Never?”

One commenter on the video responded saying the school administration is doing nothing more than sweeping the issue under the rug.

The Chicago Public Schools said it is reviewing the videos.

So far, this year, 88 people, most of them young men on the South and West Sides, have been shot and killed, and another 378 shot and wounded, with only 4 of them being shot by police.

What do we do about that? Don’t ask Bill Ayers or Barack Obama.

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