I get it now. The sexual harassment campaign is not just about taking down old white Republicans, it’s about getting more political power for the LGBT agenda. But be careful folks, they aren’t gay anymore. They’re ruthless, and they’re organized, and they may want your vote.


When you look at the video on social media of the man and woman sitting at the bar in Des Moines, Iowa this month, it is clear that the woman is the aggressor, moving her face toward the man for a kiss.  He doesn’t lean toward her, but takes the kiss, which lasts a couple of seconds.


What the man at the bar wasn’t aware of, but the woman surely knew, was that the kiss was being recorded on a cell phone by someone sitting at a table nearby.  What the man also didn’t know was that the video would soon be placed on social media, and his career as Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives would quickly be over.


He was Iowa state senate majority leader and Republican Bill Dix, a farmer from Shell Rock, Iowa, who was the latest victim of the sexual harassment hunters.  In the case of Dix, the predator was  blond woman, whose name was never revealed, who the news articles said was a registered lobbyist in the Iowa legislature, and whose name we would never learn.


Some may say the dispatching of Dix, destroying his career with a set up cell phone video, was a little ruthless.  But that’s the way these sexual harassment terrorists roll.   When the video hit the internet, Dix quickly fell on his sword rather than try to defend himself, which has been the drill for most of the Republican legislators accused of some sort of “sexual misconduct.”   They have all been convicted quickly in the media or social media court, never a court of law, because that takes too long, and involve due process, which the sexual harassment activists don’t believe in.   


After Dix resigned, up pops a story on a website that calls itself The New Civil Rights Movement (NCRM), a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) site fighting, they say, for LGBT rights, which means against Trump and the Christian Right on issues like abortion and gay marriage.   The NCRM headline in the Dix case ran: “Bill Dix quits – Anti-Gay ‘Family Values’ Top Iowa Lawmaker Caught on Camera Kissing Lobbyist.”


So that was it:  Dix ultimate sin was that he was anti-gay, by declaring that marriage was between a man and a woman.  He was also pro-life, which is absolute anathema to the LGBTers, who are to their death pro-choice, meaning legal abortion in all forms.  Anyone who is “family values,” is therefore against the LGBTers.  If they are Republican and a legislator, they must fall. 


Shortly after Dix stepped down and went back to the family farm, the governor announced there will be a special election later this year to fill Dix’s suddenly vacated seat, which is the next step for the LGBTers, get one of their own into that seat.


This past week outside Pittsburgh, there was a similar special election held to fill the seat vacated by Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, who had held his seat in congress for 18 years before he was outed by the sexual harassment gang, who let the world know that Murphy had asked a woman with whom he had a onetime affair to have an abortion.   The LGBTs outing of Murphy was somewhat curious, since he had asked the woman to have an abortion, which a key pillar of the LGBT agenda, though he was a Republican and a right-to-lifer, which apparently trumped the abortion.


                In the special election to fill Murphy’s seat, the Republicans chose a 60s-something, ex-Marine and gun enthusiast candidate Rick Saccone, who hoped to ride the Trump bandwagon to victory in a district that the Trumpster carried by 20 percent.  The Democrats picked a young, wholesome-looking, Ivy-League educated ex-marine and former prosecutor, Conor Lamb, whose grandfather was a Democratic leader in the same district, who said he also liked guns and was not particularly pro-environment, and though an unmarried Catholic was “personally pro-life but politically pro-choice.”  


                So the Progressive Democrats, who are heavily LGBT, poured lots of money and activist campaign workers into southwest Pennsylvania, to campaign for Lamb, who narrowly won.   CNN and PBS, also both heavily LGBT, covered the campaign nationally.  Even the New Yorker Magazine did a profile on Lamb, like CNN calling the race a referendum on Trump, and a harbinger of fall elections.   PBS was even able to get a Trump supporter to say there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans, “They’re like Bud and Bud Light.  After a couple beers its all the same.” 


                But there was a difference, though in the end, the heavily working class and Catholic district didn’t seem to care.  That difference was building support for the abortion and gay marriage issues, which mainstream America doesn’t seem to care about anymore, but which is everything to the LGBTers, especially getting their folks into legislatures.


                They used to be “moral issues,” ones that the Right says destroys the fabric of family and community that was America, but the LGBTers, with the help of the former President Diversity, wore that down.  That’s what it was about in Alabama, when the LGBT sexual harassment folks demonized front runner “family values” Republican Roy Moore, who said marriage should be between a man and a woman, as they dug up harassment claims from 40 years before, while putting millions of dollars into defeating him with an unknown Doug Jones.


                So people in Iowa, when you have your special election to replace Bill Dix and someone comes knocking on your door, ask them if their candidate is endorsed by the LGBTs, so you know who you’re really voting for.   And think for a moment how they got their candidate on the ballot, because whether or not you believe in abortion for all or marriage between two men or two women, the way that person got on the ballot wasn’t the way this country was founded.


                But then again, maybe you don’t believe in the rule of law or democracy, because the LGBTers certainly don’t.  They don’t have the numbers, so they do whatever they have to in order to win. 






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