After eight years of Hope and Change, Chicago is still the murder capital of the U.S. The Alinsky race relations plan implemented by Barack Obama and Bill Ayers has made sure the city stays Chiraq.

Every morning, as a former Chicagoan and with the same urge that makes me want to turn on CNN or slow down to stare at a traffic accident, I go on to a website called, a site that says – with seething sarcasm – that it is “illustrating Chicago values.”

There we have the Month-to-Date, the Week-in-Progress, and the Year-to-Date statistics for those souls shot and killed, shot and wounded, and total homicides in the city in the current year.  Over 80% of them young and black.

The site also has interesting statistics on where the shootings occur around the city and by race (close to 70% on the black South and West Sides, 21% on the Hispanic Southwest Side), the “deadliest hoods” (by far the South and West Sides), the gender of the victims (80% male), and the homicide clearance rate so far this year (only 17.6%).

Despite what we heard during the Obama years over the media, only about 1% of the thousands of shootings and murders involved police.  In black areas, 99% are black on black shootings.

Back neighborhoods on the South and West Sides of Chicago have been an extremely violent sub-city within the city going back some 50 years, jump started by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with over 800 per year in the 1970s and 1980s, declining to under 500 in the first part of the new millennium, when police cracked down more on the drug crime that usually came with murders.

Then the murder rate spiked again in the later part of the Obama years, after his justice department backed off the police by deeming them racist, and teenage boys felt less restricted in their freedom to step out of an ally with a Glock.  There were 771 murders in 2016, and 650 in 2017. So far this year, the murder rate is a little less than last year, which the city is touting as if the place were actually safe.

People outside Chicago, where teenage gun related murders are unheard of say to themselves “What the hell is going on in Chicago?” while in Chicago those who live there have come to accept the high black murder and shooting rate as a fact of nature, like the horrible weather, and black people who live on the South and West Sides are resigned to living in their war zone hell, because that’s all they have known.

Because Chicago is the most racially segregated city in the country, and as a evolving consequence the most violent. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. acknowledged that fact back in the 1960s when he came up against Hizzoner Richard J. Daley, the original Boss, who cordoned blacks off on the South and West Sides of the city like a feudal plantation, and kept them out of the economy.

When King was killed, the violence in the city accelerated in the black areas, as King took with him the hope for a better existence in white America, and young black teens started ruling the streets with increasingly more deadly weapons, looking to take them out of other black teens, often rivals in drugs, turning the city into a war zone.

Between 1970 and the end of the decade, there were more than 24,000 murders. 24,000 MURDERS!!!  Most of them black teenagers on the South and West Sides, most shot by other black teenagers with handguns.

You could triple that number, to somewhere near 80,000 for the number of shot and wounded over 30 years, and maybe double or triple that number again, to maybe 300,000 black people who have witnessed gun violence, because the shootings usually take place out in the open, so the witnesses end up walking around with post traumatic stress, untreated, the rest of their lives.

Then in 2004, a young Harvard educated light skinned black man, Barack Obama, a former Illinois state senator no one knew from Hyde Park, the integrated University of Chicago intellectual enclave, who stood up at the Democratic Convention and riveted the nation with a teleprompter sermon about Hope and Change, and was immediately compared by the media pundits and Oprah as the second coming of Martin Luther King.

What both black and white Chicago, and the rest of the country, never understood was that while Barack used the word Hope like Dr. King did, the Change he was referring to was coming from his mentors Saul Alinsky, the confrontational community organizer who wrote Rules for Radicals, and one Bill Ayers, the former 60s communist bomb maker who helped mentor and launch Barack’s political rise to the White House. Instead of a change blacks had hoped for, Chicago saw more than 4,000 murders during the Obama years, more than 12,000 shootings, and Barack deflected what few questions he got about what was going on in the streets of Chicago, saying we just needed gun control, when all the guns used on the city’s streets were illegal or stolen.

Bill would be a consultant on racial matters during the Obama White House years. He helped get the Black Lives Matter Movement started, built in the Alinsky confrontational mold, after Ferguson, Missouri, incident where a white policeman killed a black kid. Ayers was also behind the scenes when white cops were being demonized in the media for roughing up or shooting black youths, which ultimately came to Chicago, where the Chicago cops were deemed in an Obama Justice Department report as being a “racist organization,” a report that has not only demoralized the Chicago Police, but backed them off policing crime, and made the neighborhoods an even greater hell for Chicago blacks, and after which the murder rate spiked again.

Bill Ayers grew up a white boy in an upper middle class suburb of Chicago before he started making bombs as a college student, and in his monstrous white guilt to undue his upbringing of “white privilege,” watching safely from Hyde Park the violent devastation in the black community, has spent his life devoted to taking down what he calls the system of “white supremacy,” especially in Chicago, that has oppressed black people and is the cause of “serial murder” on the streets of Chicago. He mentored Barack in his cause, and it was taken to the White House and Justice Department.

Demonizing Chicago police and stirring up black anger against them in Alinsky style is the Obama/Ayers method of bringing about “radical change” to Chicago’s black communities. But they were also brought up as socialists, which means instead of helping to improve the safety and lives in black communities, work to rebuild families and the black economy, maybe they just want to bring down the system of white supremacy instead.

So black folks in Chicago, just watch out the next time a charismatic young man with a Harvard education comes by preaching Hope, even if he does have black skin.

And in the meantime, be safe.

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