Hey Jewish people, is what CNN is doing – demonizing Trump in order to unify its followers in hate and fear – does that remind you of any other time in history? Like 1930s Germany?

I have a lot of Jewish friends, smart accomplished people, and they all seem to be Trump haters, because the Jews have historically been Democrats, who have in the past been defenders and supporters of those kept out of the white American mainstream.

The Jews I know voted for Hillary in the last election for that reason, and they disliked Trump because he was a rich WASP Republican, a group that had always denied Jews access to the higher levels of business and the professions. Trump was also painted as a white supremacist by Obama and Hillary and their news network CNN during the election, which meant Jew haters.

So Jews generally don’t like or trust Trump to begin with, despite the benefits, tax cuts and economic growth that have resulted from his administration that have benefitted a lot of people, including Jews. But the Jews still seem to be devout CNN watchers, and with it haters of Trump. When CNN was demonizing Trump as having had relations with a porn star years ago, a Jewish friend of mine berated him as a scumbag, while refusing to recognize that Bill Clinton in the White House made Trump look like a boy scout.

Mark Twain called the Jews the world’s “intellectual aristocracy,” the smartest people on the planet, but in their fear and hatred of Trump, driven in no small measure by the once respected news agency CNN, now turned radical left wing political propaganda agency, they can’t see the forest for the trees, that what CNN is doing to Trump is eerily similar to what Hitler did in 1930s Germany against the Jews – demonizing a person with slander in order to unify their political base, and open the door for one of their own.

You don’t have to have Jewish brains to see that CNN is a creation of Barack Obama and his radical Progressives, who are basically socialists. Their good friends include Bill Ayers, the 1960s Pentagon bomb maker and George Soros, the billionaire socialist – is that an oxymoron? – who want to bring down American capitalism and install a new world order of socialism. Hillary and Bill Clinton are card carrying members and beneficiaries of Soros’ billions.

They wanted and expected Hillary to win the election. Soros lost a billion dollars — a mere pittance — betting that she would win. But she lost, because all those Deplorables actually went to the polling booths and pulled the Trump lever by the unexpected millions.

But CNN and those behind them cannot and will not accept Trump in the White House, so he must be taken down and destroyed. That has been the hysterical, rallying goal of CNN ever since Trump was sworn in.

CNN spent over a year on the “Russian Collusion” story, night after night, day after angry day, scolding in panel after hysterical panel, charging with flimsy evidence that Trump and the Russians rigged the election, using ever weaker evidence from a former FBI director who was appointed to investigate the matter, but could never prove it.  No matter than what emerged outside CNN was that Obama and Hillary had started the investigation with a fake dossier to denounce Trump during the election and corrupted the FBI by bringing them into the investigation.

In between the Russian story, there were shaming accusations of Trump being a racist and white supremacist because he said the demonstrations in Richmond over removal of Confederate statues that included white supremacists, actually had violence on both sides.  But to CNN, Trump was the racist and white supremacist, a KKK member without a white hood, which helped gather both black and Jewish support.

When that hysteria faded, CNN spent weeks back on the Russian collusion story. Then they brought out psychiatrists attesting to his mental stability so we would all think he was nuts. No mention that he had sealed off the massive flow of illegal immigrants Obama started, or of the tax cuts that were helping the middle class.

But there were more accusations to be made to stir fear — allegations of his being a sexist and misogynist and sexual harasser, to rally the feminists and women on the fence of man hating, demonizing and hanging the old white Republican in their media Kangaroo court without due process.   One of Trump’s circle was even brought down by an intrepid reporter uncovering divorce records, once a journalism tactic reserved only by the National Enquirer.

Now that the Russian Collusion investigation has withered and is dying, with no real substantive evidence against Trump or the Russians, CNN has moved on to the supposed chaos in the White House, wanting us to unite in fear that there is instability in the leadership of our country.

These are headlines from CNN’s website today:
Here are just some of the bigger things that happened after the President’s tweet
• Analysis: In Trump’s White House, the conflict is the chaos
• Dow falls 300 points after Gary Cohn resigns
• Toobin slams timing of Cohn’s resignation
• CNN host: Who’s left? Everyone is leaving the White House

With all due respect to Jewish people who like CNN, what CNN is doing against Trump is not far from what Hitler did to the Jews in 1930s Germany – hysterically demonizing a people on little evidence in order to united followers in hate, as Hitler did in portraying Jews as the reason for all that was wrong in Germany.   CNN is turning Trump into a similar demonized enemy on just as flimsy of evidence, the cause of all our unhappiness, someone to be hated and feared, a rallying point to bring followers together and on their side, just like the rising Hitler.

But Jews, who always said the Holocaust would never happen again, are probably right in this case, even if they do see the connection with what CNN is doing with Trump, which most don’t.  CNN and those who are driving their hate-filled propaganda are more anti-Republican and anti-Deplorables who voted for Trump. They would be the ones rounded up in the end.

But you never know. George Soros, the multi-multi-billionaire Jewish friend and benefactor of Barack and Hilary and CNN, has set up the Open Society Foundations to help promote his socialist view for the world, which in part has worked to influence elections around the globe toward his socialist line. Soros and his Open Society Foundations are not believers in free and open democracies.

When Soros, who was born Jewish, was 14, the Nazi’s came into his native Hungary. Soros’ father placed his son with a non-Jewish family for protection, and George subsequently helped the Nazi’s round up Jewish property, before he went off to the London School of Economics after the war. George said he never had feelings of conscience about helping the Nazi’s against the Jews. Soros is an atheist, who has said his only god is himself, and conscience is not part of his makeup.

What George said he learned from the experience as a boy in Hungary, apart from enjoying working with the Nazis, was the importance of planning ahead, and getting on the side of the winning team.

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