Remember Folks, CNN is not about informing or calming us. They are about stirring chaos and fear. So watch them as you would a low-budget reality TV show or a bad horror movie. IT’S NOT REAL! IT’S ONLY PRETEND! YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THEY ARE AND YOU ARE SAFE!

Before turning on CNN in the morning, if you do, I would suggest reminding yourself of a few things.

1. CNN in its current form was created largely by the Obama administration, with many former administration members now working for the station
2. Barack Obama was and is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, the community organizer who wrote “Rules for Radicals” about stirring up fear and chaos and anger in order to organize people.
3. CNN uses the same Alinsky techniques as the basis for its news delivery
4. CNN’s whole purpose is to bring down Trump, create as much fear and chaos and doubt in our lives, and do nothing to inform us or make us think
5. REMEMBER: This so called “news” has nothing to do with our lives

Just look at the headlines taken from CNN’s website today. This shit is funny.
• ‘LIFE & DEATH’ warning issued as nor’easter poses ‘bomb cyclone’ threat
• LIVE UPDATES Nor’easter hammers the East Coast
• Just what exactly is a ‘bomb cyclone’?
• The stunning stats on the nor’easter that could morph into a bomb cyclone
• What makes a snow storm a blizzard

• Trump chaos goes global
• Analysis: Think the White House is in chaos now? Just wait.
• FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business deal
• NYT: Trump using Kelly to push out Ivanka
• Borger: The great unraveling of Trump
• Trump trashes Baldwin’s ‘terrible impersonation’
• White House meltdown on full display
• Anderson Cooper presses Dana Loesch on Trump’s gun comments
• Senator: Kushner has no business in WH

• Target in Putin’s nuke video looks like Florida
• BREAKING Shots fired at Central Michigan University
• Delta CEO: We support the 2nd Amendment
• Guerrilla artists say they’ve been flooded with support since they vandalized billboard
• Teacher arrested after firing gun in school
• Huckabee quits country music board
• Parents arrested after children found living in a plywood box, police say
• Coach fired for denying player over pot law

If that doesn’t make you want to climb back into bed, I don’t know what. That is, if you take it seriously.

These are the kind of hysterically funny headlines that used to appear on the National Enquirer in check out lines at grocery stores that were used to line bird cages. Now it’s every day on CNN television, read by talking heads glaring at us with beady eyes, or on the CNN website.  This would be good Saturday Night Line fodder, if Saturday Night Live still had balls.

But remember, folks, the CNN/Alinsky plan is to stir up people with fear and anxiety, so they don’t think.

SO THINK! They are the idiots. Just look at all of this as entertainment. NONE of what they say affects your daily life, but they are playing you because we were brought up thinking that the news was there to inform us to help us take a rational view of the world.

CNN and Alinsky news have turned that upside down. So if you realize what they are about, it frees you to see them for what they are: bad entertainers of third-rate garbage television. So watch them as you would an episode of The View, or Duck Dynasty or Alaska State Troopers, but worse.  Remember, they exist only in their own miserable worlds, not yours.

What CNN says is pretend because it will never enter the reality of your world.  So go outside, smell the air, put your finger up to test the wind, check the traffic, get the kids off to school, kiss the husband or wife or partner and wish them a good day.

That’s real.

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