Hey Millenials, Barack Obama is back community organizing, this time for gun control! Just remember, when he says – “We’ve got your back” – the “We” might just include his friends Bill Ayers and George Soros, and they don’t play

After the horrendous school massacre in Florida, one of the first people to get on their twitter account to offer condolences was our former leader and President Barack Obama.

He tweeted: “We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job. And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.”

A firestorm erupted on social media with the creation of a new hashtag movement – #NeverAgain – which we were told was driven by students at Parkland. At the same time, CNN, the station Barack as president helped create and mold, called with all its firepower on President Trump to do something about the carnage being caused by guns, enact stricter gun laws, getting survivors and relatives of previous school shootings to the White House to recount their stories before Trump and the nation on television.

Within a week, CNN assembled an anti-gun town hall meeting, where young people confronted and screamed at politicians, like Republican Marco Rubio of Florida, demanding something be done, and then plans were announced for a student-led rally in Washington, D.C. on March 24th, with the rallying cry “You’re either for us or against us.”

Then, eight days after the shooting, our former leader of the free world Barack tweeted again: “Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve got your backs.”

I have two questions about how these tweets and events unfolded after the tragedy.
First, how could students in shock and grieving from such a monstrous event put together such an organized movement like this within a week? And with our former President saying to young people “we’ve got your backs?” who is We? CNN? Barack’s helpers from his old administration? The Progressive Party, whatever that is? Or does it include old radical activist pals from Chicago Bill Ayers, and Barack’s billionaire socialist pal George Soros? Or maybe all of the above.

Maybe the organization was in place before the horrendous event even happened.

Because what occurs to those of us who have watched Barack before, during and now after his Presidency, is that he is molded in the philosophy of his community organizing mentor Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972, and said: “The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change. We’ll give them a way to participate in the democratic process, a way to exercise their rights as citizens and strike back at the establishment that oppresses them, instead of giving in to apathy.”

Match that statement against what is happening in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting and it overlaps like a glove.

After Alinsky died, Barack was schooled in the 1980s in Alinsky Rules for Radicals by Bill Ayers, the 1960s radical bomb maker who wanted to bring down the Imperialist system that started the Vietnam War, and had planted bombs at the Pentagon and other government buildings. When the war ended, Ayers went underground, but never lost his hatred of America and its white supremacist institutions. His pet project for the last thirty years as been to bring down the “system of white supremacy,” from his home office in Hyde Park, Chicago, near the University of Chicago.

He helped nurture Barack’s political career starting in Hyde Park, and as Barack surrounded himself with Hyde Park Progressives, rode along until his notoriety forced him to drop underground again. But he kept in touch, helping to start the Black Lives Matter movement in the Alinsky style of confrontation, while Barack nodded his approval from the Oval Office. At age 73, Ayers is now the elder statesman of the Alinsky radical movement. Last December he told a reporter, “the great antidote to depression is activism. That’s what gets you going in the morning.” He says he’s still “a commie with a small c.”

Soros is another interesting character, who also wants to change the world and bring down American institutions like democracy doing it.   He’s a multi-billionaire Hungarian Jew, who as a boy said he liked the invading Nazi’s, who studied at the at the London School of Economics and made his first billion by shorting the British pound and taking down the Bank of England.  He said that his other financial forays to disrupt the currencies in other regions was “a lot of fun.” He gave $18 billion to start and fund the Open Society Foundations, which has hundreds of Alinsky-type confrontation-style groups around the world and the United States, with the same agenda as Barack’s – promoting LGBTQ lifestyles, unchecked immigration, anti-capitalism, socialism.  Like Barack, George is big on gun control.

They are good friends. George contributed heavily to Barack’s campaigns in his rise to the White House, and when he got re-elected. The last we know of their working together was on the U.S. Senate campaign in Alabama – Barack’s first after retiring as leader of the Free World – to help defeat conservative Republican Roy Moore and help elect previously unknown Doug Jones, who after the election we found out was in step with the same Obama/Soros platform of gun control, abortion rights, same-sex marriage and open immigration.

So Millennials, when Barack tells you how excited he is about you marching against gun control, and says “we’ve been waiting for you,” and “we’ve got your backs,” with his encouraging tweets, just take a look behind the curtain first and see who the people are he says have been waiting for you and have your backs.

Because this is not just a fun time waving placards and shouting at old white, Republican politicians. This is about a system of checks and balances and open debate put in place that gives you the freedom to wave those signs and shout at old white men. It is the system that Barack’s friends Ayers and Soros want to attack and bring down – despite the encouraging tweets – and if they get their way they just might in the end take away your cell phones, because, like taking away guns, that’s what socialists in real life do.

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