Turn off CNN. This is really a great country, and Trump is not a bad guy. We just have to wait until the CNN/Alinsky Star Wars effect passes

First thing this morning, instead of turning on the television, I went outside just as the garbage truck was coming up the street, and waved to the thin, high-energy woman who’s been picking up the garbage for 10 years and seems to really love her job. Then I went to McDonalds for some Egg McMuffins and saw this Mexican employee I hadn’t seen for a while. He had broken his big toe working on his car and was glad to be back at work, and helped me order from that stupid new kiosk that has replaced the cashiers.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, though cold. When I got back to my place, the guy up the street who has three hound dogs was coming down the way and we said hi. But unfortunately when I got back in, I couldn’t resist the human need built up in the Obama years to watch a train wreck and turned on CNN.

From the get go, there was a scolding female talking head shaming about the discord in the Trump White House, followed by more Trump bashing for his stance on gun control, followed by highlights of their “Town Hall” meeting on gun control, which was essentially parents and relatives of victims screaming at public officials and the NRA.

But that’s what we’ve come to expect from CNN, which with the great help of the former Obama administration, who supplied news feed and advice, and even let them have David Axelrod, Obama’s chief spin doctor and hatchet man, as Senior Political Commentator, making CNN the dominant television news station. CNN took over the top spot with the help of the sexual harassment shamers in dismantling its chief rival, the conservative FOX News, by taking down Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, two of the first victims of what would become the #MeToo witch hunt movement for conservative white males.

Fox is carrying on the Obama legacy of hating Republicans, especially rich, white older men, with the biggest tuna in their shark infested pond of talking heads being the elusive man with the combed over blond hair who tweets them at night, and they bash during the day.

It’s getting almost humorous to watch CNN if you’re in the right mood. With their serious, scolding tones and glares – as if they are actually reporting serious journalism and care about our safety – they lash out at Trump every day, changing their attacks every six or so months.

First it was the Trumpster colluding with the Russians to rig the election, with short stops at his racism for defending white supremacists in Richmond, VA, then alleged sexual harassment charges – all of which the Trumpster deflected – and now the blond hair’s weak stance on gun control, which was always an Obama priority that he could never get anywhere.

While none of these charges ever stuck, because they were largely baseless and hysterical, that didn’t stop CNN from launching its star shamers against the teleprompter – Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Brook Baldwin, John King, Jake Tapper, Erin Burnett – who every day look more and more like officers of the Empire on the bridge of the Death Star, feverishly working their controls to lock in the tractor beam on the Millenial Falcon and the team from the Rebellion, and in their shaming nastiness are making Trump look more each day like Luke Skywalker.

I’ve mentioned that Barack Obama as a younger man, before he became our Great Diversifier, was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer, who was all about stirring up chaos and fear to unite people against a common demonized enemy, in Alinksky’s case the original Boss Richard J. Daley. Saul loved America, and wanted to turn everyone into social activists. And he had a sense of humor, once organizing a “Piss In,” where dozens of well dressed black men were sent to O’Hare Airport with timed instructions to flush all the toilets at the same time, the thought of which caused enough anxiety within the Daley Administration to come to the bargaining table.

Unfortunately for those of us who liked him, Alinsky died, and Barack was schooled in the Alinsky Rules for Radicals by one Bill Ayers, the 1960s bomb making student radical, who hates America because it raised him in a rich Chicago suburb while poor blacks in the city were suffering.  Ayers also has no sense of humor.  He was instrumental in building Barack’s resume and launching his  political csreer, and in an improbably run on Hope and Change that I still can’t understand, Barack took Ayers’ version of Alinsky’s Rules to the White House, giving us nightly chaos on our television sets of far away Iraq battles, or scenes of cops shooting black people on television, or stories of global warming turning the planet into a cinder.

What Barack never told us was that the change he was referring to was Alinsky style change: stirring up chaos and fear in the populace in order to organize people for radical social change. He only organized us in anxiety about stepping out our doors.
Now that Barack is gone – or is he?—his Alinsky legacy lives on with CNN, which has become a news organization not designed at all to report objective, fair and reasoned news, but to stir chaos and fear among its viewers, demonizing and ridiculing Trump in Alinsky style, creating doubt and chaos instead of clarity.

The other day, after the school shooting tragedy in Florida, and after Trump came on television to console the nation, CNN first turned to David Axelrod for comment, who said the President did a good enough job consoling the nation, “but it was what he didn’t say that was glaring,” namely GUN CONTROL! Which was always an Obama priority, though the 2nd Amendment stood in the way.  Then the network spent the next week on stirring up fear on guns, like they did in the Obama days.

See, the Alinskyites are not about the rules set down in the Constitution. That’s a document written by old white guys, many of whom were slave owners. They are by and large socialists, as was Saul, who think government is the way to make things more fair and equitable for all. That’s why they scare people into seeing government as the refuge to the chaos they are causing, unless that government is run by some rich white guy, elected fair and square in a democratic election, who tweets past them at night with his version of the news.

So the next time you start out to enjoy the day and the wonderful people in your neighborhood, but fall victim to the impulse to watch a train wreck, if you turn on CNN just think of it as an episode of Star Wars with the CNN talking heads being the Empire officials scurrying around to lock Luke Skywalker into their tractor beam.

It will be an enjoyable day if you remember how the movie ends.

This will hopefully end the same as the movie, too, because America is a good place, with good people.

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