If the election were held tomorrow, Trump would win in a landslide and for the same reasons: 1. He’s helping the economy. 2. The media are idiots.

Those of us who live in the real world, away from Washington, D.C., East Coast media studios and Hollywood, know that if a presidential election were held tomorrow, Trump would win hands down.

Because while the talking heads in the media – especially CNN and The New York Times — continue their campaign to destroy Trump, they don’t understand in their mindless stupidity that the more they bash the Donald, the more we like him. We being normal people, who have to get up every day, try to put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage, raise children and can see in a second that all the media is doing is hysterically try to take down the man who is trying to help us.

The Obama years were horrible for the middle class. Here was a guy who kept applying regulations to complicate and regulate our lives. Told us we had to put Transgender bathrooms in public schools and public facilities, when most of us didn’t know what a transgender was, and still don’t.

During the eight years of Obama, the media got increasingly hysterical, pumping fear into our living rooms and bars, with battle scenes from Iraq, white cops shooting black kids in some place we didn’t live in, shaming us into even thinking the N word; mass murders every other week,

While Obama is gone, his media is still with us, particularly CNN, night after night in shaming, scowling news reading, telling us what a bad man The Donald is and that he must go.

Well, we in the Heartland understand The Donald is not a bad guy, that he is actually trying to help rebuild the middle class that Obama tried to destroy. We can see that this hysteria over Russia is total bullshit, that the Russians did not turn the election, but that it was people who had been crushed by Obama for eight years with government regulation and no economic growth actually went to the polls in true democracy, while the Millenials who CNN rants to every day about Trump did not.

And CNN and the others won’t let up, because they want to destroy Donald because their candidate Hillary – who is looking more and more like a crook like Donald said, though that news is being suppressed – lost the election fair and square, so they have to say it was rigged and Donald and the Russians are the reason. No mention that Hillary and Barack look like they pulled a Watergate during the election, using the Justice Department and FBI for political reasons against The Donald. But no time to report that event, the Donald must go!

CNN and The New York Times, we in the Heartland, the ones who elected The Donald, see this. We also see that he is doing things to make our lives more bearable, like removing regulations that Obama imposed on us to help uncomplicated our lives, relieving us from the nightly horror stories coming into our living rooms – except for Trump hysteria – securing our borders, and most importantly, doing things to help the economy, create jobs so we can support ourselves and survive.

Why don’t you report on these if you are news organizations that are responsive to our needs, rather than your own mean spirited view as sore losers.

We can see this, you news readers, and its why we want to give Trump a chance. We still believe in the goodness of this country and its people, in building things and creating a better life for our children, in appealing to the better Angels of our nature, as Lincoln said, not tearing them down night after night with shame.

So keep up the Trump bashing, it only makes us like him more.  Remember, you were wrong about Hillary getting elected, despite your best efforts.  And it wasn’t the Russians who elected Trump.  They didn’t go into the booths and pull the levers.

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