Top 10 things I like about Trump and why I’m so glad we’re done with Obama

10.   I feel safer
9.   I don’t think someone’s spying on me all the time.
8.   He likes our military and police and what they are doing for us.
7.   CNN and the New York Times and the women on The View hate him.
6.   We don’t have to explain to our kids what a transgender is anymore.
5.   He doesn’t try to make black and white people fear and hate each other (that’s been taken over by CNN).
4.   He doesn’t shame white men or try to drive fear and distrust between heterosexual men and women (that’s been taken over by CNN).
3.   He’s creating jobs and trying to help working people who have families.
2.   He’s returned respect for the U.S among other countries.
1.   He seems to actually love America and Americans.

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