Hey feminists and liberals and CNN, do you really want to help women and go after sexual predators? Go to Chicago. Oh, poor black women aren’t part of the political agenda?

While the hysteric liberals and feminists and CNN are trying to castrate Republicans with their morally noble accusations of sexual harassment, in the real life world of Chicago, criminal sexual assaults, where real men actually physically assault and harm real women, some brutally, are up 12 percent so far this year. How about going after them?

Well, that would pose a problem for liberals and CNN. You see, they want to do only what is politically correct, and the 1,780 criminal sexual assaults reported so far in Chicago through mid-November, are being committed mostly in all-black neighborhoods, by black men against black women. It is not politically correct for the liberal media to go after black men for large scale wrongdoing. That would be racist, as our past President Hope and Change taught us. No, let the black women suffer in silence. Go after white, Republican men who commit offenses far less serious, or not even serious at all, because that’s where the politics are.

How about it CNN? Any hypocrisy at work here? Well, you may not see it looking into the mirror, but everyone else does. In Chicago, serious crime is beyond epidemic, and 90% of it is blacks inflicting pain and suffering on other blacks. Some have even called it a form of genocide, like what went on with the Native Americans two centuries ago, except they didn’t kill one another. But that’s not for the moral voices at CNN to decide, I suppose. They’re reporters. They just report the facts.

In the case of criminal sexual assault, where a woman is seriously harmed, not just simply harassed, the reported numbers don’t come close to the reality of hell for women in certain ghetto neighborhoods. Most estimators say less than half of the actual assaults are reported to police. Most go unreported, with women left to suffer their emotional and physical pain alone, terrified to venture out again, afraid to go to sleep because the place they stay is not safe from another attack.

This is what the worst black areas of Chicago have become: war zones of pain and suffering, with no help from anyone, least of all a media to shine a light with the intent of someone actually doing anything to make the situation better. White Chicago has come to accept it as a fact of life, like the weather. Liberals seem to have given up on improving the safety of black lives in city neighborhoods, because it’s too hard to fix. It would require sending in the national guard to stabilize the neighborhoods, a violation of civil rights, and bringing stability and cohesion to families that have been torn asunder. The high minded liberal policy is throwing government money into welfare and other social programs into black neighborhoods, hoping just to keep real life from the headlines. But in Chicago, it just keeps getting worse.

Our great Hope and Change President Barack Obama came from Chicago. Not the ghettos, but from the intellectual neighborhoods around the University of Chicago near the lake. While his message of Hope brought Chicago blacks to the polls in record numbers, the murderous situation in their neighborhoods kept on, unabated without hope. In his last year in office, there were 750 murders and 3,500 shootings, in addition to more than 2,000 reported rapes and 10,000 reported robberies, by far most on the black South and West Sides. Obama never spoke of the murders and rapes in his adopted city, only that it was a gun problem.

Obama called himself a “community organizer,” though what people didn’t understand was his organizing methods came from the original Chicago community organizer, Saul Alinsky, which were n ot about addressing social and family issues, but creating chaos and anxiety to shake up the system, at the time controlled by the feudal, racist Boss Richard J. Daley. Alinsky wrote a book “Rules for Radicals,” dedicated to Lucifer, which was all about effecting change by “rubbing raw” the “sores of discontent,” in people to rise up and effect change. He was also about demonizing people like Daley to focus and centralize people’s hatred for their miserable situation. Obama took Alinsky’s theory of change to the White House.

In the case of Chicago, the horrendous social conditions, the violence, the dependant welfare state that worsened for Chicago blacks after Mayor Daley became under Obama another way to galvanize black people against the enemy – the Chicago police, white society, and the availability of guns in ghetto neighborhoods. That’s why under President Diversity the Justice Department demonized white cops for all the killing of young black kids, when the carnage was really black teenagers slaughtering one another. Once demonized and sued, the cops backed off patrols in the black neighborhoods where teenage boys were suddenly less threatened, and the neighborhoods got a 12 percent rise in aggravated sexual assault.

Instead of bringing hope, the Obama/Alinsky policy further enabled young black men by shielding them from responsibility for becoming law-abiding adults, because in Chicago’s ghettos there is no law, except perhaps that of the jungle. Anyone who said otherwise, that some teenage black kid killing another might be a “super-predator” without a conscience or empathy, would be branded a racist.

That’s why CNN and the other hysterics in the media won’t go after a really serious problem of sexual criminal assault like the one that exists in places like Chicago’s South Side, because despite their professed superior liberal social conscience, pretending that they are there to help the downtrodden, like Chicago’s blacks, they wouldn’t get a hundred miles from the issue of rape, or murder, in the Windy City – they could be sucked into the racist vortex created by our last president and his pals from the University of Chicago. Liberal social policy is about government programs, which makes problems like sexual abuse worse. In the Native villages of Alaska, which have been subsidized by government since the 1960s, sexual abuse is epidemic.

CNN is a once decent news organization whose current face was put together by the Obama team in the Alinsky image of creating chaos, demonizing certain people, like Trump and Joe Moore, to stir people’s hatred and discontent and fear against a common enemy. They are not about objectively reporting the news, nor helping women against predatory men. They just want to take down Republicans, and use people’s fears and hatreds to do it.

Sorry women of the South Side. The current campaign at CNN is not about helping you. It’s just politics, like Hope and Change. So don’t hold your breath. Like always, just protect yourself as best you can.

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