Hell Hath No Fury…This sexual harassment hysteria could make the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism seem like child’s play.

Every day there’s something new and more hysterical for us coming through the television: Hollywood women line up to accuse a powerful, sleazy movie producer of being a scumbag and he’s quickly gone from the scene; beautiful female teleprompter readers angrily indict their powerful bosses for hitting on them and the men are shamed into forced retirement; while still other females are brought forth with scandalous stories from 40 years ago to bring down old, white conservative male politicians.

No, these are not new docudramas coming this winter on television. It’s even more entertaining, because somewhere behind the television screens are real women destroying the lives and careers of real and powerful men, all brought to us by talking heads on the screen that seem to be enjoying all the male bashing.
What fun! This is reality television at its best. After all, hell hath no fury like an ambitious, beautiful angry woman saying she was propositioned by an ugly, powerful white man, and who lets us share in her wrath and shame, using the great, moronic power of the media to help bring some rich, influential arrogant scumbag to earth.
This past week started off with an accusation from an aspiring Hollywood starlet, Elizabeth Perkins, who shared with all of us the chilling story of how James Woods, now a 70 year old actor, many years ago said something sexually inappropriate to her and she has never recovered. Elizabeth was being supportive of her colleague, Amber Tamblyn, another actress, who accused Woods, of sexual harassment and assault when he tried to pick her up long ago when she was underage. “James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once,” the actress, 34, wrote on Twitter. “He wanted to take us to Vegas. ‘I’m 16’ I said. ‘Even better’ he said.”

This all was mere follow-up to the take down of sleazy Hollywood movie mogul and pervert Harvey Weinstein two months ago, letting us all know that the wonderful shows we see on television are really created and brought to us by reprobates.

By mid-week, the hysteria was building to semi-fever pitch, with stories in the great New York Times and Washington Post and from our leading shaming news service – CNN – about the past goings on of conservative Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who is running for the U.S. Senate, and who we have found out talked to or touched inappropriately five teenage women some 40 years ago when he was a local publicly-elected attorney. Though he denied it, the accusations were out, the talking heads at CNN were in a judgmental frenzy for his head. Republican leaders of Congress – Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan – stepped up to the moral podium and asking Moore to step away from the upcoming election, so some more moral, ethical, and less conservative blowhard represent voters. Also, by siding with the women, that might keep the shrill, shrieking hordes from coming after McConell’s and Ryan’s hides.

Earlier, we had the shaming female Sirens go after Roger Ailes, the creator and head of the Fox Network and the conservative Fox News, and his blustery, chauvinist commentator Bill O’Reilly, who had devoted their entire careers to Fox and who both were forced to leave the network because of the onslaught of accusations they came on to or made sexist comments to women at Fox. Ailes died shortly after his forced retirement, likely shamed to death.

But what do you do if you think women are getting a little carried away? Tell them they are getting unnecessarily hysterical and irrational and vengeful and they should calm down? Can’t do that. They would just get more stirred up and unhinged and vengeful, and as we may know from personal experience, Hell hath no fury…..

All the media hysteria seems to be orchestrated by some unknown but highly organized group of man-hating females and female-like males who want to bring down rich, influential white men for no other reason than to do it. They don’t want to build a better society. They don’t want to build a better country. They just want to tear things down, create hysteria, so they can hopefully touch the power they think is theirs to grab. Those of us who have been married for a long time or been in the corporate workforce already understand that women are in charge. We don’t dare challenge them or tell them no. They’ve got too much power. We are afraid of them because in our soul of souls, we want their approval.

A geologist friend once told me that the male-female in nature is like the inside of the earth versus the outside. The inside is male, and wants to erupt and get out, through volcanoes, springs, earthquakes. The female is outside, wanting to tear down that which springs up from the surface, through rain, floods, hurricanes, glaciers.

What’s happening now with all the hysteria over sexual harassment by women through the media is the same as what went on in Salem, Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693, when people in that small town were accused of witchcraft on hysterical evidence. Twenty of them were executed, most of those women. In the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s, he rode the hysteria over the communist scare to destroy hundreds of people’s lives, accusing them of being communist sympathizers: some who were; some who weren’t. They say in both cases, those two events were just channeling a great anxiety in society about the unknown. We sure as shit have that today.

What’s happening now is all the same, though it seems worse because back in the days of Salem and McCarthy they didn’t have the media to pump the hysteria into bars and living rooms through television like a fire hose. All we can do is wait out the storm and hope it blows over, understanding its female and like a hurricane.

And don’t have any expectations about what would happen if the media calmly informed us of just the facts, letting us decide the truth, or if Hollywood gave us something besides garbage on the screen, or if Congress actually did its job helping make our lives more manageable. They don’t, and never will, because they’re all a bunch of self-centered morons.  Just turn the television off. Or if you insist on watching, don’t complain or worry about the stench.

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