Don’t be bothered by the millionaires taking a knee at the National Anthem. Feel sorry for them. They’re just the latest black folks being played by Bill Ayers and his band of radicals

Hey, I found out who’s behind those black NFL players kneeling at the national anthem and getting everyone in an uproar about disrespecting the American Flag and Patriotism– a guy named Bill Ayers of Chicago.

Some of you may even remember him. He’s the same Bill Ayers who along with his wife, the fiery Bernadine Dohrn, set off bombs at the Pentagon and other government buildings in the late 1960s and early 1970s to protest the Vietnam War and try and topple the imperialist American system, or in Bernadine’s words – “bringing a pitiful, hopeless giant to its knees.” Bill’s most famous declaration at the time was the profound “I hate America!” And he still does.

Both Bernadine and Bill declared themselves communists and said communism was the only salvation for the country, and radicalism the way to bring the old system down. They went underground in the 1970s, because Bernadine found herself on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for bombing government buildings, and didn’t want to go to jail. They wrote a book read by maybe a dozen people – Prairie Fire – about how the post Vietnam War era would have to be one of change brought by working underground, out of the light of day, in order to bring about their dream of taking down the racist, imperialist American system.

When they resurfaced, Bernadine and Bill settled into a middle class life in Hyde Park next to the University of Chicago campus, raised kids, became professors at Northwestern and University of Illinois, respectively, though Bill was denied emeritus status by the University of Illinois trustees because he included Sirhan Sirhan in his dedication to Prairie Fire, which was noticed by Robert Kennedy’s son, Christoper Kennedy, who was then U. of I. board chair, though Ayers said didn’t know how the name of Robert’s assassin got in there.

But Bill and Bernadine never gave up their revolutionary dream, or lost their fire to overthrow the imperialist enemy, which by then had morphed into the devil of White Supremacy, which evolved from their proximity to Chicago’s black South Side, the most racially segregated place in the country, also one of the poorest, most welfare dependent, and most violent, where black 15 year old kids shooting each other by the thousands each year – Chiraq the teenagers would call it – while Bill and Bernadine observed safely in integrated, professorial Hyde Park. It was white supremacy that was causing all that mayhem on the South Side, according to Bill, not dependence on government and breakdown of the black family.

Then, wonder of wonders, into Hyde Park in the early 1990s moved a young man fresh out of Harvard Law School named Barack Hussein Obama from Hawaii. Actually, the Ayers/Dorhns had known Barack from his days as a “community organizer” in Chicago, in his years between Columbia U. and Harvard. They took younger Barack under their wing and had lively debates on community organizing in their home, eventually helping launch Barack’s political career from their living room.

They were all radicals then, full of hope in bringing down the racist system, schooled in the ways of Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer and socialist from Chicago who wrote Rules for Radicals, written in 1972 just before Alinsky died, which would be their organizing Bible, though it was dedicated to another god – Lucifer – “the very first radical.” Alinsky’s method was all about creating chaos, “rubbing raw the sores of discontent,” making people so unhappy about their lot that they would rise up and want to change the system, with the help of people trained in the Alinsky school of chaos driven change.

Bill would help write Barack’s book for him, because he was a natural writer and Barack had suffered major writer’s block soon after his advance. But sadly, Bill would never get any credit, nor royalties, for helping write the book, nor for helping build Barack’s resume by getting him on foundation boards, nor helping launch his political career, nor later remaining a valued consultant on radical matters, such as when it came time to start Black Lives Matter movement, a brainchild of Ayers formed by Alinskyites, after the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting of a young unarmed black man by an off-duty white cop.

Nor would Bill get any credit for helping demonizing white cops in the Alinsky method – Rule No. 12, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions, people hurt faster than insntitutions” – a tactic that would be used through an hysterical media to get a Mayor’s commission to deem the Chicago Police Department a racist group. Rule No. 12 would also be used by certain Alinsky-trained media to brand Trump a white supremacist.

Even with President Barack out of the White House, Bill Ayers had helped set up enough Alinsky style cells, many on college campuses, to continue pursuing his White Supremacist demon with the same enthusiasm and spirit as Ahab chasing Moby Dick. Just get white “organizers” to attend a demonstration that included KKK thugs against taking down a statue of Robert E. Lee. A woman on the “organizing” side gets killed by a goon on the confederate side. A CNN reporter baits Trump, who says there was violent factions on both sides, which there was, but Trump gets demonized as a white supremacists. Score one for the Alinskyites.

Now Ayers and his radical gang are on to the NFL, rubbing raw the seeds of white supremacy discontent among rich black NFL players, who most likely would not have “organized” themselves without Bill’s inspiration and vision. The Alinskyites are also somewhere in the shadows behind all the black faces appearing on television, blackmailing Hollywood and advertising agencies to put more black people in commercials on national television, selling insurance, appearing in middle class scenes, creating confusion and consternation out in the white middle America, while black folks on the South Side of Chicago are still living in their Chiraq, their lives far from middle class, where murders, mostly by teenage black kids of teenage black kids, will be somewhere north of 600 this year, with woundings in the thousands and eye witnesses in the tens of thousands.

That’s the sad thing about Ayers and his radical movement, the same sadness of Barack’s Hope and Change that drove record numbers of black people to the polls in 2008. They thought it was change for a better life, an improvement on what continues to go on in the South Side. But instead they got Ayers and Obama Hope and Alinsky-stye Change, the hope of bringing down a white supremacist system through non-stop chaos and confusion.

So don’t get angry at the black football players kneeling for the anthem. Feel sorry for them. They’ve been enlisted into the Ayers/Dohrn revolutionary vision, thinking they were being delivered them to a better life, while it was only being pulled into the narcissistic vision of two aging revolutionary wannabees from Hyde Park, Chicago.

And while you’re at it, light a candle for Bill. He’s 72, sees his own lonely end on the horizon, has found no redemption, and has found that fighting for Lucifer has left an unsatisfied life, even with the larger band of Alinskyites out there helping fan the flames. Bill probably had to give them all free copies of his new book, Demand the Impossible! A Radical Manifesto “for movement-makers, urging us all to imagine a world beyond what this rotten system would have us believe is possible.”

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